Loan Services

Business Loan

Become an ATM & allow anybody to withdraw money through Biometrics At PayWorld, we recognize the significance of taking small steps toward realizing your business aspirations. That is why we have revolutionized the process of applying for a Business Loan, ensuring that you can achieve your dreams effortlessly. Applying for a Business Loan through PayWorld is now a straightforward and seamless process. Our goal is to empower you in achieving your business objectives without unnecessary complications. As a PayWorld Captain, you now have the seamless opportunity to apply for a loan through our trusted collaborators, giving you the advantage you need to stay ahead.

Gold Loan

We understand that the process for obtaining a Gold Loan (also called a loan against gold) can often be complex and time-consuming. That is why we at PayWorld, have simplified the experience, ensuring a user-friendly, safe, and hassle-free process. We are dedicated to empowering you and helping you to make the most of your valuable assets. With our trusted partnerships and simplified gold loan application process, you can confidently unlock the power of your gold assets, as we believe that your gold shouldn’t sit idle. Through our partnership with esteemed financial institutions, we offer you a range of Gold Loan that comes with a competitive rate and exclusive benefits.