A Technology Game Changer – Now Transact and Withdraw Money Through the Same Device!

With an unprecedented pandemic covering the face of the earth, a ton of things have shape-shifted. Right from a change in our immediate environment to our lifestyles overall, with most forms of purchases/ transactions having moved over to digital and net banking, there has been significantly lower reliance upon cash transactional methods. While various digital touch-points have changed, the average consumer’s mindset has evolved into a habit of convenience. But what when consumers are unable to transact through cash or don’t have access to a QR code to scan and pay? Let us introduce you to the future of transactions! The mPOS or the Micro ATM enables cash withdrawals from retail outlets to convenient and smooth credit/debit transactions, all from the same device. This ultra-portable device can also accept transactions at your customer’s doorsteps conveniently. No wires attached, promise!

You might have seen a traditional POS machine while swiping your card in a mall or a mega-market! mPOS (Commonly known as mobile point of sale) incorporates the benefits of a traditional POS minus the added bulkiness and the need for electronic connection to be active and functional.

Have your customers frequently asked you if they can pay via their card, only to hear a ‘not yet’? This might be the perfect opportunity to be part of the digital shift and add convenience to your business transactions giving you an edge over your traditional competitors.

Are you contemplating on the onboarding process of the m-POS? Payworld has got your back!
All you need is a stable internet connection, a simple app download on your preferred choice of device (favourably a smartphone/tablet) and a credit/debit card reader. That’s all! By setting up your digital journey with these basic requirements, you can seamlessly perform the functions of a cash register/e-POS.
Additionally, here’s how you can set up your mATM service for convenient cash withdrawals: Select mATM service, make sure you upload the necessary documents, pair your device upon service activation and start transacting and earning. And just like that, you can enable successful ATM withdrawals and credit/debit transactions from one smart device, the mPOS!
Now you know all about setting up an mPOS and being an autonomous business person during these changing times.
Here’s a look at the added advantage an mPOS machine can bring in to your day-to-day operations:

The mPOS Machine Is All Set to Save Installation Costs
Breathe a sigh of relief now that you know about mPOS. Tradition POS machine installation can come with a lot of added cost. Additionally, with a cumbersome set-up process, one that requires you to arrange for extra SIM/telephone connect and card machine. Payworld offers mPOS devices at affordably lower prices and convenient rental plans to help you get started!

mPOS Rhymes With Convenience
To get started with an mPOS machine, you aren’t required to open a new bank account. By using your existing current or saving accounts, you can accept card payments for your business.
Furthermore, you will get a real-time report of all the transactions, ATM withdrawals and credit/debit transactions right on your smartphone.

Secure Transactions, Speedy Solutions
The mPOS devices comply with PCI and EMV2 standards of the industry. With the highest transaction success rates with geo-tagging facilities, most mPOS devices allow you to find where a transaction takes place, and you can keep track of all the transactions made. This device will help you take a massive step into digital ledgers and secure transaction tracking!

mPOS for Marketing Your Business!
With real-time insights into your target group’s subsets, mPOS provides in-depth reports and takeaways for effective customer retention and expansion. The possibilities of customising services for your audience and personalising marketing broadcasts are endless! Payworld India offers numerous advantages to all the merchants and retailers that register themselves with their micro banking services. Some of the perks include the following:
  • Payworld offers fast activation services. Micro-banking services get activated in 48 hours.
  • Payworld always credits the margins instantaneously.
  • As opposed to other payment services, Payworld facilities are active even on bank holidays.
  • The cash withdrawal limit offered by Payworld micro bank ranges between Rs 100 to Rs 10,000.
With the convenience of speedy ATM withdrawals and smooth credit/debit transactions delivered right to your doorstep, skyrocket your business efforts as the economy heads towards a digital-first world! Click to know more about the mPOS device here.