Standing in Long Queues is the Thing of Past – Authorised IRCTC e-Ticketing Agent at Your Rescue!

    Many of us can recall train journeys with the stellar scenic views and bursts of exuberance! But the process of booking your 12-coach trip? Not so much. As we are wary, the India Railway Catering and Tourism Cooperation, commonly known as the IRCTC, is one of the country's primary modes of ticketing. While many travellers have the convenience of relaxing on their couch when deciding between the A/C or the NON A/C coach; a substantial part of the population does not have access to such luxury. With the lack of internet savviness, booking tickets online becomes challenging.
    The Hurdles of Physical Ticketing
    The Infamous Queue
    A never-ending booking line, humid weather and the hopes of making it before the attendants resolve for a lunch break. Tatkal railway ticket bookings? An added inconvenience. While pre-bookings options are none, the first come first serve basis leaves travellers waiting in lines for countless hours. Leaving early and arriving back home late, is an added pre-event when it comes to railway bookings before the actual journey even commences.
    Limited Counters, Longer Waiting Times
    With a limited number of counters for railway bookings, lines keep extending, and the clock keeps ticking. Keeping your day-to-day tasks on hold just for ticket bookings' sole purpose not only sounds unreasonable but is also too tiring! With only 24 hours to spare in a day, travellers could instead be utilising excess time to pack and prep!
    Online Payment Issues
    Digital transactions are a newfound convenience. So are e-Tickets. Given the stage of internet and education penetration in the country, many travellers are set to experience their first few times of transacting through POS and net banking while booking. The lack of technical know-how puts them in a state of anticipation, inhibiting them from trying new modes of ticket bookings. This is a common issue in semi-urban and rural parts of the country where there still exists a stigma around digital money.
    Dangling Internet Connection
    In the absence of data/signal, the anxiousness of being moved out of line and being asked to wait can feel pretty stressful, especially after making it through a long cue.
    Payworld Is Helping Tackle These Challenges
    Payworld is bridging the gap by allowing travellers to book tickets instantly at retail outlets through their retailers who act as authorised rail e-ticket agents.
    Booking tickets and available information are made easy for these local retailers who are provided with in-depth guides and easy user interfaces by Payworld. These agents have been sanctioned by IRCTC and can reserve tickets for you. With over 7,000 IRCTC e-ticketing agents across India courtesy Payworld, these IRCTC agents accept cash and a card for every successful booking making it an ideal solution for those who do not know about the ins and outs of online bookings and transactions.
    Payworld has also rolled out the option to book tickets conveniently at any time through the Payworld portal in alliance with IRCTC allowing its retailers to become authorised IRCTC e-ticket agents and book train tickets as per IRCTC guidelines. This portal service is open 24X7 for the customers.
    Benefits of Being an Authorised IRCTC Rail E-Ticket Agent Courtesy Payworld
    There are lots of advantages of being appointed as a Rail E-Ticketing Agent with Payworld. There exists unlimited business potential being an authorised Payworld IRCTC agent. By setting up your services as a mediator between the customer and the IRCTC booking system, you open yourself up to higher profit margins per booking! Additionally, a regular source of income can be initiated at nominal investment. With zero charges incurred in setting up infrastructure for your agent services, you can jump onto the track of regularised earnings.
    Note: As per government reports a railway booking agent with an IRCTC agent login earns high commissions on every ticket booked.
    Here's How You Can Become an Authorised Rail e-Ticket Agent With Payworld
    The process of becoming an IRCTC E-Ticketing agent with Payworld is extremely simple. To get started, visit the Payworld website, fill in your necessary information, and upload a copy of the PAN & AADHAR card.
    Once you have completed the set procedures, sit back and anticipate a call from Payworld support to continue and complete remaining formalities. That's it! You’re all set.