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1. Who is an electricity bill payment agent?
An electricity bill payment agent is the touchpoint for customers for various bill payment services. These agents help their customers to pay all their bills on time. Electricity bill payment agents are present at retail touchpoints and can accept payment from their customers in cash or through an online payment. These agents make use of online platforms to pay their customers' bills. This is an efficient, secure, instant, and time-saving method. The electricity bill payment agents have been beneficial, especially in rural areas where people aren't much aware of online payment services and thus require such agents to pay their bills on time and save the hassle.
2. How to become an electricity bill payment agent?

User registration for an electricity bill payment agent is essential for becoming an electricity bill payment agent. This registration authorizes an agent to provide all the bill payment services to its customer.     Essential Documents to be submitted along with the registration form are as follows,  

  1. Aadhaar card.  
  2. Copy of PAN card  
  3. Proof of residence  
  4. A couple of passport size photographs  

 The eligibility criteria for one to become an authorized electricity bill payment agent is as follows,  

  1. The applicant must be a resident of India.  
  2. He/she should have attained the age of 18 years before applying for this role.  
  3. Applicants should have a valid proof of residence.  

Other requirements for starting a bill payment business includes an internet-connected PC and a printer.

3. How to become an electricity bill payment agent with Payworld?
To activate your bill payment service with Payworld, you need to follow the following mentioned steps, Sign-up as a Payworld retailer at the official website of Payworld. Upload all the necessary documents mentioned above, such as Aadhaar card, copy of PAN card, etc. Your free BBPS plan will get activated once you register yourself. Electricity bill payment agents will be provided with a unique login ID from where they can make all the payments and keep a record of all the transactions. Start your business by making bill payments for your customers. This is how to become an electricity bill payment agent with Payworld. After registering yourself with Payworld, an agent enjoys several benefits such as flexible work hours, high commission on electricity bill payment, increased footfall, and so on.
4. What are the benefits of becoming an electricity bill payment agent?

There are many benefits enjoyed by an electricity bill payment agent. A single login is enough to make all the payments for their customers, convenient and instant methods of bill payment, etc.  Some other essential benefits associated with the work of an electricity bill payment agent are mentioned below :

  1. Agents have complete authority over all the transactions, and they can decide their work hours. They can also choose when to make all the payments and have a flexible work schedule. 
  2. Starting an online electricity bill payment business is very pocket friendly. The only requirements are a computer/laptop, an internet connection, and a printer. An agent can also start a bill payment business from the comforts and convenience of his/her home. 
  3. The commission earned on every bill payment is credited to the retailer's account. This ensures transparency and makes the whole process quick and hassle-free.
5. What are the benefits offered at Payworld?
  • Payworld offers several service benefits to its agents. Some of these benefits include the following, 
    1. Payworld offers a secured Government ecosystem to pay all kinds of bills. 
    2. Payworld provides instant payment confirmation of all the transactions. Thus, it's easier to keep track of the transaction in real-time. 
    3. Payworld allows it’s agents to accept bill payments in cash or via online mode. 
    4. Payworld has a very user-friendly portal. Agents can easily find all the necessary information on the portal. 
    5. Payworld also offers customer services in case of any doubts or queries. These customer services are available in multiple languages as well. 
    6. Attractive convenience fee charges on every transaction are offered to agents. 
    7. Payworld offers retailers to earn extra income as a commission on electricity bill payment.
6. How does Payworld commission structure work?

Payworld provides a unique business opportunity to agents where they can earn money at meagre investment rates by simply doing a simple agent registration. Payworld allows agents to start their business with a negligible investment of Rs 1000 only. Payworld has always believed in the concept of 'Invest Less, Earn More'. Though starting your own business of electricity bill payment can involve a lot of challenges and difficult decisions concerning your business. The benefit of starting an online business is that the barriers are low as compared to that of the traditional practices.      Payworld aims to help the agents to use every opportunity to dwell into digital or online marketing. All you need is smartphone and internet connectivity to do a registration. You can choose different cash handling services as per the request of the customer. In the initial times, only mobile recharge and DTH recharge services were available without any activation cost. And in case one wants to avail other services, an activation fee must be paid.         The process of agent registration with Payworld is straightforward. This registration allows agents to use online payment methods such as net banking and debit cards and can help the agent to increase the trading limit and never miss out on any business opportunity. Every time a customer uses Payworld services for electricity bill payment services, the respective agent earns a considerable amount of the transaction as commission.     The electricity bill payment commission structure at Payworld is one of a kind for the various services it offers. For instance, if an agent is doing a transaction of Rs.100 for a customer, then approximately 4% of the amount is earned by the agent as an electricity bill payment commission. This means the agent earns Rs 4 on each transaction of Rs. 100. Therefore, more the number of sales, higher will the electricity bill payment commission earned by the agent.

7. Tell me more about Payworld.
Payworld is a Fintech corporation that commenced its business operations in 2006. It is a business enterprise that provides financial aid to the Semi-Urban inhabitants of India. It handles a wide area of the network, comprising 2,50,000 retailers across 630 districts in India. On average, it performs daily business transactions of 2,00,000 and above. Payworld is a very dynamic source of business that provides a range in its operations and professional services that include Money Remittances, AEPS, BPPS, Bill Payments, Mobile Recharges, DTH REcharges, and more. Its services further grow to a greater level that features the headings of Mutual Funds, Insurance policies, Loans, and so on. It facilitates the objective of giving financial addition and help to the individuals. We would like to show our gratitude and acknowledgement to the Governing administration for involving the BC Agents in our organization. All these agents have stepped forward to accept the initiative of providing essential financial services to the Indian people in these difficult times. The most remarkable factor of Payworld is that it runs through a big network of 50,000+ BC Agents who always assure to provide financial aid and service to over 25 Million numbers of consumers all around India, who will hopefully stay unaffected and untouched throughout this pandemic. Payworld stands firmly on the ground when it comes to supporting and educating countless individuals about financial services and operations. We, as a team, want to make sure that the services supplied by our organization will operate in the most efficient and efficacious manner throughout this pandemic and will also guide our clients appropriately in these tough times. We request every single person to stay in their houses and lead a healthy and safe life as the lives of our consumers are of utmost importance to us.