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Don’t wait in long queues to book your train tickets. Payworld, in association with IRCTC allows its retailers to become authorized IRCTC e-ticket agents and book train tickets as per IRCTC guidelines. This service is available 24X7 for the customers. Being an IRCTC e-ticket agent, this service can also be utilised to share information on Train Routes, Train Timings, Train Fare and Seat Availability. Currently payworld has over 7,000 IRCTC agents across India. Booking tickets and providing train information is easier for retailers because we provide them with a user friendly and quick interface. Reach your nearest Payworld retail outlet for your bookings.

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1. Tell me more about the process for IRCTC agent registration online and how to become IRCTC agent?
To become a registered IRCTC agent for Railway E-ticket Booking, one needs to apply for IRCTC Agent Registration first by filling the IRCTC agent registration form. While filling the registration form, the applicant also need to pay an IRCTC agent registration fee for the successful registration of the user. The IRCTC agent registration process is very easy to understand. After registering, the IRCTC railway agents are provided with a unique IRCTC Agent login ID. This IRCTC agent registration online is a mandatory step for applying for an applicant. Using the IRCTC agent login, the railway booking agent can book tickets on behalf of the customers from their business. IRCTC started this Registration procedure for the Travel Agents & Individuals to mark them as Authorized IRCTC agent and deter any black marketing of Railway e-tickets. This procedure has also facilitated the end customers to get a valid Railway Ticket through a conventional booking system. The IRCTC authorize agents are registered holders of a commercial license that provides permission to sell an infinite number of tickets without any limitations. Restrictions as in any regular IRCTC user can book around 4 to 6 tickets per month. Usually, becoming an IRCTC authorized agent or even an authorized travel agent entitles a retailer to receive a unique login ID via principal service providers (PSP). Once they are registered as an authorized IRCTC railway booking agent through the IRCTC authorised agent registration portal, they can start their own railway e-ticketing business by booking train tickets or other travel services online for their customers. As an added benefit they can earn commissions on every booking. IRCTC's e-ticketing system is a part of the Indian Railways for handling online ticket services in India.
2. What are the benefits of becoming an IRCTC railway agent?
There are several benefits associated with becoming an authorized IRCTC ticket agent. First of all, the railway booking agents are free to book an unlimited number of railway tickets without any restrictions that can help them to create a one-stop travel booking shop. Once a retailer is registered as an authorized IRCTC e-ticketing agent, he or she can also get a gateway which gives them access to enter the online ticket booking business portal of IRCTC. After you become IRCTC agent the most significant part of this work is that the railway booking agents obtain a commercial license that allows selling railway reservation e-tickets. Ticket cancellation has never been this easy for the agents until now. The IRCTC agents also receive an authorized certificate for e-ticket booking, a unique IRCTC Agent Login Dongle and even direct access to the IRCTC agent login portal on www.irctc.co.in. Finally, the IRCTC agent login credentials will also be visible on the IRCTC agent locator.
3. How to become a railway agent of IRCTC with Payworld India?
A common query among the applicants is how to become IRCTC agent? Becoming an authorized IRCTC agent with Payworld is very easy. But first, it is essential to purchase an IRCTC plan and then upload the required documents. This will help in activating the IRCTC Dongle with which agents can start their e-ticketing business and earn their profit margins.
4. What are the benefits of becoming an IRCTC authorized railway agent with Payworld India? And How to become agent of IRCTC with Payworld?
There are some appealing perks associated with becoming an authorized IRCTC railway agent with Payworld India. Any IRCTC authorized agent can book an unlimited number of tickets with their unique login ID. Not just standard tickets, but they can also generate Tatkal reservations. The paperless e-ticketing system enables not only instant onboarding but also easy ticket cancellation process anytime with quick money refund. Payworld also provides a 12 hour (9 AM to 9 PM) customer support to the agents for any help. They give the most beneficial margins maintaining industry standards and also permits authorized IRCTC Agent status.
5. Why should I choose Payworld India to become an IRCTC authorized agent?
The PayWorld being the most crucial agent of IRCTC allows appointing the authorized Railway Ticket Booking Agents throughout India. They provide a direct agent login id for the IRCTC login official website at www.irctc.co.in with which they can book railway e-tickets online. The best part of being an IRCTC authorized agent is that the railway agents receive a considerate commission for each ticket reserved. Payworld has business partners throughout India, and it allows several people to start their business at the comfort of their home. Not just railway e-ticket booking, operators can also boost up their profits by engaging in other services like Air tickets, Pancard Agent Registration, Bharat Bill Payment System, Agent Registration Aadhar Enabled Payment systems, Mini ATM Agent registration, Any Bank ATM swipe machine, etc. Additionally, registering with Payworld as an IRCTC railway agent can also provide you with a recognition when it comes to travel or other financial industry as this can help bloom a travel agency by offering every possible travel services. According to several stat reports, more than 1.5 million online tickets are being booked through IRCTC, making it one of the largest e-commerce companies in terms of online booking which is far more successful than Amazon or Flipkart. Undoubtedly IRCTC is one of the leading web-portals that provides a hassle-free online ticket booking services. The best part is IRCTC offers the business license for its principal railway agents, and PayWorld is one of the very few brands that appoints authorized agents across India. Once the agents are successful in registering with IRCTC, they will receive a unique IRCTC Agent Login ID and a Direct Login Portal of IRCTC for booking or cancelling any e-ticket online.
6. Tell me more about Payworld India.
Started off with an objective to provide a protected and user friendly platform for the countless users that comprise the Semi Urban India, Payworld is a pioneering financial service platform. Having started its operations back in 2006, the Fintech organization has established its position with an impressive network of over 250,000 retailers. Covering 630 of the 739 zones in India, the Payworld network is unparalleled in the country. As imposing as the network may seem, the bouquet of services available by Payworld is all the more fantastic. From Mobile phone & DTH Recharge to Insurance, Loans & Mutual Funds; from BBPS Bill payments to AEPS and domestic money remittances; it addresses the entire gamut of financial services a semi urban Indian may require. One other feather in the cap of the company is the fact that their network system of more than 50,000 BC agents, treated as essential service providers in these tough times, are always keeping the financial requirements of the individuals of India accomplished. Providing a staggering 25 million consumers in such trying times in an uninterrupted way is a huge achievement in itself. Having pride in offering their countrymen, the team is fully devoted to deliver services wherever required.