How to choose the best insurance company

Investing in insurance plans can be overwhelming and scary! It is a long-term commitment towards which you would be spending your time and finances. Insurance companies today offer a range of service packages that customers can choose from and as we all know, we invest not just in life insurance, but also in other asset and property insurances during our lifetime. The permanency of taking up an insurance scheme can make it seem more daunting than it really is. However, the difficulty faced in getting back on our feet during a period of loss without insurance is even scarier.

At the end of the day, insurance plans are services offered to us by a multi-million dollar industry and by keeping in mind a few pointers and taking our time, we can simply choose an insurance company that makes the most sense for our needs and the requirements of our family. This is what you have to look out for while choosing an insurance company.

  1. Customer feedback and consumer satisfaction: The first step is an obvious one! Before taking any crucial decision, we have to do considerable research on what our options are and what we have in store in taking the right decision. The online world has ample of information to offer us. Other than doing primary research, it is also advisable to talk to friends and family about their insurance companies and their experiences with the company. If you feel this could be a cumbersome process, you can choose to hire an independent insurance agent who will gather information from you and find the insurance company that best fits your needs and demands.
  2. Financial strength of the company: While deciding on an insurance company, goodwill and company feedback holds a lot of value. Positive customer feedback is a symbol of assurance that you are making the right choice. However, once you have narrowed down to three to four companies, dive deeper into the status and the capacity of the insurance companies and this refers to the financial capacity of the companies. Research into how the organization’s financial capacity and ability to cover claims have been for the past decade. This will help ensure there is no delay in the payment of the insurance claim because of the financial challenges of the company.
  3. Package comparison: Similar to most services available to us, the insurance companies also offer packages that the customers can choose from. Being a highly competitive market, there is a continuous shift in the insurance packages available and the type of coverage that the company offers to cover for their customers. At this point, it is more important than ever to step back and compare the coverage packages offered by the various companies before finalizing the insurance company of your choice.
  4. Cost of investment: This is really simple and straightforward! After comparing packages and company strength, the next step is to consider if the company of your choice offers prices that are affordable and make sense for your lifestyle. Although investing in insurance is crucial, we as individuals should make sure that our premium payments towards the insurance do not strain us financially.
  5. Consumer/customer interaction: Finally, we reach the most important point! Whichever company you choose, you will be with them for a long time; rest of your life if it’s life insurance. Thus, it is important to ensure that we have easy access to customer service at all times. It is also important to ensure that the company has impeccable customer service systems in place.

By just remembering the five points shared above, you will be able to choose the insurance company that is best for you. What are you waiting for? Start your search now!


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Life Insurance


It is often that we come to know, or are told that Life Insurance is a matter of solicitation, and truly so. By definition, Life Insurance is the insurance that pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person, or in some cases, after a set period. But that’s not all! There is much more to life insurance than what meets the eye. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about this imperative financial step in your life!

1.  Life Insurance is an Investment

If one or more members of your family are financially dependent on you, then life insurance acts a great investment option.

2. Type of Life Insurance

There are essentially two types of life insurance, viz.-

Term Life Insurance – The best term insurance requires you to pay lower premiums, however they offer coverage only as long as the term you opted for. Of course, this type of insurance covers you for higher assured sum in case of eventuality, within the term of the insurance.

Benefit Plans – This type of insurance includes plans such as ULIP, Endowment and Money Back. It often requires higher premiums, but since it helps accumulate cash value over time, it proves to be worth every rupee spent. In this case, you are covered as long as you pay the premiums.

3. Life Insurance is Extremely Affordable

As is the case with almost all financial products, even life insurance varies in price from low to high, thus implying that regardless of your current financial standing, you can easily afford an insurance policy! Now isn’t that amazing?

4. It Is Never Too Early To Get On Board

Whether you are aged 25 or 30, you can almost always buy life insurance. After all the earlier you start, the more cash value you accumulate, the lower is the premium you pay and the better it is for you and your loved ones!

5. The More the Coverage, the Better

You may think that the insurance is a just a way to help your family pay off your debts and manage immediate expenses, but the fact of the matter is that your insurance must cover the expenses for your family for at least 2-3 years if not more. Hence, you may need more coverage than you initially think.

