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Streamlined Business Loan Applications

Become an ATM & allow anybody to withdraw money through Biometrics

At PayWorld, we recognize the significance of taking small steps toward realizing your business aspirations. That is why we have revolutionized the process of applying for a Business Loan, ensuring that you can achieve your dreams effortlessly. Applying for a Business Loan through PayWorld is now a straightforward and seamless process. Our goal is to empower you in achieving your business objectives without unnecessary complications. As a PayWorld Captain, you now have the seamless opportunity to apply for a loan through our trusted collaborators, giving you the advantage you need to stay ahead.

We have established collaborations with the following trusted entities for persons applying for Loans through our associated channel application:

Name: Asha Daniel

Designation: AVP Operation
Contact: 080-47185299
Website- www.ekagratafinance.cmtrusted 

Service Benefits

Get Instant Loan

Lowest Interest Rate

Easy and Flexible Repayment

Easy to Process

Paperless Procedure

How to get a Business Loan?

Apply for Loan

Perform KYC & Give Consent

Loan Dispersal


1. Who can apply for a Business Loan?

Any retailer who regularly conducts business with PayWorld can apply for a loan under our pre-eligible offers.

2. What is the interest rate on Loan given?

Our interest rates start from 1.50% to 2% on a monthly flat basis. The specific interest rate for each customer depends on their credit score and will be communicated following the credit decisioning process.

3. What are the documents required?

Aadhaar Card, Bank Details and Shop Proof.

4. What are the benefits and advantages of using AEPS services at Payworld India?

Aadhar enabled payment system has more benefits that one can imagine and don't think too much if the AEPS agent registration is free or not.  Once you are done with AEPS registration, you are able to get the below-listed AEPS service provider company benefits: 

  • AEPS Service through AEPS software is available through  WEB & AEPS app Mobile Application
  • AEPS in banking provides Best Margin to retailer & Agent     
  • Instant Pay-out Facility available in AEPS banking through AEPS software
  • Instant Service Activation 
  • Less failure Transaction Ratio 
  • Low & Hardy any cases where “ Transaction Failed and Customer bank A/C Debited. “    
  • All Machines working with Payworld web /On mobile Platform  
  • Good customer Care Team Support /MIRA auto Support for AEPS software
  • Faster complaint /Grievance resolution 

With an AEPS portal, the client can also obtain a mini statement from AEPS service provider bank after every transaction performed.  AEPS payment system also allows you to deposit money as well as AEPS cash withdrawal from your bank accounts. In order to perform these transactions, AEPS registration is mandatory.

5. Retailer to Customer Sales Pitches
  • How are you Shyam Bhai?
  • Not so good! There was just one ATM for the whole village, now even that is removed. Now where should we go to withdraw cash? Even the Bank branch is far.
  • No need to worry anymore. Our store is not only a Retail store but also a Mini ATM! You can withdraw cash with your card and PIN just like you do in the ATM. This Micro ATM serves for all Visa and MasterCard of all Banks.
  • That’s really great! You resolved our problem of cash withdrawal by having this Micro ATM at your store.