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About Cash Management System

At Payworld, our commitment to offering accessible, reliable, and secure cash management services has made us the preferred choice for NBFCs, MFIs, and cab aggregators nationwide. We understand the importance of efficient cash flow management, and our extensive network of retail outlets ensures that customers can make their EMI payments with ease and peace of mind. Once the payment is complete, customers receive a payment confirmation message on their registered mobile number. This immediate confirmation not only reassures customers but also enhances their trust in the payment process.

Service Benefits

Attractive Margins

Quick Activation

Auto Fetch details

Instant Settlements

Options to Collect 350+ Collections

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1. Can I submit a ”Bulk Collection” of agents?

Yes, you can submit a bulk collection to PayWorld Retailer.

2. How Quickly Does the CMS Activate?

The CMS activation is instant. As soon as you complete the registration process, your CMS account is ready for use. No waiting – you can start managing your cash flow right away!

3. When Will My Cash Transactions Be Reflected in the CMS?s offer?

Your cash transactions in the CMS are reflected instantly once they are processed. There are no delays; it's as quick as that!

4. What Types of Cash Transactions Are Supported by the CMS?

The CMS supports a wide range of cash transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and more. It's a versatile tool for managing your cash efficiently, ensuring your financial operations run smoothly.

5. Does PayWorld Offer Partial Payment Options?

Yes, PayWorld provides the flexibility of partial bill payment, allowing you to pay a portion of your bill if needed.