Visa Free International Destinations for Indians

Traveling brings to our lives much more than reading a hundred books cooped up at home. It exposes us to strange lands, strangers who become friends, new culture, food and food for thought and valuable experiences. But when it comes to International destinations, visa can be a hassle. Most countries have stringent and painstaking visa norms. However, there are countries that do NOT require a visa from Indians. Travels to these Visa Free International Destinations for Indians are listed below:

1- Thailand – Visa on arrival 

An Indian passport holder visiting Thailand for not more than fifteen days and for the purpose of tourism only, can now avail Visa on Arrival.

Thailand is the land of green blue waters, scenic beaches, royal palaces, temples and delicious sea food. Visitors to Thailand can explore the famous Ayutthaya, a stunning historical park that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Palace complex too is mesmerizing. Explore the royal quarters, ancient Buddhist temples, unique art works and shop local handicrafts throughout this astounding travel destination available on easy visa on arrival mode.

2- Nepal – No Visa Required

Thanks to the Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Indian citizens not only don’t need a visa to enter Nepal but can even reside permanently as Nepali citizens.

Explore the intriguing city of Kathmandu and the temple of Pashupatinath. The Nepali markets overflow with unique artifacts, masks, woolens and more. Go trekking the Mansoravar via Nepal. Nature lovers and couples can enjoy staying at the snow-clad villages as long as they wish to, without any immigration issues.

3- Bhutan – No Visa Required

For Bhutan too, Indian citizens do not need a visa to enter. However, this by default 7-14 days “Entry Permit” is valid for Thimphu and Paro only. Rest of Bhutan comes under ‘Restricted Area’ and requires a “Restricted-Area Permit”.

Explore gorgeous Thimphu and its Buddha Dordenma, Dechencholing Palace, Clock Tower Square, Memorial Chorten and more. Pay visits to stunning Buddhist monasteries such as Dechen Phodrang and Tango. Relax at local restaurants, cafes and bars. Trek up the lush mountains. Bhutan offers an entire travel paradise without any Visa worries.

4- Maldives – Visa on arrival

Indian nationals traveling to Maldives can get a 90 days tourist visa on arrival.

Visit this paradise of Azure Ocean in the summer months. Godeep sea diving. Explore Maldives gorgeous coral reef islands. Explore Fua Mulaku, the largest island in the Maldivian archipelago or the Kudahuvadhoo Island housing one of the many mysterious mounds, the hawittas. Hop from museum to mosques to beaches to bars, all at a smooth visa on arrival norm.

5- Cambodia – Visa on arrival

Indian tourists don’t require a pre-visa for Cambodia and can acquire one on arrival.

Cambodia is a dream destination for its world famous ruins of Angkor Wat. To stand amidst the ancient ruins caressed by majestic tree trunks and to explore the intricate stone carvings of Lord Vishnu and Shiva is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Explore the Cambodian flora and fauna, its delicate ecosystem and diverse wildlife. Take a cultural tour of Phnom Penh. Enjoy this historical destination with no extra pre-visa hassles.

Conclusion: These destinations are not only free of visa hassles but also pocket friendly. Currencies of most of these countries don’t have high conversion rates. Some are even cheaper than INR, and hence are must-visit destinations!

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