6. Life Insurance Claims are Convenient

Since they are not based on an assessment of vehicle or property as in case of auto-insurance or fire insurance, life insurance claims get through fairly quickly, sometimes in a matter of 15-20 days!

7. Life Insurance Premiums are Usually Tax-Free

Life insurance premiums are often exempt from tax liabilities. As a matter of fact, the death benefits received by your family through your policy is also exempted from tax, thus ensuring that they get the maximum benefit from it.

8. You Can Take a Loan Against Your Insurance Policy

Yes, that’s true! Albeit, only in case of traditional policies such as Endowment and Money Back, and not for term policies. That being said, it is a great way to gain access to some additional funds, without putting up any asset as collateral!

9. Your Family Can Reap the Benefits Only If they Know How To

In order for your family to benefit from your policy, make sure you keep them updated regarding the whereabouts of your policy papers. It is also a good idea to introduce them to your agent.

10. Your Premium Will Be Fixed

The first time you take the policy, your premium is based on your health. The healthier you are, the lesser are your premiums. However, once you start paying the premiums, no matter how your health deteriorates, your premiums will always remain the same!

Now that you know all about there is to about life insurance, why not become an Insurance POS and help all those around you. If you want to know how to become an Insurance POS, simply visit, and benefit from the numerous perks that you can earn!
*Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation.


Where Should You Travel Next?

If you are willing to take one of the many International Tour Packages but do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket, we’ve figured out a few destinations which will let you rejoice in a laid-back time with your family and enjoy a vacation that offers great value for your money!  Let us take a look at these destinations!

  • Greece

When in the European paradise Greece, right from the best of Greece’s islands including Mykonos and Santorini to getaways such as the Skiathos or Paros, you can explore it all. If you wish to loosen up, you can also visit the Ios Island, which is known for its pool bashes, all-night parties, and the young and exuberant crowd. If you have sufficient time in hand, you can even opt to go to the port of Piraeus from Athens and look for a ferry to the spectacular Aegean Islands and revel in the umpteen pleasures that it offers!

  • South Africa

Thanks to the comparatively delicate currency of South Africa, you can enjoy a fun-filled vacation in this stellar destination at the price of peanuts! Adventure sports form the backbone of any vacation in South Africa. You can experience the thrill of everything right from bungee jumping to diving with the white sharks, and even paragliding, when here! For what it’s worth, you can also take lessons in surfing. Hiking, kiteboarding, biking and sand boarding are some other adrenaline-pumping activities that you can enjoy!  You can revel in the scintillating beauty of South Africa’s innumerable beaches. Not only are the waters crystal clear, but the sand is stunningly white offering you a more than pleasant experience.

  • Indonesia

One of the most sought-after destinations thanks to its impeccable hospitality, and the ability to fit every pocket, Indonesia is yet another destination that made our list! A backpacker’s paradise, Bali offers all that you’d need from a fulfilling vacation! For a laid-backtime, you can simply sip some local coconut cocktails while getting a spa. For the adventure junkie in you, Indonesia has an array of activities lined up, including surfing, snorkeling, and sea diving! You can also ride the back of your water-scooter on your excursion into the sea!

  • Hong-Kong

Situated in South-Eastern China, Hong Kong is a bustling territory which welcomes its many tourists with a scintillating skyline, exotic culinary delights and some of the most frequented markets and shopping malls of the world, not to mention its rare flora and fauna! To add to its flair for attracting tourists is the availability of cheap airfare. For all you know, there is much more to this alluring tourist destination than the world knows about!

  • Uzbekistan

The capital city of Uzbekistan, Taipei, popularly known as Tashkent is celebrated for its illustrious museums and rich and varied history. Not only this exotic destination is known for its Soviet-era architecture, complete with numerous museums. If you aren’t someone who loves to delve deep into the history, the city also offers an astoundingly exuberant lifestyle.

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Things to do in Udaipur

Known as the Venice of the East, also the City of Lakes, Udaipur is a stunning tapestry of serene water bodies and scenic landscapes. It is rich in its cultural nuances, historical tales,and architectural grandeur of the bygone era of the Rajputana Kingdom.

