Payworld Help Building A More Equitable And Inclusive Society

As the world experienced a sudden halt after the pandemic, it is now proceeding towards a ‘new normal’ economic climate. Leaders in the financial industry have the chance to endorse a more direct, personalized, and socially responsible approach to performing fundamental roles. In fiscal year 2022, India made digital payments worth Rs. 7,422 crore at a growth rate of 33%. This shows that the use of UPI on a monthly basis in particular has almost doubled in the last year. While the world economy took a hit, many cash dominated businesses are transitioning to a cashless economy that leads the world, courtesy of Payworld. Many rural areas still rely on cash and are unable to access new-age financial services. Payworld reaches out to the corners of the country, giving them hassle-free access to these services, i.e. bank-less services, to rural areas where the banks are unable to reach. As a result, Payworld fosters an equitable relationship between both rural and urban communities.

Payworld provides services ranging from AEPS, MR, mATM to mobile, DTH recharges and insurances to the areas where these services were considered an inconvenience before. It reaches out to the nation with all banking amenities at their fingertips. Payworld’s mATM service lets you withdraw cash from any location without having to reach a bank. In the digital age, online transactions have become the societal norm. Transactions can be made anywhere, anytime with Payworld’s Money Transfer service. All you need to do is select a mATM device, upload necessary documents, pair the device on service activation and just start transitioning. You do not need to have to travel distances for these services, which makes it equitable for all the people nationwide. Be it a small transition to a vendor or a large one, payworld takes care of it all. In return, retailers receive a commission for transactions made on their behalf. So, retailers and customers alike can benefit from across the board services, ensuring easy and safe transitions from retailers to customers. Payworld too takes care of all your business needs, and treats all businesses with the resources and respect they deserve. Payworld’s mainframe allows small businesses to access services previously available only to large corporations. Therefore, equal importance is being given to both urban and rural businesses in society.

A number of problems plague people living in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, including difficulties making cash payments and understanding how to use new age services. Payworld understands the business and financial requirements of both the retailer and the customer, whether big or small. These new-age financial features have been unavailable to the rural segment and people are unaware of these concepts. Now Payworld’s easy-to-use and hassle-free services make it the largest network of banking that is spread across the country, making it the most inclusive society in business. Previously complicated services have now become easy to use, leading to an increase in financial literacy across the country. Hence, a prosperous future for our economy.

This country is all about equality, and equality is crucial to reach full potential growth. Payworld makes a commitment to the people of the country to help them make significant financial growth and takes a step towards a new digital India. Despite the fact that digital money transfers seem impossible in rural places, Payworld has helped in the expansion of digitizing transitions in those areas. At Payworld, we have given heed to approx. 100 million transactions through our 400,000+ active retail touch-points spread across the country. At this rate, covert areas will acquire financial knowledge, which will significantly increase growth. In the wake of the economic recovery, consumers and retailers need to go digital, which is not only an easy solution but also one that is critical. Take a part in the revolution that makes fair and impartial payments on one platform with the new evolving digital India.