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About Indo Nepal Remittance

Sending funds to your loved ones in Nepal becomes effortless. 

With our user-friendly service, you can transfer funds quickly and easily to your family and near ones in Nepal. Our service allows you to send money beyond banking hours, and the recipient’s bank account will be credited within a short time. We offer competitive pricing and reliable support for any issues you may encounter during the process. 

Choose PayWorld for swift, reliable, and hassle-free money transfers that prioritize your needs. Your trust is our priority.

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Features & Benefits

Fast and Convenient process

Secure and Reliable platform

Wide Network that helps to cater every customer s demands

Higher Margin with Low Transaction charges

Multiple Transfer Options such as Cash Pickup and Account Deposit

Earn more than Rs 30,000 per month (Subject to Footfall).

Sender's Amount Limit : 3 Lakh Yearly

Sender's Txn Limit Daily 3 Txn Monthly 5 Txn .) , Yearly 6 Txn

Unique selling Preposition (USP) of Indo Nepal Remittance

Easy and Quick Activation Process

Hassle free transaction

Easy Compatible Mobile and Web Based

Quick Settlement f or Cash Pick ups

Secure and Reliable Interface

Attractive Margins rates

Best in class Training

Support for Business Expansion

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E-Govt. Service


What are the documents required to Activate the service ?

Self Attested copy of Aadhar and Pan Card along with CSP form and also required to submit the Hard Copy documents to Payworld Head
Office .

How are the funds been transferred to Nepal?

Funds are transferred to Nepal via Prabhu Money Transfer platform through RBL Bank

What is sender transaction limit?

Sender transaction limit is 3 /day, 5 /month & 6 /year (This will change from time to time

What is the max. Amt. limit per transaction?

Max. Amt. limit per transaction is Rs . 50,000 (including Rs . 199 Service Charge)

Which is mandatory id proof require by remitter/sender

Aadhar card.
Can a Nepali citizen get an
Aadhaar Card in India?
Yes, a foreign citizen can get an
Aadhaar Card in India, which is a government issued document that serves as proof of identity and address in
India. Foreign citizens, including NRIs, can apply for an Aadhaar Card if they are staying in India for a considerable period of time.

What is Prabhu Money transfer?

Money Transfer is a leading remittance company registered in Nepal and having many international branches/agents in
different part of Asia and America. Our business is to help people send and receive money across the world in minutes. Our la rge
and diversified network connects the Nepal and facilitates fast, convenient, secure and affordable money transfers.

How Can I find the PMT Agents in Nepal ?

Please refer this link to find the outlet :
https ://

How does the remitter get back money if it is not delivered to the beneficiary?

The Sender has to produce evidence of proof of remittance (counterfoil of the remittance Receipt) to getting refund from
What are Details Required to transfer the money in Nepal ?
• Sender s Identity ( Aadhar Card),
• Sender s Mobile Number
• Beneficiary details : Name (As per document), Account Number & Bank Name
• Correct Number,
• Address : As per document

Does Beneficiary use his same mobile number for Cash Pickup and Deposit ?

Yes, Can use his same number for different type of Transaction.
What is Unique Control Number or Reference number ?
For Every successful transaction, A Unique
control number will be generated or 16 Digit reference to track the transaction and it
may also be used for Cash Pick up at PMT counter in Nepal to get the Cash.
Government authorized ID with a photo fixed in it is accepted as identity proof the most common being PAN Card, Driving
License, Passport, National ID, etc. However, the IDs accepted in Nepal are Citizenship ID, Government ID, Driving License an d

I Am tracking my transaction , and the status shows Unpaid. What does that mean ?

A transaction can reflect as
Un Paid ’’, Paid ’ or Cancelled ’’. Un Paid status usually means that the beneficiary has not yet
collected the payout amount. When the beneficiary collects the payout amount, the status will reflect as Paid.
If the status is showing
Cancelled ’’, it could be because a customer has cancelled the transaction. It could also show Cancelled ’ if
our compliance system finds either the sender or the receiver s name in a black list, or if the system detects any discrepancies in
the transaction. In such cases, the transaction is automatically Blocked

Which document can i submit as an identity proof

Identity Proof such as
Passport,Nagrik Card and so on.

How do sender know the status of transaction?

Every Sender receives automated SMS alerts regarding their transactions paid or collected. You can even use our Transaction
Tracker system to know whether cash received or not through a simple web based enquiry

What is Cash Pickup ?

Simple, easy, quick and hassle
free, cash transfer is one of the most preferred payout modes for international
money transfers around the world to any part of Nepal. You can send money in cash and the receiver collects
the money in cash, within minutes. When you send money, you receive a control Number, which you need to
share with the receiver. The receiver visits an Prabhu Money Transfer agent and provides the Control No and a
valid ID to receive the money.

What is Account Deposit ?

With Our National Reach in Nepal, you can transfer money directly to an existing beneficiary
s bank account.
Our strong correspondent banking relationship with all most all the financial institutions of Nepal makes it
easier for you to transfer money directly to your bank account

What will be the sender s maximum amount limit for a day?

Maximum INR
50,000 is being allowed in a day including charges.