Things to do in Udaipur: 

Udaipur is so filled with attractive spots that choosing a few can be really tough. However, there are a few must do-s for any tourist.

1- Enjoy the breezy lakes –

There are five major lakes in Udaipur – Lake Pichola, Rang Sagar, SwaroopSagar, DoodhTalai and FatehSagar. Surrounding these famous waterbodies the cultural and historical landmarks of the city stand tall – palaces, gardens, temples, restaurants and streets, offering endless leisure activities.

2- Eat at the innumerable lake-side Restaurants

After a long leisurely stroll around the breezy lakes, enjoyan exquisite lunch at the famous lake-side restaurants.

Taste ethnic gravies with exotic Rajasthani breads at the Tribute Restaurant on the FatehSagar. Ambrai, located on the Pichola river offers mouth watering multi-cuisine delicacies served with a spectacular view of the Lake Palace, Jag Mandir and Jagdish Temple.

Kabab Mistri is yet another fine diner on the Fateh Sagar with breathtaking views of the Aravalli ranges and the Pichola lake. Taste their specialty of the rich biryanis, gravies and authentic oriental dishes, while listening to Live Ghazals.

3- Walk through the stunning Jagdish Temple area

Explore Jagdish Temple, the most famous temple in Udaipur, situated in the City Palace complex.

Built by Maharana Jagat Singh, the temple is dedicated to Laxmi Narayan. Take a trip inside the three-storied temple which is an architectural wonder. Eat at the local restaurants serving mouth watering local Rajasthani cuisine.

4- Visit the historic castle for the light show in the evening 

Jagmandir,or the Lake Garden Palace is a stunning architecture that is rumoured to have inspired Shah Jahan for the designs of Taj Mahal. There is a museum inside and a fragrant garden. One can even savour authentic Rajasthani dishes at the Darikhana restaurant.

The City Palace, constructed completely outof marble and granite, has anequally stunning architecture and interiors ofmarble-work, silver-work, stunning mirror-work, inlay-work, paintings and murals.Catch the light and show at the City Palace. Watch‘The Legacy of Honor’ which narrate the rich Mewarhistory at the Manek Chowk, followed up by a dinner that’s included.

You could also visit the Monsoon Palace, or Sajjan Garh Palace, overlooking the Fateh Sagar. Built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884 to watch the annual monsoon clouds, this palatial residence provides a panoramic view of Udaipur.

5- Shop for Gorgeous Rajasthani Handicrafts

Udaipur is sprawling with unique, ethnic Rajasthani handicrafts. Innumerable

antic and artifact stores and local craftsmen fill the streets of this city.

Centers such as Saheli Nagar, Hathipol, JagdishChowk, and BhattiyaniChohatta are forever bustling. The shops offer variety of handicraft items, cotton and silk clothes, handcrafted bags, shoes, decorative puppets, paintingsand much more.


Udaipur issuch an intricate and intriguing tapestry of ancient culture, royal eras, palaces, cultural nuances, local delicacies and more that every serious tourist who’s bitten by the wanderlust bug must paya visit to the City of Lake at least once!

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Visa Free International Destinations for Indians

Traveling brings to our lives much more than reading a hundred books cooped up at home. It exposes us to strange lands, strangers who become friends, new culture, food and food for thought and valuable experiences. But when it comes to International destinations, visa can be a hassle. Most countries have stringent and painstaking visa norms. However, there are countries that do NOT require a visa from Indians. Travels to these Visa Free International Destinations for Indians are listed below:

1- Thailand – Visa on arrival 

An Indian passport holder visiting Thailand for not more than fifteen days and for the purpose of tourism only, can now avail Visa on Arrival.

Thailand is the land of green blue waters, scenic beaches, royal palaces, temples and delicious sea food. Visitors to Thailand can explore the famous Ayutthaya, a stunning historical park that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Palace complex too is mesmerizing. Explore the royal quarters, ancient Buddhist temples, unique art works and shop local handicrafts throughout this astounding travel destination available on easy visa on arrival mode.

