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    Air travel is not a high-end form of travelling as it used to be. Instead it is now seen as the fastest and cheapest way to travel. Booking International and Domestic air tickets for customers is very easy with Payworld Portal. As a retailer, you get the lowest flight fares, coupon fares, GDS fares, and corporate fares to offer your customers. This service comes with 24X7 customer support on hassle free cancellation, refunds and modifications of air tickets. We offer our retailers the best commission on booking of every International or Domestic Flight ticket.

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    1. What does an Air Ticketing Agent do?
    An air ticket agent acts as the middleman between passengers and the airline and is specialized to take care of all ticket booking needs of their customers. With the airline industry being a booming industry, the demand for specialized air ticketing agents has been on the rise. A flight ticket agent is a professional whose key role is to facilitate booking flights for his/her customers and interact with them directly about their related queries. An airline ticket agent is also responsible for managing and handling reservations for their potential customers. Other responsibilities of a flight ticket agent revolve around post-sales service such as Reschedules, Cancellations, Special requests, collecting payments, travel document verification and more.
    2. How to become an Airline Ticket Agent?
    The procedure of becoming an air ticket travel agent is very simple with Payworld as there are no complexities involved in it. People with minimal educational background can also successfully become an air ticket agent with Payworld’s user-friendly interface. People having a smartphone or a PC/Laptop with basic knowledge as a user may easily start his/her own Travel business. The requirements for becoming an air ticket agent are listed below. a) Have basic computer skills and knowledge: The basic requirement to become an air ticket agent is to have a smartphone, PC or Laptop with internet connectivity. The individual should also possess some basic usage knowledge of the computer and internet as most of us have nowadays after Smartphones entry. b) Minimal educational qualifications required: The requirements of becoming an airline ticket agent have eased a lot as this field does not demand any special education degree or qualification. People with very basic or minimal educational qualifications can also become a flight agent without facing any problems or difficulties. c) Customer Service skills: Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, an air ticket booking agent should also possess basic customer service skills in order to facilitate their customer’s requirements related to Air Ticketing, Cancellations, Reschedules & emails. While dealing with your customers, you should be able to communicate with them in an effective yet friendly manner. d) Plan Activation is necessary: You can start your Travel business instantly the only requirement is to get the Air Ticketing Plan activated on your ID after which you need to simply upload the basic documents (Aadhar & PAN) and you are all set to go.
    3. What are the advantages of becoming an Air Ticket Booking Agent?

    Several advantages and benefits of becoming an air ticket agent include:

    • Minimum investment: The most prominent advantage of Payworld’s Air Ticketing that helps anyone becoming an air ticket agent is the Zero risks & minimum investment (Only Plan Purchase cost to be paid) you may refer to the Plans & services section to check the best offers on Air ticketing service Plans, you can grow your business and earn extra profits and start earning up-to 30,000 PM.
    • Flexibility in working hours: Being an air ticket agent also allows you to be flexible with your business hours and also to conduct your business part-time. You can be a business assistant and can work as an air ticket agent simultaneously. You can decide your work hours and carry out your business operations accordingly. 
    • Increase your Profitability: Payworld offers best in the industry commissions to its partners. This is the reason that the Payworld family is growing every minute as more people engage themselves with this business.
    • Business on the Go: Payworld’s Air ticketing service is not limited to Web/PC as our partners have the mobility of business where they can easily access their Retailer account via Payworld’s Mobile App so you can always continue with your business from anywhere & everywhere. The business must go on if you are with Payworld.

    An individual can enjoy all these benefits and advantages of becoming an airline ticket agent by simply getting associated with Payworld as we have made this simple for you. In case of any confusion and doubts about how to become an airline ticket agent, You shall give us a call on our customer care Helpline we are always there to help you.

