Payworld aims at making insurance more accessible through its wide distribution network. Through our partner insurance companies we offer life, health and general insurance policies which helps in offering a complete insurance package to our retailers. Click on the offering mentioned below to know more about them.


Payworld offers the facility of selling every line of Insurance (Life, Health & General) through their Insurance POS (point of sale). We are a Composite Corporate Agent & authorized to provide insurance solutions in India. Insurance is a vital part of Financial Inclusion and in order to strengthen our motto of Financial Inclusion among the Tier 2 /Tier 3 cities, Payworld has designed specialised products for the customers who are generally in the high risk category or cannot afford the high premiums. We have also bundled it with our transaction services to make it easily affordable for the customers. Payworld works closely with its service partners to create specific & need based insurance products for the customers.