A Scalable Whatsapp Feature for Payworld Retailers

    Spearheaded by the Sugal and Damani Group, Payworld stands as India’s leading& most trustworthy essential financial services company. They do so by co-opting retailers who help the non-digital denizens make use of their services. Following is the brief outline of a few services that Payworld delegates to the community via its retailer chain.
    • AEPS Cash Withdrawals
    • Money transfer
    • BBPS Bill Payments
    • DTH/Mobile Recharges
    • Air/Rail/Bus Ticketing
    • Amazon e-shopping Services
    • Insurance
    • Cash Management Service (EMI Collection)
    In light of the recent pandemic, the company has now launched a scalable WhatsApp feature for its retailer base. This assures enhanced service delegation on their part. Let’s explore the said features.
    Exploring Payworld’s Bot-Powered WhatsApp Feature for Payworld Retailers
    Retailers can connect with Payworld’s bot-powered WhatsApp account by sending ‘Hi’ to the business account on the given number - ‘78358-33333’. Since the service records retailers' contact details in the database, the bot can identify the user’s name. It would then generate a list of options to choose from for the users. The following is the image for illustration.
    Through this WhatsApp feature, retailers can avail nine forms of help, as listed above. Let’s see how each of these features work.
    Add/Check Balance
    Payworld retailers can add money to their Payworld wallets and also check their existing balances. They can add money through Net Banking or UPI. In the case of Net Banking, they would have to enter the amount to be added, besides the bank name. They can complete the action by clicking on the generated URL. For adding money through UPI, retailers would simply have to click on the generated URL. The following are the images for illustration.
    Similarly, Payworld retailers can check their balances as well.
    Sales Report
    Through this WhatsApp feature for Payworld Retailers, sales reports could be checked. Receipt/Ticket as PDF, Party Ledger, and Sales Reports are three ways to do this.
    To get the receipt or ticket as a PDF document, retailers would have to enter their transaction reference number. Retailers have access to view the party ledger and sales report for a seven days’ duration. They can either choose to view the last week’s report or choose their week or timeframe of interest.
    Activate Service
    The activate service WhatsApp feature for Payworld retailers enables them to buy a service or check a particular service's status. To buy a service, a mobile OTP would be sent for verification. After that, from the list of options given, the retailers could choose their desired plan code. Next, to check the service status, an OPT will be sent for authentication, upon which the statuses are projected.
    Complaints and Refunds
    Payworld’sWhatsApp feature for retailers allows them to log complaints and check refund status. To register a complaint, retailers have to submit their transaction reference number. Then from the list of issues, they would have to type out the issue's code. Then the nature of the issue is to be specified along with the complaint.
    Retailers can view their last recent transaction or check with their transaction ID while checking their transaction and refund status.
    While checking with the transaction ID, the retailer would have to enter the ID to view the transaction or refund status.
    Update KYC
    Retailers can update their KYC by either uploading the KYC document or by adding the bank details. This action needs verification through mobile OTP.
    To update KYC by uploading a document, retailers would have to select the type of document from the list with its corresponding number, file, and document holder’s name, as shown below.
    Then, other details such as the document number, its date up to which it is valid are to be recorded.
    Download Marketing Material
    This WhatsApp feature for Payworld Retailers aims to equip their businesses with sufficient marketing props. They can get a digital banner in either Hindi or English.
    Payworld offers lucrative giveaways for its retailer chain from time to time. Through this WhatsApp feature, retailers can now be enlightened about them.
    About Payworld
    Payworld helps its retailer base know better about the company through this feature. Retailers can garner information about the company’s services and download their app besides, retailers can also choose to visit their webpage, contact them, and follow them.
    Talk to our Representative
    When retailers have specific doubts or queries, they can contact the company's representative through this feature, by choosing their preferred language – Hindi or English.
    This new WhatsApp feature for Payworld retailers is here to make the business operations more accessible and uncomplicated. Retailers can connect with this bot-powered WhatsApp account here – 7835833333.