    4. What are the benefits of becoming an Air Ticket Agent with Payworld?

    Now that you have an idea on how to become an air ticket agent, here’s why Payworld is the best choice of most of the Partners across India when it comes to Air Ticketing business -

    • Best deals available on all the Domestic and International Airlines: One of the most noteworthy benefits at PayworldIndia is that the airfares are very low in case of domestic as well as international flights when compared to other companies.
    • The benefit of absolutely ZERO Convenience fees on all fares: Payworld does not charge any convenience fees on the Airfares as other OTA’s are charging. This gives the direct cost-benefit to our Ticketing agent as it gets added to their margins.
    • Best in the industry commissions: Payworld provides best in the industry commissions to its air ticketing agents, providing them with an opportunity to earn big with their air ticketing business.
    • Hassle-free online Cancellation and Rescheduling: cancellation & reissue are that simple; they only require 3 clicks. Our user interface is geared in a way to facilitate easy business that an air ticket agent will seldom face any complications and difficulties in rescheduling as well as online booking of tickets on our platform.
    • 24X7 Round the clock Customer Support: At Payworld, we completely believe in achieving the highest customer satisfaction. Our team is always available to help you with running your air ticketing business smoothly by having 24X7 support for Air Ticketing service.
    • Special Fares & Coupon Fares: With Payworld the agents will enjoy the benefits of Special & coupon fares that are being offered online through our Portal available to book. These fares are from limited inventory and are generally 10% lower than the real-time online fares.
    5. How does the Payworld commission structure work for an Air Ticketing Agent?
    With Payworld, the answers to your questions of how to become an air ticket agent and how does the commission structure work for a flight agent are very clear and simple. Our company believes in giving employment opportunities to hundreds and thousands of individuals who want to make their careers in the field of air ticketing agent and more. Payworld is a business platform which ensures its users, huge profits and high commissions with very low investments. Payworld is a boon to all the professionals who want to commence their carriers but do not have much amount to invest. We firmly believe in the policy of “Invest Less and Earn More”. We allow individuals to start their business with just Rs.100 also. Payworld is a digital online platform for business and career opportunities for many people. It removes all the obstacles and complications of online business and makes it simpler and easier for our users. You just need to possess a smartphone with good net connectivity in order to get on board with Payworld. You can start your services as per customer demands. However, before availing any Payworld services, one is required to pay an activation fee and obtain an agent registration with our company. Payworld also gives you the option for increasing your trading limit with your customers by making online payments through Debit Cards, Net Banking, etc. The commission structure of Payworld guarantees high commissions to retailers/agents. Whenever a customer uses Payworld services through your retailer portal, then Payworld also provides you with a certain transaction amount as commission. For every service, there is a particular commission structure. One such example that every flight booking you do through Payworld, you will be able to earn up-to 5%* commission on base fare that varies as per the Airlines. To ensure huge commissions, the number of tickets booked by the customers should be more. Higher your flight bookings, higher will be your commission.
    6. Tell me more about Payworld India.
    Payworld is among the most trusted Fintech company that is recognized for providing assisted financial services to the citizens of India. Payworld started its operation in 2006, and as of now, it has a network system of more than 250,000 retailers 630 districts located all across India. As reported by the recent reports, more than 200,000 transactions are performed every day with the aid of this platform. Through the help of Payworld, users can offer services like AEPS, Money Remittances, Mobile and DTH recharges, BBPS Bill Payments, Loans, Insurances, Mutual Funds, and many other professional services. At Payworld, we are currently operating extremely challenging to further accelerate financial inclusion in India. And to a fantastic extent, we now have already been productive in attaining that objective. This is why we wish to give thanks to the Government of India for including BC air ticket travel agents as organizations who are allowed to help the citizens all across the nation through crucial financial services in such difficult situations. As of this moment, we certainly have over 50,000 BC flight agents who help us in providing financial services to over 25 million individuals. We only want to keep on supplying uninterrupted and unaffected professional services to all our customers, even just in such trying times. We at Payworld are going through great lengths to stand along with the individuals of this incredible country in these difficult times. This is why we all only want to assure all our clients that we will continue to provide smooth and effective services. As our final words, we hope that everybody is in their homes, safe and sound, and completely healthy.