Insurance Services

Life Insurance

Life insurance agents are authorised experts who sell insurance policies on behalf of insurance companies. They may work independently and sell insurances from a wide range of companies. A life insurance agent is a person who is an expert in finding clients and meeting all their monetary requirements that may vastly range from income protection for the loved ones in case of an untimely death, hassle-free asset transfer from an estate after death to saving for retirement in the best possible tax-efficient manner.


Shop Insurance

Shop insurance is a specific type of policy specifically designed for all the shop owners so that their shop’s property and all its contents remain safe under insurance coverage. There are many insurance policy options available for small to medium-sized shops which cover burglary and any other mishaps that may also include unavoidable natural calamities, fire, etc. Shopkeeper insurance provides only coverage against any significant mishaps that most of the small or medium-sized shops are most likely to encounter within their life.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most crucial insurances under the financial sectors known as Property and casualty (P&C) insurance. They are responsible for assisting you if you plan to own a home and help you get a clear idea about all the terms and conditions involved in home insurance. It is essential to get in touch with a home insurance agent who will help an individual understand the complexities buried within your policy. Home insurance agents generally work for a specific company, and their responsibility involves making people understand the various clauses and requirements of their home insurance policy.

Health Insurance

A healthcare/medical insurance agent is a professional who sells insurance and healthcare products to potential customers. These agents find the respective clients and offer them the most-suitable insurance plans as per their needs and requirements. A medical insurance agent is a person who provides you with information regarding various insurance plans and also helps clients enroll for a health insurance plan.

Travel Insurance

If you want to know how to become a travel agent, then you are in the right place. A travel agent primarily facilitates planning and making travel arrangements for clients (individual, groups, corporation). Travel agents simplify the whole process of planning the entire trip according to the customers’ needs. Travel agents can be self-employed, he/she can work for an independent travel agency or be a part of a travel service provider company such as Payworld. They can help people with different types of trips – be it business, leisure travel or location-specific journeys.

Vehicle Insurance

A vehicle insurance agent’s role is to sell vehicle insurance products to clients and customers. A motor vehicle insurance agent helps customers to select the right vehicle insurance plan while considering all the needs and requirements of the customer. The role of a vehicle insurance agent is to explain all the terms and conditions as well as details related to the insurance policy such as insurance coverage, insurance limitation and similar concepts.