Top 11 Essentials for Traveling

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, travel has become mandatory for both work and leisure. As the world is becoming increasingly ‘global,’ we now have more frequent flyers, tourists, and cross-country hikers than ever before. Therefore, to make traveling experiences comfortable and efficient, planning has become increasingly important.

To make one’s travelling comfortable, there are a few guidelines one must follow. One such rule is to possess the following Top 11 Essentials when Travelling:

1. A comfortable backpack – Whether travelling solo or with companions, a comfortable backpack is the most crucial travel tool you’d want to secure. Imagine lugging a suitcase across a crowded, dirty road from the train station to the hotel. For hiking and adventure touring, it is even more unthinkable to carry large, cumbersome baggage. Backpacks, on the contrary, allow easier carriage and mobility. One needs to choose a comfortable backpack of the correct size and design.

2. Torch/Flashlight – A torch is a must have for every traveler. One can never know how much this one travel companion might help. For hikes, adventure camps, and road trips, a good torch is irreplaceable. Even for more secure destinations, a flashlight can be a vital contingency item. Emergency power cuts, dark alleys, or searching for a misplaced item in some dark corner – a powerful torch is a hands- down lifesaver!

3. Power bank – A good power bank to support your cell phone, laptop, and other electronics, while in transit, where the power supply is limited, or even absent, is mandatory in today’s electronic world. Investing in a large capacity power bank is always preferable.

4. Customized First-Aid Kit – Your first aid kit should be a ‘travel survival kit’, in that it should contain useful medical items to help you to stay comfortable and safe. It’s important for you to have one, even if you are going on an organized trip, as you should always be responsible for having a first aid kit that enables you to look after yourself.

5. Multipurpose footwear – One can never emphasize enough about the importance of comfortable footwear. Anyone who has had cracked heels, chapped feet, shoe bites, snapped sandals or twisted ankles en route will know the incomparable importance of investing in the right kind of footwear for traveling. Depending on the kind of trip, these can vary from sneakers, floaters, gumboots to more professional footwear for hiking.

6. Comfortable clothing – While traveling away from home, having a good collection of comfortable clothing definitely enhances the experience. While choosing a travel wardrobe, it is always advisable to keep in mind the destination and the socio-cultural context one is about to encounter.

7. Camera – Ah! Is any travel possible without framing permanent memories? A camera is by far the most common must-have for travelers. With a good DSLR on your side, the entire travelogue turns more vibrant and memorable.

8. Mosquito repellent – No, you cannot ignore this one, even if you’re not outdoor camping, rather spending a luxury weekend in an exotic hotel. Avid travelers can vouch what a lifesaver this one can prove to be, even in some of the most unexpected places.

9. Travel insurance – Away from the predictable safety and security of home, one can never guarantee against emergencies, mishaps, accidents, theft or loss. To have good, well-covered travel insurance, therefore, is a must for any type of traveling.

10. Money belt – A money belt is another essential that makes carrying your money, passport, travel documents and other important papers and smaller items easier in a secure, hidden, yet easily accessible space.

11. Wet wipes/Hand sanitizer – Whether traveling by railways, air or road, wet wipes are a must-carry. They help you quickly wipe the dryness, the dust and the fatigue off your face, clean your hands, and even charge you up with a dash of scented moisture at your fingertips.

Travel can become far more efficient, enjoyable and memorable in the presence of these Top 11 essentials. For more information and travel bookings, go to your nearest Payworld retailer.

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