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Insurance is the most efficient way to keep yourself and your family secured from any kind of danger. This is why Payworld offers LIC Micro Insurance facility. Any customer who needs insurance can visit their nearest Payworld retailer outlet and purchase insurance according to their needs. With LIC, live a secure life and secure others too.

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1. Why is becoming a LIC Insurance agent a good idea?
The primary role of a LIC insurance agent is to advise his/her customers about the importance of Life Insurance Planning, which covers the whole family from any unexpected life event such as death, disability or in case of retirement of the breadwinner of the family.   LIC agents also play a significant role in our nation's economic growth. Part of the money collected by a LIC insurance agent is utilized for National Development Activities such as the construction of roads, railways, bridges, etc.   Payworld offers the facility of LIC Micro Insurance that enables customers to visit the nearest Payworld retailer outlet and purchase insurance as per their needs. Since all the LIC Micro Insurance agents are registered at Payworld portal, every time a customer searches for the keyword "LIC Micro Insurance Agent near me"; they can quickly locate the nearest Payworld’s LIC Micro Insurance agent.   Payworld offers agents to start their own LIC Micro Insurance business with a negligible amount.
2. How to become a LIC Micro Insurance Agent?
There are many perks enjoyed by a LIC insurance agent such as flexibility of working hours, independence and much more. Therefore, it attracts many youngsters to take up this profession. There are some steps mentioned below that will help you understand how to become a LIC Micro insurance agent with Payworld.  
  1. Reach out the nearest Payworld office with all the required documents.  
  2. Payworld will conduct online training to prepare you for this role.  
  3. After the completion of this training, you are authorized to work as a LIC Micro Insurance agent and sell insurances to customers.  
  4. You will be provided with a unique LIC Micro agent login registration ID. This LIC Micro agent login will help you to keep track of all the transactions. 
To become a successful LIC Micro Insurance agent with Payworld, the primary requirement will be to fulfil the eligibility criteria;  
  1. Candidate should be a resident of India.  
  2. Minimum age to apply is 18-years.  
  3. PAN card.  
  4. Aadhaar card. 
  5. Must have a registered bank account.
  6. A fair understanding of online transactions is essential. 
  7.  Minimum qualification should be 10th
3. What does a LIC insurance agent do?
The role of a LIC Insurance agent is to help the potential customers navigate through the whole process of buying life insurances. When you search for the keyword "LIC agent near to me", you will find a long list of LIC agents that can help you throughout the process of understanding and buying lifetime insurance. A LIC agent can help save your time and money and provide expert advice.
4. What are the benefits of becoming a LIC Insurance agent?
There are several benefits associated with the work of a LIC insurance agent. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:
  1. You can help people fulfill their financial goals and thus make a difference in their life. This is a very satisfying job with several rewards such as flexible work hours, independence, high income and many others. 
  2. You get to be mentored and work with the finest team of life insurance agents of the country and thus develop critical skills and abilities. This helps you to explore your inner abilities and refine your set of skills with the best guidance. 
  3. As a LIC agent, you get the freedom to be your boss and make money for yourself. You not only take care of your current earning but also get to secure your future earnings. 
  4. You can offer a different combination of products to your customers as per their requirements and convenient financial stability. 
  5. You will be provided with an unmatched financial strength after you become a LIC agent.
5. What are the benefits offered at Payworld?
Payworld offers multiple service benefits for those who want to become LIC Micro Insurance agents. Some of these benefits are mentioned below,  1) Payworld offers the lowest premiums to its agents.  2) Payworld believes in the concept of "Invest less, Earn more". With Payworld, you get a handsome margin on the sale of every insurance.
6. How does Payworld commission structure work for retailers?
Payworld provides a commission-based business opportunity for LIC Micro Insurance agents to earn money with minimum investment. A customer can make transactions by visiting any nearby Payworld retail points and paying in cash for the services they want. Payworld allows agents to start their business with as low as Rs, 1000 only. Payworld solemnly believes in 'Invest Less, Earn More'. However, while setting up your business online requires undertaking many challenges and decisions at crucial times.     Though, the barriers for entering into the online markets are much lower than that of traditional businesses. The margins are a priority for all the retailers looking for an opportunity for starting a business online. Payworld offers one such opportunity to LIC Micro insurance agents to help them dwell into the digital or online business.     One can start their LIC Microinsurance business with Payworld with just a smartphone and internet connectivity. You can choose different cash handling services as per the request of the customer. In the initial times, only mobile recharge and DTH recharge services were available without any activation cost. And in case one wants to avail other services, an activation fee has to be paid. Every time a customer uses Payworld services, the respective retailer earns a considerable amount of the transaction as a LIC Micro insurance commission.    The LIC Micro insurance commission structure at Payworld is one of a kind for the various services it offers. For instance, if an agent is doing recharge for Rs. 100 for a customer, then about 10% - 20% of the amount is earned by the retailer as a commission for the recharge done. This means the retailer gains Rs 10 to Rs 20 on one transaction of Rs. 100. Payworld offers the best LIC insurance commission for retailers. Therefore, more the number of sales, higher will the commission earned by the retailer.   Insurance agents earn a commission of around 10-20%.
7. Tell me more about Payworld.
Payworld is a Fintech company that commenced its business operations in the year 2006. It is a business enterprise that provides financial aid to the Semi-Urban inhabitants of India. It handles a diverse area of the network, comprising 2,50,000 retailers across 630 zones in India. On average, it performs day-to-day business deals of 2,00,000 and above. Payworld is a very dynamic source of business that provides a range in its operations, as well as professional services that include Money Remittances, AEPS, BPPS, Bill Payments, Mobile, Recharges, DTH Recharges, and more. The services further grow to a greater level that includes the headings of Mutual Funds, Insurance policies, Loans, etc. It facilitates the objective of giving financial inclusion and assistance to the individuals. We would like to show our gratitude and acknowledgement to our Government for involving the BC Agents in our organization. All these agents have stepped forward to take the initiative of offering essential financial services to the Indian people in these challenging times. The most amazing element of Payworld is that it runs through a large network of 50,000+ BC Agents who always guarantee to supply the financial aid and service to over 25 Million numbers of customers throughout India, who will hopefully continue being unaffected and untouched throughout this pandemic. Payworld stands firmly on the ground when it comes to facilitating as well as educating millions of individuals about financial services and operations. We, as a team, would like to ensure that the professional services supplied by our organization will function in the most efficient and efficacious manner throughout this pandemic and will also guide our customers appropriately in these tough times. We request each and every individual to reside in their homes and lead a safe and healthy life since the lives of our customers are of utmost importance to us.