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The facility to recharge DTH plans is not limited to brand stores or operators. Payworld retailers can recharge their customers DTH for all major Direct To Home operators. Payworld’s tie-up with all of these operators and service providers enables retailers to provide quick and seamless recharge service on a real time basis. Customers need to walk to their nearest retail touchpoint and provide them with their DTH no. The recharge will be processed instantly without any hassle. Customers can choose any plan or subscription for the recharge for their DTH.


1. Why is becoming a DTH recharge retailer a good idea?
India has a huge recharge market, and with the increasing growth in this sector, DTH recharge business is also becoming very popular. A retailer can start his DTH recharge business with the help of Payworld's model of online DTH recharge. If you wish to be a part of this industry, then Payworld - India's largest PA network, offers the most stable online recharge platform for retailers.   Payworld offers multiple services options to those people who want to join as a distributor/DTH recharge retailer, such as money transfer services, DTH recharge, water and electricity bill payment, payment of gas, data card recharge, bus and flight ticket booking, etc. Payworld also offers a great deal of discounts, various special cashback offers as well as the opportunity to earn a huge commission to the retailers. At Payworld, we give complete freedom and choice to our DTH recharge retailers, to do all the recharges at a convenient time. D2H retailers can earn heavy commission on every recharge done by them.   In order to become a recharge retailer with Payworld, one has to do a simple D2H dealer registration with Payworld portal. After a successful D2H dealer registration, a retailer becomes authorized to do recharges and start his/her DTH recharge business. DTH retailers could easily process online DTH recharge at DTH recharge agent portal by following these three simple step:-  1) First, you need to select a recharge company as your service provider.   2) Choose a specific recharge plan based on the requirements.   3) And, finally, enter the amount and hit the recharge button.
2. What are the benefits of becoming a D2H recharge retailer?
There are several benefits enjoyed by a D2H recharge retailer. Some of these are,    1) A D2H retailer can enjoy the benefits of doing multiple recharges from a single login.   2) A D2H retailer can earn a huge commission on every recharge done with DTH recharge.   3) A D2H retailer can do instant recharge and track the status with a proper transaction ID.   4) A DTH recharge portal comes with a B2B interface that can be used to check transactions and reports.     Payworld portal is the right option for you if you want to establish your business as a D2H recharge retailer. At Payworld, we provide a complete recharge and payment solution for DTH recharge, new DTH connection and data card recharge. Payworld's online system provides retailers with a robust platform for doing recharges. It is an efficient, accurate and easy to use platform. In DTH recharge platform, we cover most of the operators and provide retailers with an opportunity to earn an attractive commission.
3. What are the benefits of becoming a Payworld DTH recharge agent?
The facility of DTH recharge plans is not limited to brand stores and operators. Payworld D2H retailers can recharge all major DTH operators for their customers. Payworld's connection with all the major operators and service providers enables retailers to provide a quick and seamless recharge service on a real-time basis.    Customers can go to any nearby Payworld's retail touchpoint and provide the retailer with the necessary information for doing the recharge such as their DTH number. The recharge will be credited instantly without any hassles. A DTH recharge agent can help their customer from choosing the suitable DTH recharge plan or subscription according to their needs.   The process of doing a DTH recharge has never been easier. Retailers can easily recharge their customer's DTH of all operators through Payworld's platform. This also works in favour of the customers since they don't have to go out looking for a particular service provider store. They can go to any nearby Payworld retail shop to do their DTH recharge.  With Payworld, you can start your own DTH recharge business and earn great commission on each recharge. Our processes are specially designed to empower distributors/retailers with getting started with the business of DTH recharge and other services, with minimum investment and high margin commission, cashback on each and every service.    Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Payworld to become a DTH recharge agent,   1) Earn great commission on each DTH recharge.   2) Convert your shop into a one-stop solution for all kinds of recharges.    3) No manpower is required to set up your DTH recharge business.   4) Payworld offers quick and efficient customer support in your preferred language.   5) Payworld has the best in class software which is also available in several languages.   6) Payworld has the ability to process instant recharge services.   7) Payworld has safe and secure payment services   8) DTH retailers also enjoy the high commission with Payworld.   9) Sales promotion activity at your spot to create awareness and increase sales.   10) Easy to track status of transaction via a unique transaction id. 11) Availability of a re-query button which will help retailers to click and get their customer transaction status updated.
4. How does the Paywold Commission Structure work for retailers?
Payworld provides a unique business opportunity for DTH retailers to earn money with minimum investment. A customer can make transactions by visiting any nearby Payworld retail points and paying in cash for the services they want. Payworld allows retailers to start their business with as low as Rs, 1000 only. Payworld solemnly believes in 'Invest Less, Earn More'. However, while setting up your business online requires undertaking many challenges and decisions at crucial times.    Though, the barriers for entering into the online markets is much lower than that of traditional businesses. The margins are a priority for all the retailers looking for an opportunity for starting a business online. Payworld offers one such opportunity to DTH retailers to help them dwell into the digital or online business.    You can start your DTH recharge business with Payworld with just a smartphone and internet connectivity. You can choose different cash handling services as per the request of the customer. In the initial times, only mobile recharge and DTH recharge services were available without any activation cost. And in case one wants to avail other services, an activation fee has to be paid. Every time a customer uses Payworld services, the respective retailer earns a considerable amount of the transaction as mobile recharge retailer commission.   The DTH recharge commission structure at Payworld is one of a kind for the various services it offers. For instance, if a distributor is doing recharge for Rs. 100 for a customer, then about 0.5% - 3% of the amount is earned by the retailer as a commission for the recharge done. This means the retailer gains 50 paise to 3 Rs. on one transaction of Rs. 100. Payworld offers the best DTH recharge commission for retailers. Therefore, more the number of sales, higher will the commission earned by the retailer.
5. Tell me more about Payworld.
Payworld is a well-established Fintech company founded in the year 2006 to offer financial services to the semi-urban citizens of the nation. Payworld has been successful in its work as it utilizes a huge and extensive network of more than 2,50,000+ merchants that actually gets out to over 630 districts across India. Based on the recent records, more than 2,00,000 clients make their financial transactions with Payworld each day.  Payworld provides a number of professional services such as Money Remittances, AEPS, BBPS Bill Payments, Mobile and DTH, recharges, Insurances, Loans, and Mutual Funds. All these services will stimulate financial inclusion in the nation by attracting the untapped target audience.  We would like to especially appreciate our Government for including BC agents as a part of the essential services that have provided essential financial assistance to India's citizens in these difficult and challenging times.  Payworld administers the financial services to over 25 million consumers across the country with the wide-spread network of 50,000 BC agents. We hope to continue supplying our services "uninterrupted and unaffected" even in the tough times of this outbreak.  Payworld extends its services and stands strong with all the citizens of the nation and wish to provide financial services and financial assistance to them anytime they require. We want to assure all our users that all the services offered by Payworld will carry on to function as smoothly and efficiently as even during these conditions of turbulence.    We want to request everyone to stay at their homes with their family, secure and safe, and healthy during this tough period.