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Travel and hospitality industry is booming with people exploring different destinations around the world. Payworld has tie-up with over 2 lakhs hotels across the globe. The retailers can reserve Domestic & International Hotels for their customers across all budgets. Payworld offers its customers with the best deals on hotel booking and the retailers get a chance to earn high commission on each booking. This is done on real time basis and the Payworld retailer can give instant confirmation to their customers.

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1. Who is a Hotel Booking Agent?
A hotel booking agent is a professional who is responsible for arranging hotel rooms for individuals, groups, companies, corporations, etc. All these bookings are made by a hotel reservation agent on behalf of their suppliers where their main task is to eliminate all types of complications and to simplify the process of hotel booking. Hotel agents are also responsible for providing consultation services to their respective customers. A hotel booking agent can work at several positions where he or she can work solely, with an independent agency or can also work in a hotel agency consortium. Hotel agents generally receive a lump sum amount of 10 to 15% commission on every booking they make. They are professionals in the fields of business, leisure and other related niche markets. Getting your bookings done by a hotel reservation agent can be very beneficial and time-saving for you. In the cases of multi-destination or international trips, it is always advisable to seek help from a hotel booking agent. They are experts and experienced individuals who offer you the best services and booking facilities which can be very advantageous for you.
2. Why choose Payworld for a Hotel Booking Agent?
If you are someone who wants to build a career as a booking agent but does not have a profound understanding about how to become a hotel booking agent and how to get started with it, then Payworld is the ideal choice for you. Among the multiple benefits that Payworld offers to its agents, the most prominent is that hotel agents enjoy the benefit of reserving Domestic as well as International hotels for their customers in all budgets as Payworld is a leading company that has tie-ups with over two lakhs hotels across the world over the past few years. With Payworld, you can reap the benefits of earning huge commissions on every booking you make.
3. How to become a Hotel Booking Agent?
The most frequently asked question among individuals is ‘How to become a hotel booking agent?’. The answer is very simple because the procedure of becoming a hotel reservation agent does not include any complexities and is very convenient for everyone. With Payworld, you get the opportunity to become a hotel booking agent in a traditional way,and you can also start your career online. There are no software tests nor any examinations to clear. There are some key points which hotel agents should keep in their minds to become a potential agent in this field. The knowledge and basic understanding of hotels, itinerary planning, your managerial traits and the software that you use for bookings and reservations also play a very important role in determining the efficiency of your business. Nevertheless, by following these three simple steps, you can become a hotel booking agent in no time. 1) The first and foremost step is to fill up the hotel booking agent registration form that is available on the website of Payworld. 2) After that, you are required to pay the franchise booking agent fee to become a professional booking agent. The franchise fee is a one-time investment. 3) A training program is designed for all the agents that they have to complete before starting their business as a hotel booking agent. With Payworld, you can easily become an agent for hotel booking without any difficulties and obstacles. We provide a hassle-free process to our retailers and give them complete support to facilitate their services and roles.
4. What are the benefits of becoming a hotel booking agent?

There are multiple benefits and advantages that a hotel booking agent can enjoy. Some of these benefits are mentioned down below for a detailed understanding.

  1. Flexible working hours and patterns: As an agent for hotel booking, you can have the benefit of fixing your work hours as per your choice and convenience. You don’t have to follow a fixed working pattern daily and can work anytime and anywhere, whatever suits you the best.
  2. Great career opportunities: Number of hotels are established everyday in every part of the world. The need for hotels is huge, and so is the demand for hotel agents. Hence, this field also comes with great career opportunities and roles.
  3. The benefit of earning high income: With endless opportunities and career paths as a hotel booking agent, you have the advantage of earning high commissions and earnings and can upgrade your career in various paths.
5. What are the benefits offered at Payworld?
The service benefits are discussed below that Payworld offers to its retailers. 1) Best deals on hotel reservations: Payworld offers excellent deals on every hotel booking which you make with this company. Payworld also gives you instant confirmation about the bookings made. 2) Instant refunds on cancellation: In case of any cancellation of bookings, Payworld provides you with the facility of instant refunding of your amount. 3) High earned commissions through Payworld: With Payworld, the commissions earned by the agents/retailers are very high and thus, allow them to earn heavy income through it.
6. How does Payworld commission structure work for retailers?
Payworld is a business platform for every individual who wants to commence his/her business with very low investment on their part. The company gives a life-changing opportunity to individuals to commence their business operations with just a smartphone and speedy net connectivity. The investment which has to be made by the retailer is as low as Rs. 1000 where people can easily register themselves at Payworld and kick start their business instantly. However, the difficulties and complications are also there in operating an online business successfully. Payworld ensures to eliminate all these risks and problems by giving them the opportunity to earn high commissions on every booking they make. Whenever a customer uses our services from the company's retail touchpoint, the retailer also earns a certain amount of commission on it. Hence, with every Payworld service, the retailer is also entitled to earning commission which is redirected to their bank accounts instantly. However, Payworld has a different commission structure for every service they offer to the retailers. For instance, if a customer wants hotel bookings through your registered portal, then you will also earn a certain percentage of commission ranging from 0.5 to 3%. This implies that with every booking and reservation, the retailer will earn a lump sum amount of 50 paise to Rs. 3. However, the retailers must remember that their commissions significantly depend on the number of bookings they make. So the higher the number of bookings, the higher will be the commission. With Payworld, one can also use various modes of online payments like Net Banking and Debit Cards.
7. Tell me more about Payworld India.
Payworld is a Fintech company that commenced its business operations in 2006. It is a business company that provides financial aid to the Semi-Urban inhabitants of India. It covers a large area of the network system, comprising 2,50,000 retailers across 630 zones in India. On average, it carries out daily business deals of 2,00,000 and above. Payworld is a very dynamic source of business that provides a variety in its operations and also professional services that include Money Remittances, AEPS, BPPS, Bill Payments, Mobile Recharges, DTH Recharges, and more. Its services further expand to a significantly greater degree that includes the headings of Mutual Funds, Insurance coverage, Loans, and so forth. It facilitates the objective of delivering financial inclusion and help to the individuals. We would like to show our thankfulness and acknowledgement to the Governing administration for involving the BC Agents in our organization. All these agents have stepped forward to accept the initiative of giving essential financial services to the Indian people in these challenging times. The most remarkable component of Payworld is that it works through a large network of 50,000+ BC Agents who always assure to provide the financial aid and service to over 25 Million numbers of clients throughout India, who will hopefully stay unaffected and untouched throughout this pandemic. Payworld stands firmly on the ground in terms of supporting as well as educating millions of individuals about financial services and operations. We, as a team, would like to make sure that the professional services supplied by our company will operate in the most efficient and efficacious manner throughout this pandemic and will also guide our customers appropriately in these tough times. We request each and every individual to reside in their houses and lead a safe and healthy life since the lives of our customers are of the utmost importance to us.