2- Nepal – No Visa Required

Thanks to the Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Indian citizens not only don’t need a visa to enter Nepal but can even reside permanently as Nepali citizens.

Explore the intriguing city of Kathmandu and the temple of Pashupatinath. The Nepali markets overflow with unique artifacts, masks, woolens and more. Go trekking the Mansoravar via Nepal. Nature lovers and couples can enjoy staying at the snow-clad villages as long as they wish to, without any immigration issues.

3- Bhutan – No Visa Required

For Bhutan too, Indian citizens do not need a visa to enter. However, this by default 7-14 days “Entry Permit” is valid for Thimphu and Paro only. Rest of Bhutan comes under ‘Restricted Area’ and requires a “Restricted-Area Permit”.

Explore gorgeous Thimphu and its Buddha Dordenma, Dechencholing Palace, Clock Tower Square, Memorial Chorten and more. Pay visits to stunning Buddhist monasteries such as Dechen Phodrang and Tango. Relax at local restaurants, cafes and bars. Trek up the lush mountains. Bhutan offers an entire travel paradise without any Visa worries.

4- Maldives – Visa on arrival

Indian nationals traveling to Maldives can get a 90 days tourist visa on arrival.

Visit this paradise of Azure Ocean in the summer months. Godeep sea diving. Explore Maldives gorgeous coral reef islands. Explore Fua Mulaku, the largest island in the Maldivian archipelago or the Kudahuvadhoo Island housing one of the many mysterious mounds, the hawittas. Hop from museum to mosques to beaches to bars, all at a smooth visa on arrival norm.

5- Cambodia – Visa on arrival

Indian tourists don’t require a pre-visa for Cambodia and can acquire one on arrival.

Cambodia is a dream destination for its world famous ruins of Angkor Wat. To stand amidst the ancient ruins caressed by majestic tree trunks and to explore the intricate stone carvings of Lord Vishnu and Shiva is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Explore the Cambodian flora and fauna, its delicate ecosystem and diverse wildlife. Take a cultural tour of Phnom Penh. Enjoy this historical destination with no extra pre-visa hassles.

Conclusion: These destinations are not only free of visa hassles but also pocket friendly. Currencies of most of these countries don’t have high conversion rates. Some are even cheaper than INR, and hence are must-visit destinations!

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The Importance of PAN Card

The Government of India introduced the PAN or the Personal Account Number in a bid to prevent tax evasion. This was essentially taken care of by ensuring that all financial transactions made by individuals and entities will be linked to their PAN Cards. This step has significantly helped the Income Tax Department to gain access to and maintain records of all major transactions for the purposes of taxation.

However, PAN Card has a wide array of other uses as well. But, before we get to them, let us understand who can apply for a PAN Card.

  • All citizens of India
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)
  • Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)
  • Person of Indian Origin (PIO)
  • Firms
  • Companies
  • Governments
  • Minors

Now that we know, who can apply for a PAN Card, let us understand some of the inherent benefits of having a PAN Card.

  • IT Returns

Whether you are an individual or a business entity, if you are eligible for filing tax returns, you necessarily need to own a PAN card. This is one of the most significant uses of this government-issued identity proof.

  • New Bank Account

In order to open a new bank account, whether in a private, public or co-operative bank, it is mandatory to furnish your account details in the application form.

  • Purchase or Sale of an Automobile

For any vehicle costing Rs. 5 lakh or above, it is compulsory to submit a copy of your PAN card. This is true for both, buying as well as selling the vehicle.

  • New Credit/Debit Card and Loan Application

As is the case with opening a new bank account, you will also need to submit your PAN details, while applying for a new credit/debit card as well as a loan. In case you do not provide the details, not only will your application get rejected, but it will also decrease your chances of getting a card or approval for loans in the future.

PAN is required to be quoted while applying for a debit or credit card. Non-quoting of PAN can result in the rejection of the card and in turn reduce your credit score. This will reduce the chances of getting a loan or credit card in the future.

  • Purchase of Jewellery

If you’re planning to buy jewellery worth Rs. 5 lakh or more, you will be required to provide the details of your PAN card at the time of billing.

