Ways to Turn Your Business into an E-Business

Many companies have come to the realization that they cannot do business in the old fashioned way of renting an office, advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers, hoping to get a hold of a lot of customers. Times have changed, and the internet has become the best way to do business. Many business people have realized that there are tremendous benefits in changing from conventional business methods to e-business.

Assisted e-commerce

This is whereby a person is influenced and assisted in doing an online e-commerce transaction. Retailers can partner with a company such as Payworld to assist public to access e-commerce services such as bill payments, bus/ railway/ air ticket purchase, money transfer services and mobile/dth recharges. In this case, a retailer benefits as he gets additional income alongwith his or her existing business.

Some services that can be offered in order to turn your business into an e-business are

1. E-shopping

By partnering with Payworld, a retailer using their application can assist a customer to do their online/ e-shopping. They can view and select the goods they want, and they will be shown the estimated number of days in which the product will be delivered and the available payment modes. When the goods arrive, they will be carted to the customer’s address.

2. Have a Money Transfer system

With the world going cashless, more and more people are embracing the digital way of doing things. Nowadays money is kept electronically and can be transferred to another person. By partnering with Payworld, a retailer can assist their customers for transferring money to another person. In the process, the retailer makes extra money. This method of electronic money transfer has become a boon to the public as now the hassles of going to the bank, standing in long queues and filling out forms are entirely eliminated.

3. Payment of Bills

You will be able to pay for insurance premiums of your customers by using Payworld platform. Moreover, you can use the same platform to recharge DTH services, all of this happens in real-time. Other bills that can also be paid using the system are land line bills, electricity bills and post-paid bills. All these services will invite customers in, and in turn, can greatly improve the retailer revenue stream.

4. Travel Services

A retailer will be able to offer ticket booking services to the customers. With an online travel ticket booking service, a retailer can help customers book train/bus tickets or even airline tickets. The added service could really increase a retailer’s client base as people are fed up with standing in long queues to book their travel tickets. Ticket cancellations can also be done through the retailer.

5. Hotel Booking

Incorporating Payworld’s e-commerce services into your business will also grant you the ability to book hotel rooms online for your customers. Being a retailer, it gives you a huge advantage as you can now expand from your current business ways and step into the online way of helping customers. Booking hotel rooms is always a daunting task for customers and helping them out will surely garner you their loyalty and new business prospects.

6. MPOS/ Mini ATM devices

You can provide facility of Debit / Credit card payments to your customers. By using ATM/Debit card withdrawals upto ₹2,000 can be also made by customers through MPOS  devices which is also known as Mini ATM. Retailers will have the sufficient support to offer such services when they partner with Payworld Company.

For retail businesses especially in the rural areas and semi-urban areas, e-commerce is the way to go. By partnering with a company such as Payworld, they will be able to offer extra services that will greatly help in simplifying the lives of the locals and also create additional income for their businesses. To know more about services of Payworld , visit: https://payworldindia.com/solution#forretailers or register directly at http://bit.ly/PwRegister to start using our services. Invest Less, Earn More !!!


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