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About Indo Nepal Remittance

Sending money from India to Nepal has never been easier! 

At PayWorld, we make it simple, fast, and secure to send funds to your loved ones across the border. Our service is fast and reliable, ensuring your money reaches its destination on time. We offer competitive rates with low fees, guaranteeing that your loved ones receive more. 

Security is paramount to us; we protect your financial and personal information. The process is easy, simple and reliable. Join us today and experience a hassle-free way to send money from India to Nepal.

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1. What are the documents required to Activate the service ?

To activate the money transfer service, please submit self-attested copies of your Aadhar card and PAN card, along with the CSP form, to Payworld head office.

2. How are the funds being transferred to Nepal?

Funds are transferred to Nepal via Prabhu Money Transfer platform through RBL Bank.

3. What are Details Required to transfer the money in Nepal ?
  • Sender’s Identity (Aadhar Card),
  • Sender’s Mobile Number
  • Beneficiary details :- Name (As per document), Account Number & Bank Name
  • Correct Number
How does the remitter get back money if it is not delivered to the beneficiary?

The Sender has to produce evidence of proof of remittance (counterfoil of the remittance Receipt) to getting refund from
What are Details Required to transfer the money in Nepal ?
• Sender s Identity ( Aadhar Card),
• Sender s Mobile Number
• Beneficiary details : Name (As per document), Account Number & Bank Name
• Correct Number,
• Address : As per document

Does Beneficiary use his same mobile number for Cash Pickup and Deposit ?

Yes, Can use his same number for different type of Transaction.
What is Unique Control Number or Reference number ?
For Every successful transaction, A Unique
control number will be generated or 16 Digit reference to track the transaction and it
may also be used for Cash Pick up at PMT counter in Nepal to get the Cash.
Government authorized ID with a photo fixed in it is accepted as identity proof the most common being PAN Card, Driving
License, Passport, National ID, etc. However, the IDs accepted in Nepal are Citizenship ID, Government ID, Driving License an d

I Am tracking my transaction , and the status shows Unpaid. What does that mean ?

A transaction can reflect as
Un Paid ’’, Paid ’ or Cancelled ’’. Un Paid status usually means that the beneficiary has not yet
collected the payout amount. When the beneficiary collects the payout amount, the status will reflect as Paid.
If the status is showing
Cancelled ’’, it could be because a customer has cancelled the transaction. It could also show Cancelled ’ if
our compliance system finds either the sender or the receiver s name in a black list, or if the system detects any discrepancies in
the transaction. In such cases, the transaction is automatically Blocked