  • Investments

One of the most trusted ways to build your wealth is through investment in equities, mutual funds, bonds as well as debentures. Here as well, you will need to offer your PAN details in case you are-

    • Purchasing mutual funds worth Rs. 50,000 or more
    • Buying or selling securities worth Rs. 1 lakh or more
    • Making transactions worth Rs. 50,000 or more for the purpose of investing in securities.
  • Proof of Identity

A PAN card essentially doubles up as a valid proof of identity anywhere in the country, It also acts as a proof of age, and can be used when applying for –

  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Electricity Connection
  • Cooking Gas Connection
  • Telephone Connection (Landline and Cellular)


  • Foreign Exchange

In case you’re travelling internationally, and wish to exchange Indian Currency for the Local Currency you will need to provide your PAN details. This holds true, whether you are converting the money at a bank or a foreign exchange bureau

  • Purchase, Sale or Renting Out Property

In case of buying, selling or renting property in India, it is now mandatory that the PAN details of both, the buyer as well as the seller need to be included in the sale/rent deed.

  • Cash/Fixed Deposits

Whether you wish to make a cash deposit in an existing account or open up a new Fixed Deposit account if the amount of deposit is Rs. 50,000 or more, you will be required to submit a copy of your PAN Card.

  • Insurance Payments

Again, for a payment towards insurances exceeding Rs. 50,000 a year, you will need to furnish your PAN details. This has been mandated by the Income Tax Department.

How to get a PAN Card?

Now that you understand the significance of having a PAN Card, we can understand that you must be eager to know how you can apply for the same. Well, it is quite simple. There are two promising ways to apply for a PAN Card, as listed below

  1. Online Application

In order to apply online, all you need to do is visit the NSDL website and follow the instructions.

  1. Payworld Pan Service Agent (PSA)

If you don’t want to burden yourself with the hassle of online application, feel free to visit your nearest Payworld PAN Service Agent (PSA) and submit your application!

Want to become a Payworld PSA & excel your earnings ? Simply click here:


Top 3 Reasons About Why to Start Life Insurance Early

Insurance is not an interesting topic of discussion when you are young and have just joined employment.When you have no responsibilities of a family, children’s education or dependents, you might not feel the need to start a life insurance policy.

But, today more and more young people, as early as in their 20’s, are looking to invest in insurance. It has become a part of the savings portfolio for young people. When you start life insurance early, you save on the premium amount, and also on taxes. Any financial advisor will tell you to plan early for your retirement.

The old trend of investing in life insurance when you are in your 30’s is no longer applicable or advisable. With changing lifestyles and habits, younger people are dealing with chronic health conditions. It provides financial security at the time of an unexpected tragedy.

The reasons for starting Life Insurance early are:

Insurance premiums are low when you are young- Numerous factors contribute towards determining the amount of premium to be paid. If you buy an insurance policy at a young age, you will be paying a far lesser amount in premiums than at a later age. The reason for this is that the negative risk factors are lower as most young people are healthy and health issues arise only at a much later age.

The maximum payout for an insurance company is when they have to pay at the death of an applicant, in case of life policies,insurance companies spread the premium amount in such a way that you pay the same amount for the tenure of the policy instead of paying less when you are younger and more as you grow older. But when you start young, the same policy will come at a lower price because you will be paying less, but for a more extended period.

Only a basic check-up is required to take an insurance policy which varies from age & sum assured desired.. Insurance companies do not insist on a thorough health check-up when you are young and healthy, but they expect you do a complete health check if you are older. The policy terms and package will change depending on your health condition.

Helps you save taxes- If you hold insurance and are paying a premium for it, you are eligible for tax benefits. Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, premiums paid for life insurance qualify for tax deduction.

The conditions for claiming tax deductions are: –

  • Only Individuals/HUF can claim the benefits even if the person is a non-resident
  • The policy can be in the name of an individual, spouse, and children
  • The maximum amount under this section is ₹1,50,000/-
  • In case the policyholder surrenders the policy before the prescribed amount of time, the tax deduction can be reversed

Acts as a source of income for your family- If you have dependents, be it your parents, spouse, children or siblings, an insurance policy acts as a safety net in case of a tragedy. It provides them with financial security when it is most needed. At the time of crisis, life insurance replaces the income of the breadwinner.


