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Recharging Mobile and Data Cards are now easier than ever. Retailers can quickly recharge Mobile and Data Cards of all operators through the Payworld portal. This facility provides customers with ease of access as they need to visit their nearest Payworld retail outlet instead of searching for their operator’s official store. Payworld’s integration with all major operators allows the recharges to happen on a real time basis.

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1. Tell me more about becoming mobile recharge agent.
Mobile recharge has always been very popular, and India has a vast recharge market which gave rise to several new channels to expand. In order to know about how to become mobile recharge agent, you must have the knowledge of the recharge market and also the best retail recharge app. India's recharge market was divided into two halves-offline and online recharge market. The offline sector was dominated by scratch cards provided by the telecom operators and sold by a wide variety of retailers. Whereas the other half of the traditional online recharge portal for retailers is aided by several channels where the service providers through their websites help to complete the recharge process online. The online mobile recharge retailer business comes with a mobile recharge registration where retailers can conduct their business operatons smoothly.   At present, the market is dominated by recharge cards in comparison to e-cards. So basically, the scratch card segment turned out to be a PIN recharge model where the telecom service provider sells a 16 digit PIN to the user through their scratch card. But for this process, several other background processes took place at the service provider's end like generating a 16 digit PIN for the user, then printing it and then the retailer receives an SMS code to the service provider to recharge for their customer.   Generally, in every mobile recharge retailer business, each service provider has multiple recharge plans running at a time, and each telecom circle had about five players. So a mobile recharge retailer had to stock at least 25 to 30 different varieties of scratch cards. But in reality, most of the retailers can cache only the most popular plans from some selective popular service providers. It had been estimated that a retailer was able to stock near about ten different recharge options so that only one amount was used for all networks of telecom operators like all mobile recharges and all DTH recharges.   Unfortunately, the margins of these recharge business's were fragile, and the mobile recharge retailers are just able to earn 3-4 percent margins. This market has no whole selling concept, just like any other business. For most retailers, top-up recharging card was the best way to draw their customer's attention. However, the mobile recharge retailer commission was slightly higher for selling a new prepaid SIM card to a customer and then activating that number.
2. What are the benefits you enjoy after becoming mobile recharge agent?
In the near past, the distributors and mobile recharge retailer business were providing multi recharge facilities had to keep a stock of various sim and different devices to cover a wide range of mobile recharges. This was undoubtedly the most annoying thing to do. But recently it has been possible to use just one mobile recharge sim to recharge for several operators, and the procedure has never been this easy. Previously to become mobile recharge agent, the retailers had to keep several mobile phones that were loaded with balance. Now, they will not have to do so, and they can establish a never-ending mobile recharge retailer business because every single person now owns at least one mobile phone that needs to be recharged. The best part is, the retailers can instantly start their business with very minimum investment, along with an online recahrg portal for retailers, and earn profit out of it. Making a profit is not just limited to mobile recharge now but also from DTH recharges, data card recharge and a lot more. Last but the most crucial part is the mobile recharge retailer commission earned goes directly into the retailer's account involving no hassle at all.
3. What are the benefits of becoming mobile recharge agent with Payworld India?
If you want to know how to become mobile recharge agent with Payworld India then there are several advantages associated with it. With Payworld India, you can become the best mobile recharge agent. Even though it may seem that recharging can help to earn the least commission but retailers now can make huge margins from every mobile recharge, DTH recharge, for ticket reservations, money transfer and even with bill payments. With all these services together, the retailers can provide a one-stop solution for all kinds of recharges, bookings, money transfers and even bill payments. There is quick and efficient customer support and the top quality software that is available at any preferred language. Therefore, the retailer business now involves zero workforces to boost their sales promotion activity to create awareness and increase or update sales by utilizing a 24x7 online recharge portal for retailers. It is very easy now to become the best mobile recharge agent with Payworld.
4. How Does The Payworld India makes the best mobile recharge commission retailer structure work?
Payworld is a unique business with a special mobile recharge commission structure that provides mobile recharge retailers with an opportunity to earn money involving the least investment. A consumer can complete numerous transactions by visiting Payworld retail store in exchange for cash. This allows the mobile recharge retailers to kick start their business with as low as Rupees Thousand because Payworld solely believes in enhancing the earnings with the least investment. However, online store generally involves quite a few challenges, like taking some crucial decisions at the right time. The mobile recharge retailers ought to cross a lot of hurdles to get a grip on the online business than a traditional one.   But Payworld has made things very easy for its consumers and is providing an opportunity to continue into digital or online business. Now starting a business with Payworld has become much more comfortable than ever before as it is providing an excellent opportunity to live into digital or online marketing. So now potential retailers can start their business with just a smartphone and a stable internet connection to opt for the services based on customer requirements. Initially, Payworld provided only two facilities- Mobile Recharge and DTH Recharge without involving any activation cost. To avail other services, they have to pay an activation charge that varies from service to service. Now, this mobile recharge commission structure has helped to increase their trading limit by making some online payment methods like Net Banking and Debit cards so that not even a single business opportunity is missed, which helps them become best mobile recharge commission retailers. They can do several recharges with a mobile recharge retailer app for online transactions.
5. Why choose Payworld India for becoming mobile recharge retailer?
Payworld being one of the best mobile recharge apps for retailers in India has now been able to spread its wing across 630 cities in India. This has engraved its name in over 1lakh retail outlets for carrying out specific business and for assisting a low-income group in all day to day activities. Choosing Payworld India has always been the best mobile recharge retailer app as it offers an ideal mobile recharge commission structure for retailers and also, intelligent electronic transaction processing platform where the customers can transact in those specific retail outlets just in exchange for cash. Now, these retailers use Payworld either in a smartphone or a laptop or desktop. It is a very convenient online recharge portal for retailers.   In addition to this, Payworld also has a subsidiary called Payworld Money which is an RBI approved Pre-Paid-Instrument more like a digital or mobile wallet. The best mobile recharge agents can use this for performing domestic money remittances through an assisted mode in a secured way. It provides the retailers with a mobile recharge registration, which makes it a very easy and best mobile recharge app for retailers. Payworld strives to reach out to the most unbanked population to encourage more and more cashless transactions.
6. Tell me more about Payworld India.
Payworld is one of the most trusted Fintech company that is known for providing assisted financial expert services to the citizens of India. Payworld started out its operation in 2006, and currently, it has a network system of over 250,000 merchants 630 districts located all across India. As reported by the recent reports, more than 200,000 transactions are carried out every day by making use of this platform. Through the help of Payworld, users can provide services like AEPS, Money Remittances, Mobile and DTH recharges, BBPS Bill Payments, Loans, Insurances, Mutual Funds, and many other professional services. These numerous services and benefits make Payworld the best recharge app for retailers. At Payworld, we are currently working to further accelerate financial inclusion in India. And to a great magnitude, we now have been effective in attaining that aim. This is why we would like to appreciate the Government of India for including BC agents as organizations who are allowed to help the citizens all across the country through essential financial services in such difficult times. Currently, we certainly have more than 50,000 BC agents who assist us in offering financial services to over 25 million individuals. We only wish to keep on providing uninterrupted and unaffected services to all our customers, even just in such turbulent situations. We at Payworld are going through great lengths to stand along with the individuals of this incredible nation in these challenging times. This is why we all only want to assure all our customers that we will continue to deliver smooth and efficient services. As our final words, we hope that everybody is in their homes, safe, and completely healthy.