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About Smart POS Device

Introducing the Smart POS

Your gateway to effortless cash withdrawal services. This compact, user-friendly device allows retailers to provide instant cash withdrawals by simply swiping any bank’s debit or credit card. With this cutting-edge solution, convenience is at your fingertips, offering your customers seamless access to their funds, anytime and anywhere. Make financial transactions easier than ever with the Smart POS.

Cash Widthdrawal

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Service Benefits

Quick Activation

Support all debit and credit cards

Safe and secure

Zero Rental

Attractive Commission

How to get started with your Smart POS

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1. Do you charge any rental fees?

No, we do not charge any rental fees.

2. What are the MDR charges to facilitate the POS transaction.

The lowest charges start at Rs. 1.69+GST

3.Do I get margins while doing transactions through Smart POS?

Yes, you will get margins on each withdrawal.

4. How much battery backup does Super POS provide?

The Super POS device offers a battery backup of approximately 5-6 days with its advanced battery, though the actual duration may vary depending on usage patterns and conditions.

5. Can I use it with my phone or PC?

Yes, it is compatible with both phones and PCs.