When you take a life insurance policy at an early age, you are not only securing your future but are also securing the future of your loved ones. To opt for an affordable life insurance policy, one can visit the Payworld outlet.

You can also become an Insurance POS with Payworld & offer Life, Health & General insurance to your customers under one roof. Visit to register now.

*Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

**Sugal & Damani Utility Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Registered Composite Corporate Agent with License no.CA-0171.


5 Pocket-Friendly International Trips That Costs Under 30K

There are times, when we need to take some time off, from our busy and often stressful lives. Andit is that time of the year when the idea of a vacation seems to be more than appealing! And what better than an international vacation to unwind. Oh, no! We aren’t talking about those exorbitantly expensive holidays that can burn a hole in your pocket, but of the trips that are cheaper than domestic holidays. As a matter of fact, a holiday to any of the below-mentioned destinations can be planned in Rs. 30,000* or less. Now, isn’t that simply astounding?

Let’s take a closer look at these stunning destinations so that you can take your pick from among them.

  • Singapore

Known for its fervour to celebrate a vibrant culture, this small yet significantly developed country offers some spectacular views. Right from the popular Singapore Cruises to the astounding day-long excursions, from the magnificent National Museum of Singapore to the famous shopping stretch of Orchard Road, a trip to Singapore will ensure that you never have a dull moment. And when you’re here, don’t forget to enjoy the splendid Underwater World, Marina Bay Sands Hotel,and Dolphin Lagoon.

  • Myanmar

Known for its multi-ethnic culture, and its splendid landscapes, Myanmar will leave you mesmerized to the core. Also known as Burma, this country is famous for its Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda and historically significant. When here, don’t forget to revel in the boat trips on Inle Lake. And if you have the inclination for trying new cuisines, do taste the local Mohinga soups, and we are sure you will fall in love with their distinct tastes.

  • Dubai

One of the most visited places by international tourists, Dubai represents the modern Arab world like none other. Known for its shopping areas, adventure and water sports, luxuriant hotels and lavish stays, this city will capture your imagination with its architectural wonders such as the BurjKhalifa. And we can’t even begin to tell you of the spell-binding magnificence of the man-made Palm Islands that this emirate houses. When you’re there, save yourself from overspending on taxis, by using the rental bikes scheme.

  • Thailand

One of the most popular destinations for international tourism from India, Thailand is known for its majestic beaches and its stunning landscapes. With numerous islands like Phi-Phi and Koh-Samui, along with vibrant cities like Pattaya, Phuket,and Bangkok, this destination proves to be a treat for one and all! While you will find irresistible street food and Buddha temples almost every part of the country you visit, make sure you also enjoy the floating market, the elephant show,and the lovely tuk-tuk ride. For all you know, Thailand makes for a memorable holiday!

  • Vietnam

A melting pot of ethnic Asian culture, Vietnam lies in the Indo-Chinese peninsula. Bubbling with a charm like no other destination, this beautiful country allows you to enjoy some quiet time on a yacht. And when in the mood for something more exciting, you can always please yourself with the island tours, the local market tours, and the wildlife tours. When here, don’t forget to visit the NhaTrang, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. And remember to keep smiling, as Vietnamese people are more than welcoming if you give a good vibe!

Now that you know of some of the most exciting international destinations within your budget that you can head to your nearest Payworld Retailer for your travel arrangements.

On the other hand, if you wish to open a travel agency with Payworld, simply visit and register yourself with us!

*Prices are subject to change depending upon the season, change in airfare, hotel room price, etc.

Please check final price at the time of booking


Payworld Brings in Yet another Way to Help Its Retailers Earn More

How can retailers earn more

Ever since its inception, Payworld has been known to bring about a revolutionary shift in the way retailers earn. With a myriad of services for the retailers, that can be offered to the end-users for a respectable commission, the company has opened many new doors that bring in the much-needed earnings. That being said, it is also important to emphasis on the fact that Payworld has always been a customer-centric establishment, and has taken numerous measures to help the end-users in the day to day life.

