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With availability of seats instantly and flexible travel timings, a large number of population in India chooses Bus for their travelling purpose. This is why Payworld offers its retailers to book bus ticket for all major routes across India. Currently Payworld allows over 1.3 lakhs routes to be booked through the portal. This service provides best-in-class features like Choose your seat, Online cancellation & Instant refunds to our retailers with best payouts on every booking. All the major government operators are also available on the Payworld platform.


All major Govt. (RTC’s) & Private bus operators integrated at one place

All classes available, Normal Non-AC/ Deluxe-AC / Volvo & Double axel

Instant refunds on cancellation

Best in the industry commission


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1. Why is becoming a bus ticket agent a good idea?
A bus ticketing agent not only manages the retail portion of selling bus tickets but he/she also deals with the planning of travel schedules for their customers as well as providing them with the best, and cheap travel routes to reach their destination. Bus ticket agents need to be familiar with all the schedules and must be able to answer any query of their customers concerning the travel timings, layovers, etc.  Payworld allows retailers to become an authorized bus ticket booking agent and start their own travel business. The primary requirement for becoming a travel agent for bus booking with Payworld is a simple bus booking agent registration.   The complete process of becoming a bus ticket booking agent is hassle-free with amazing benefits of easy ticket cancellation, efficient and secured bus ticket booking, and excellent technical support.
2. What are the benefits of becoming a bus ticketing agent?
There are several benefits associated with becoming a bus ticket agent. Some of these benefits are mentioned below,    1) Availability of booking tickets online   A bus ticket booking agent can offer the best services to his/her customers after comparing all the operators and book tickets online with the help of instant live booking.  2) Wide range of services  As mentioned earlier, the work of a bus ticket agent is not limited to booking tickets. He/she can offer several other services and thus increase earnings from these services, which gives room for income growth.  3) A mobile travel agency  With the availability of the online booking of bus tickets, an agent can easily run his agency from anywhere. 4) Future-oriented business  The travel business has been growing gradually over the years and thus holds a number of job opportunities. A bus ticketing agent can utilize this opportunity to expand his/her business and give a boost to the business.  5) Easy bus ticket agent registration The process of becoming a bus ticket agent is very simple. The only requirement is to purchase the Bus Ticketing service after uploading the required document one can start Bus ticketing instantly.
3. Why choose Payworld for a bus ticketing agent?
Travelling by bus is a favoured option among the public because of the instant availability of seats and also because it is a cheaper travel option. Payworld offers all his retailers to book tickets for their customers for all the major routes in the country. Currently, Payworld manages bus ticket booking with agents for more than 1.3 lakhs of bus routes across the country.  Payworld provides best-in-class features which include choosing your own seat, online cancellation of your booking, and instant refund on ticket cancellation to the retailer and earning a great commission on every booking. All the major government operators are also available on Payworld platform.
4. What are the benefits of becoming a Payworld bus ticketing agent?
Payworld offers several benefits to bus ticket booking agents. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below,  1) Payworld offers services of bus ticket booking for all the major Government (RTCs) and other private bus operators.  2) Payworld offers instant refund to the bus ticket agent on cancellation of any ticket.  3) Choose your seat as per your preference at the time of booking. 4) All kinds of seats and buses are available at Payworld, such as normal non-AC/ deluxe AC/ Volvo and double axel premium.  5) Payworld offers the best commission to the retailers. 6) Additional Mark-up facility available for retailers for additional earnings.
5. How does Payworld India commission structure work?
It is only Payworld that offers the retailers an option to start and survive in the online business with just a smartphone and internet connection. They provide a unique business opportunity to all the retailers who want to earn more money with the least investment. However, sustaining an online business is not that easy as the hurdles involved in online business are more than any other traditional offline business. Therefore, the business of booking bus tickets with agents can encounter many challenges and need to make crucial decisions at the right time. It is only Payworld India that has made it possible to start earning money with an investment as low as Rs.100 in case of Bus bookings. Now whenever a customer uses a bus agent for booking tickets  from the company's retail touch point, the agent receives some commission. With each Payworld service, every time a customer pays for their services, the agent for bus booking automatically earns a certain amount of commission that is redirected to their bank account. However, the Payworld has a specific commission structure for all the services. Take, for instance, when a Retailer books a Bus ticket from Payworld he must remember that higher the number of sales, higher will be the gained commission he can earn up-to 7% commission on his bookings that may vary depending on the operator booked. With Payworld, they can also opt for other services like mobile recharge, DTH recharge with no extra activation cost. Apart from the bus agent booking, they can also avail other services, such as money transfer, railway e-ticket, bill payments, air e-ticket reservation, etc. This is because they need to increase their trading limit by using other online modes of payment, like net banking and debit cards.
6. Tell me more about Payworld.
Started with an objective to provide a protected and user friendly platform for the millions of users that comprise the Semi Urban India, Payworld is a pioneering financial service program. Having commenced its operations way back in 2006, the Fintech company has generated its presence with an amazing network of over 250,000 retailers. Covering up 630 of the 739 districts in India, the Payworld network is unmatched in the country. As imposing as the network may appear, the bouquet of services on offer by Payworld is much more fantastic. From Mobile & DTH Recharge to Insurance policies, Loans & Mutual Funds; from BBPS Bill payments to AEPS and domestic money remittances; it features the entire gamut of financial services a semi urban Indian might demand. Another feather in the cover of the company is the fact that their network of over 50,000 BC agents, treated as essential service providers in these challenging times, are always keeping the financial necessities of the residents of India achieved. Offering a staggering 25 million clients in such trying times in an uninterrupted way is a huge accomplishment in itself. Having pride in helping their countrymen, the team is fully dedicated to provide services wherever required.