Unified Payment Interface – A Much-needed Change

Cash crunch has left people with no such alternate in hand. It has by-and-large affected the people who completely used to rely on the currency notes. But this is a nice initiative on the road to digitization. ’Go Cashless’ is the mantra of the age and this is step one towards the new-age revolution. Unified Payments Interface- hereon referred to as UPI- is a new cashless payment method introduced by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). The aim behind the introduction of UPI is to enable real time money exchange. Once you’ve created a unique identifier- Virtual Private Address (VPA) - the UPI  permits you to send, receive, or directly pay from your bank account. The pre-requisite for the same is: download UPI app from any bank you have your account in and sign-up with the registered mobile number. The good thing with UPI is that it comes decked with double security measures where the M-pin acts as the second factor of security. At the time of UPI creation, all you need to do is set a 4/6 digit long M-pin by authenticating with your debit card details. If you ever forget the M-pin details, all you need to do is simply re-set it by authenticating the debit card details in the respective app. If you are on a merchant website and wish to pay via UPI, all you need to do is enter the UPI on the check-out page and proceed to pay. Within a couple seconds, you will receive a payment request on UPI app. Select transaction and enter the M-pin. You could even send funds using UPI. For this, select the account you wish to send money from, enter the said amount as well as the VPA of the receiver. Click on Send, and the task is done. To receive funds, perform the above-mentioned activity and click on Receive. The good thing is that there are no charges levied for transactions done using UPI. The current per-transaction cap is INR 100,000. This may change from time to time and is subject to the UPI guidelines. Since VPA is linked to your registered mobile number, you will receive all the notifications on the given number. If you ever miss the SMS notification, go to your UPI app, check for ‘Pending UPI Transactions’, and approve/ reject the transaction request from there. You can avail all of these services and much more 24*7. So go cashless with UPI now.