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1. What are income tax returns?
Taxes paid by employees to the federal and state government through a direct deduction from their paycheck. Taxpayer’s liability to pay these taxes is calculated on the basis of his or her income. In cases where a taxpayer has paid more or excess tax in a year, then he or she becomes eligible to receive an income tax refund. As per the norms of income tax laws, these income tax return filing must be done by every individual or businesses while mentioning all the details and the income earned in the previous year. This income earned could be in the form of a salary, business profits, or income earned from other sources such as house property, capital gains, interests, etc.ITR services are available in online ITR filing as well as in offline mode. Income tax return filing is the most common method of e filing returns to the income tax department.
2. Who is an income tax return agent and is it mandatory to file an income tax return?
The most important reason to file an income tax return in India is that the government mandates it beyond a certain income. An Income tax return agent or income tax filing agent is a qualified professional that can help its customers in preparing and lodging your tax returns. You can engage with an Income tax return agent online or face-to-face, and they will guide you throughout the ITR filing process. You can look for an income tax return agent by simply searching for the keyword - "income tax return agents near me". You will find several agents around you that will help you with the exhausting ITR filing process.  In accordance with the tax laws documented and practised in India, it is mandatory for every citizen with income more than the basic exemption limit to do income tax filing of ITR every year. Income tax department decides the income tax rate for all the taxpayers. Any delay in filing your returns can cost you late fees and also hamper your chances of getting a visa or loan in case of need.
3. How to become an income tax return agent with Payworld?
Payworld services offer retailers an opportunity to start their business as an authorized income tax filing agent by simply doing a registration under UTI PAN services on the Payworld's website. Payworld offers a great opportunity to its retailers to expand their business and earn extra income with minimum investment. After the successful registration with Payworld as an income tax return agent, ITR agents are provided with a unique UTI PAN agent login. This login will authorize the agent to provide all the Income-tax return filing services, carry out all the transactions, ITR filing process and submit their customers' applications.
4. What are the benefits of filing income tax returns?
Citizens with annual income less than Rs 2.5 lakh are exempted from income tax filing of ITR. All other citizens who do not fall under this category are mandated to file their income tax returns. This Income tax return must be filed even if there is no tax liability on an individual or a business. Income tax ITR filing is mandatory for an individual or business to claim tax and other eligible deductions such as long-term capital gains exemptions.  Some of the benefits of Income-tax return filing are as follows- Timely income tax return e-filing will save you from penalties. There is a penalty of Rs 10,000 levied by the Income Tax Department on individuals who fail to file their income tax returns on time. People with annual income less than Rs 5 lakhs have to pay Rs 1000 as a penalty in case they fail to file their returns.  
  1. You must preserve all the Income-tax receipts carefully since they are proof of your income and your tax payments. These also include detailed information of your income as well as secondary sources of your income. 
  2. Many banks ask for your Income-tax receipts of the past three years before sanctioning you with high-value loans such as vehicle loan, home loan, etc. These are considered to be the most valid proof that supports the income of an individual.
  3. Your Income tax receipts are also essential if you want to apply for a visa for countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Embassies of these countries will ask you to provide your Income-tax return receipts of the past few years to ensure that you will be able to handle all the expenses on the trip.
  4. As per the Income-tax law, individuals are not allowed to forward their losses of the current year to the next financial year until and unless they file their returns with the Income-tax return service.
5. What are the eligibility criteria to file income tax returns?
The people who are eligible to file an income tax return are the following: 1)Any individual who is between the age of sixty and eighty years with an income source of Rs. three lakh or higher is eligible to file an income tax return. 2)Any individual who is over the age of eighty years with a total income of the year greater than Rs.five lakh is eligible to file an income tax return. 3)Any Indian resident who owns an asset or has any financial ties to an international entity is eligible to file an income tax return. 4)Any organisation or company operating in India regardless of whether it is in profit or loss is eligible to file an income tax return.
6. What are the documents required to file an income tax return?
The documents which are required for the income tax return are as follows: a)PAN card b)Proof of tax-saving investment, if present. c)Form 16A/16B/16C. d)Salary slip e)Bank statements f)TDS certificate g)Interest certificate h)Form 26AS
7. How to start income tax return filing with Payworld?
Payworld has a very simple ITR filing process for the role of income tax return agents. The three steps involved in the filing process for an ITR agent are as follows, 
  1. Login to the Payworld's portal. 
  2. Select the PAN services icon. 
  3. Activate your Income-tax return services. 
  4. You are ready to start your online ITR filing business. 
By following these simple steps, you can start your ITR filing services with Payworld.
8. Tell me more about Payworld India.
Payworld is a Fintech company that commenced its business operations in 2006. It is a business company that provides financial aid to the Semi-Urban inhabitants of India. It handles a wide area of the network, comprising a number of retailers across many districts in India. Payworld is a very dynamic source of business that provides a range in its operations, as well as professional services that include Money Remittances, AEPS, BPPS, Bill Payments, Mobile, Recharges, DTH Recharges, and more. Its services further grow to a greater level that includes the headings of Mutual Funds, Insurances, Loans, and so forth. Payworld facilitates the objective of delivering financial addition and assistance to the individuals. Payworld is an excellent income-generating platform where you can build your career by investing low amounts. However, the amount varies for every service and business, but our company believes in earning more by investing less. We would like to show our gratitude and acknowledgement to our administration for involving the BC Agents in our organization. These agents have stepped forward to take the initiative of supplying essential financial services to the Indian citizens in these difficult times. The most amazing factor of Payworld is that it operates through a large network of 50,000+ BC Agents who always assure to offer financial aid and service to over 25 Million numbers of clients all over India, who will hopefully stay unaffected and untouched in this pandemic. Our company enables all the users to start their business by investing in the lowest possible amount. Today the online business is much easier than traditional trade in terms of time. Payworld ensures smooth functioning of the online business by eliminating all kinds of risks, making online transactions safe and secured. The commission structure of the Payworld agent is different for every service, but it guarantees high commission and profit to every retailer. The margins are a priority for all retailers. The commissions of the retailers significantly depend on the number of transactions made on behalf of your customers. If you are a Payworld agent, then every time a customer uses Payworld services through your portal provides your commission. Hence to increase your commission, you have to make a lot of cash transactions through your registered Payworld portal e.g Payworld offers the commission of approximately 0.5% to3% on mobile recharges which means the retailers earn 50 paise-Rs3/ on one transaction. This margin process depends on the number of transactions done by retailers. Higher the number of transactions, higher the commission earned. Payworld stands firmly on the ground in terms of facilitating and educating countless individuals about financial services and procedures. We, as a team, want to ensure that the services provided by our corporation will operate in the most efficient manner throughout this pandemic and will also guide our clients appropriately in these tough times. We request every single person to stay in their homes and lead a healthy and safe life since the lives of our clients are of utmost importance to us.