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Payworld helps merchants grow their business by applying for loans with the click of a button. This intelligent loan platform, developed by implementing Artificial Intelligence, uses fully integrated Aadhar & India Stack capabilities to achieve paperless disbursement. Payworld’s strategic tie-ups with various NBFCs & technological companies makes the processing of loan easier and seamless through its platform.


1. What is Payworld loan?
Payworld has developed an intelligent loan platform through Artificial Intelligence where merchants can apply for loans on the click of a button through Payworld’s robust technology. For this Payworld has made many strategic tie-ups with various NBFCs & technological companies in order to process seamless loan through our platform. As on date, Payworld disburses more than 3 Cr. Loans every month. In today’s scenario, Payworld is giving 180 days loan to its Retailer & Distributor (which is also known as working Capital Loan). Merchants usually avail this loan with attractive Interest Rate to multiply their business & earn more.
2. How Payworld loan works?
Payworld shares sales data of its Retailer/Distributor along with its KYC to NBFC partner who calculates Merchants eligibility offer through its algorithm & throws back the offer on a real-time basis. Post that Payworld CC team calls the merchants & explain them the loan offer & guide them on how to apply for a loan. Once the loan is applied, the NBFC partner checks all the documents & verify them on a real-time basis. Post verification loan is disbursed in Merchant’s Payworld trading wallet after deducting Processing Fee & the first month’s Interest. As it is a 180-day loan, daily EMI gets deducted for 140 days from merchants wallet with a buffer of 180 days. Post that next month interest & penalty is charged. Payworld gives loan to its merchants from 10K to 2lacs on the basis of his sale.
3. What is the eligible criteria for a 180-day loan?
  • The merchant should be live with Payworld for 6 months & more.
  • He should be transacting with Payworld for more than 20 days & more
  • His minimum Sale Amt. should be 2 lacs & more.
4. How loan calculation works?
Loan Amt. 10,000 20,000 25,000 50,000 75,000 1,00,000 1,50,000 2,00,000
Less - One Time Processing Fee on Loan Amt. 236 472 590 1,180 1,770 2,360 3,540 4,720
Less - Interest on Loan Amt. for the 1st month 300 600 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 6,000
Loan Amt. Disbursed 9,464 18,928 23,660 47,320 70,980 94,640 1,41,960 1,89,280
Daily deduction for 140 days with flexibility up to 180 days 71 143 179 357 536 714 1,071 1,429
Interest for 2nd month 300 600 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 6,000
Interest for 3rd month 300 600 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 6,000
Interest for 4th month 300 600 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 6,000
Interest for 5th month 300 600 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 6,000
Interest for 6th month 300 600 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 6,000
5. What are the documents required?
  • Pan Card (Mandatory)
  • Voter ID or Driving Licence or Passport
  • Passport Size photo / Selfie photo in soft copy
6. How our service is better from the competition?
  • Payworld provides loan directly in Retailer/Distributor trading wallet.
  • Payworld provides a loan to retailer/Distributor with low cibil score too if he is a good retailer/distributor of Payworld.
7. What are the benefits?
  • Merchant can apply directly from Payworld portal.
  • Loan will get disbursed on the same day.
  • It helps Payworld Retailers & Distributors to grow their sales by 3-4 folds.
  • As EMI is daily debited from merchant’s Payworld wallet, the merchant can repay easily & no need to go to the bank or maintain his bank balance for EMIs.
  • Seamless process of applying for a loan through Payworld portal.
  • No paperwork involved.
  • No guarantor required.
  • No collateral required.
  • Less time-consuming process.
  • No standing in queue for applying for a loan.
  • Direct credit to Payworld Id.
  • No need to depend on anyone for funds to run their own business.
  • Pre-approved offers provided by NBFC partner.
  • Less documentation required.
  • No need to go out of your shop to apply for loans.
  • Doorstep service.
  • 12*7 dedicated customer support.
  • Merchant can rotate the same funds & make more profit.
  • Fast & easy renewals on Payworld Id.