For what it’s worth, the company has taken yet another step, which will not only bring in monetary benefits for the retailers but will also prove to be of immense help to the customers. Payworld is now giving an unprecedented opportunity to its retailers to become PAN Service Agents. While the initial investment to become a retailer will be as reasonable as ₹ 2,000, the retailer will get numerous opportunities to earn commissions. As a matter of fact, once registered as a PAN Service Agent, the retailer will be authorised to process the following:

  • Application for New PAN Allotment (Form 49 A)
  • Application for Changes or Correction in PAN Card
  • Application for allotment of PAN (Form 49AA) – Applicable for foreign citizens

Needless to mention, for each of these applications, the retailer is entitled to earn a commission from Payworld.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to becoming a Payworld PAN Service Agent than the commissions.

If you wish to become one, here are some benefits that you must know about:

  • The demand for new PAN Cards in rural and urban areas is immense.
  • More than 50 Lakhs PAN Cards applications processed across India every month.
  • As a PSA, the footfall at your retail store will grow.
  • Your retail store will enjoy a greater visibility.
  • You can process Pan Card application (new & correction) right from the comfort of your own shop, online.

Now that you’re aware of the numerous benefits that you can enjoy as a Payworld PAN Service Agent, wait no more before you invest a small sum of money to get started. After all, it isn’t every day that you get an opportunity as astounding as this one to increase your earnings! To become Payworld PAN Service Agent, apply here.


Insurance for People in low income Category and the Idea Behind It!

Insurance for low income people

Payworld is a customer-centric company, which has always strived to offer something novel, and something that has high value for money to the end-users, and Payworld Insurance POS is no different. So what prompted this company to foray into a field, which has more or less never existed for people from low-income strata? Well, to begin with, financial inclusion among the tier 2 /tier 3 cities is Payworld’s motto, and insurance is an integral part of financial inclusion.

Let’s just have a look at the Insurance Penetration, as far as Life and Non-life in India For the year 2016 it’s as low as 2.72 % & in Non-Life it’s merely 0.77%.These figures shows there is a huge scope for Insurance in India & also motivates companies like us to look for innovative insurance products which gives new meaning to insurance.

However, more than anything else, what encouraged the directors to take this astounding step was the fact that when it comes to people from low-income backgrounds, financial security is close to nil. Whatever income is generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is all used up, towards basic amenities and/or facilities like education, healthcare etc. There are absolutely no savings, whatsoever. In such a scenario, paying a hefty premium towards an insurance policy is next to impossible for these people. It is for this very reason, that Payworld worked closely with various companies offering financial products to come up with insurance products giving due consideration to the average income of the people and their needs.

Thanks to the extensive research, Payworld eventually managed to come up with special low-cost insurance plans for those people who cannot afford to pay the premiums for the other insurance plans available in the market. Moreover, Payworld is India’s leading insurance solutions provider that has the freedom to offer Life, Health as well as General Insurance, all under one umbrella. Not only does this help the people in finding the plan that best suits their needs, but also ensures that their investment offers better value for money.

In order for this simple yet innovative idea to be accepted by the people for whom it was intended, the company extended the following services across all its Insurance Point of Sale or Insurance POS:

Easy and convenient Money transfer
Air/Rail/Bus Ticketing & Hotel Booking
Unified payment acceptance
PAN Card Application Services
Loan and utility services

However, even this did not suffice. It was then that Payworld went ahead to create informative campaigns that can help people realize the long-term benefits of insurance. Pertaining to this effort and the company’s incredible network of merchants, Payworld has managed to insure more than 12K lives in a short span of 10 months.

Though the company can still be said to be in its nascent stages when it comes to offering Insurance solutions, it will surely go a long way in insuring the lives of those who are constantly working in high-risk environments and are unable to the mounting premiums. With the company’s allegiance towards offering the best of plans in the most accessible, affordable and flexible manner, the day when India’s majority low income population will be insured isn’t far away!

Payworld: Retailer Signups