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Recharging Mobile and Data Cards are now easier than ever. Retailers can quickly recharge Mobile and Data Cards of all operators through the Payworld portal. This facility provides customers with ease of access as they need to visit their nearest Payworld retail outlet instead of searching for their operator’s official store. Payworld’s integration with all major operators allows the recharges to happen on a real time basis.


1. Why is becoming an online mobile recharge retailer a good idea?
Mobile phones have become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. And because of that, regular mobile recharge becomes essential. India has a vast recharge market which opens up several opportunities for retailers. Generally, India's retail market can be classified into two divisions - the online market and the offline market.  The offline market or the traditional market is mainly dependent on scratch cards provided by the telecom operators, which are sold by retailers at their shops. Generally, each telecom circle involves 5-6 players, and each service provider has multiple plans running at any given time. Therefore, a retailer needs to keep around 20-30 different scratch cards. But in case of online recharge portal, a retailer can use a single amount to do multiple recharges and earn great recharge retailer commission.     In the case of the online recharge market, the retailers have the option of choosing from several service operators for doing the recharge. Online recharge methods are becoming famous and are more favoured among retailers because of the ease and instant process. Retailers can become mobile recharge agents and start their own online payment business by registering themselves with a service provider and installing a mobile recharge retailer app.     An online mobile recharge retailer app provides hassle-free services such as various kinds of recharges including mobile, DTH, etc. and the facility of using only one amount for various networks of telecom operators. A mobile recharge retailer can convert his/her shop into a single point shop with minimum investment. A retailer can even start his/her business from the convenience of his/her house by just installing the best mobile recharge app for retailers on his/her smartphone.
2. What are the benefits of becoming a mobile recharge retailer?
Earlier, mobile recharge retailers required to have various SIM cards for doing recharges of different service providers. But with the availability of Online recharge portal for retailers, they can make all the payments from one single mobile SIM card. Online recharge options are very convenient, fast, and easier for doing all the recharges with the help of mobile recharge retailer apps.     Some other benefits of becoming a mobile recharge agent are as following:- 1) Less expensive - As mentioned earlier, Payworld's Online recharge portal for retailers is far less expensive than the traditional methods. They can do all the recharges from one single phone. This saves them the trouble of keeping different SIM cards for doing different recharges.      2) It is a lucrative and versatile option - Payworld's online recharge portal for retailers is not just limited to mobile recharges. A retailer can branch out to different recharge businesses such as that of DTH recharge, data card recharge and many more. A retailer can convert his/her shop to one-stop business offering all different recharge services. 3) Low investment and great profit - Setting up an online mobile recharge retailer business is very pocket friendly. The primary requirements include a mobile phone or a tablet, a mobile recharge retailer app and a working internet connection. A retailer can even start an online mobile recharge retailer business from the convenience of your home and become a mobile recharge agent.   4) The most important benefit of an online recharge portal is that the commission earned on every recharge is directly added into the retailer's bank account, making the whole process quick and hassle-free.
3. What are the benefits of becoming a Payworld mobile recharge agent?
The whole process of recharging mobile and data cards has revolutionized with time. Recharging mobile has never been easier. Payworld provides its retailers to do instant and secure recharge for various operators. This provides customers with the ease of access as they can visit any nearby Payworld outlet and get the recharge done rather than looking for the specific operator's store. Payworld's integration with the major mobile service operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Idea and others makes the process of recharging instant-on a real-time basis. With Payworld, retailers can become mobile recharge agents and can start their business of online recharge and increase sales and profit. Our services are specially designed to empower retailers to start their own business of mobile recharge, bill payment, and money transfer with low investment and high margin commission.     There are several benefits and key advantages that an online retailer can avail with Payworld. Some of these benefits are mentioned below,     1) Payworld offers easy mobile recharge registration for agents.    2) Payworld is a safe and secure payment gateway for all the recharge services. 3) You can make your shop into a one-stop solution for all kinds of recharges, ticket booking, money transfer, and bill payments. 4) Payworld offers retailers to earn commission on every Mobile/DTH Recharge, reservations, money transfer and bill payments. 5) Payworld offers quick and efficient customer support in any preferred language. 6) Payworld has a unique mobile recharge commission structure and provides a high margin commission for the retailers. 7) With Payworld, retailers can process instant recharge services on a real-time basis. 8) There is no need for manpower for setting up and management of online recharge services.  9) Payworld offers sales promotion activity at your stop to promote awareness and increase sales. 10) Instant refund is provided on every recharge failure.
4. How does the Payworld mobile recharge commission structure work?
Payworld provides a unique business opportunity for retailers where they can earn money at very low investment rates. Payworld allows retailers to start their business at a meagre investment of Rs 1000 only. Payworld has always believed in the concept of 'Invest Less, Earn More'. Though starting your own business online can involve a lot of challenges and difficult decisions concerning your business. The benefit of starting an online business is that the barriers are low as compared to that of the traditional practices.  Payworld aims to help the retailers to have an opportunity to dwell into digital or online marketing. All you need is smartphone and internet connectivity to start your business with the aid of the best mobile recharge app for retailers. You can choose different cash handling services as per the request of the customer. In the initial times, only mobile recharge and DTH recharge services were available without any activation cost. And in case one wants to avail other services, an activation fee has to be paid.     The process of mobile recharge registration with Payworld is very easy. Online payment methods such as net banking and debit cards can help the retailer to increase the trading limit and never miss out on any business opportunity. Every time a customer uses Payworld services, the respective retailer earns a considerable amount of the transaction as mobile recharge retailer commission. The mobile recharge commission structure at Payworld is one of a kind for the various services it offers. For instance, if a distributor is doing recharge for Rs. 100 for a customer, then about 0.5% - 3% of the amount is earned by the retailer as a commission on money transfer for the recharge done. This means the retailer gains 50 paise to 3 Rs. on one transaction of Rs. 100. Payworld offers the best mobile recharge commission for retailers. Therefore, more the number of sales, higher will the commission earned by the retailer.
5. Tell me more about Payworld India.
Payworld is one of the most trusted Fintech company that is known for providing assisted financial expert services to the citizens of India. Payworld started out its operation in 2006, and currently, it has a network system of over 250,000 merchants 630 districts located all across India. As reported by the recent reports, more than 200,000 transactions are carried out every day by making use of this platform. Through the help of Payworld, users can provide services like AEPS, Money Remittances, Mobile and DTH recharges, BBPS Bill Payments, Loans, Insurances, Mutual Funds, and many other professional services. These numerous services and benefits make Payworld the best recharge app for retailers. At Payworld, we are currently working to further accelerate financial inclusion in India. And to a great magnitude, we now have been effective in attaining that aim. This is why we would like to appreciate the Government of India for including BC agents as organizations who are allowed to help the citizens all across the country through essential financial services in such difficult times. Currently, we certainly have more than 50,000 BC agents who assist us in offering financial services to over 25 million individuals. We only wish to keep on providing uninterrupted and unaffected services to all our customers, even just in such turbulent situations. We at Payworld are going through great lengths to stand along with the individuals of this incredible nation in these challenging times. This is why we all only want to assure all our customers that we will continue to deliver smooth and efficient services. As our final words, we hope that everybody is in their homes, safe, and completely healthy.