Our retailers also offer services like GST filing and pan card creation. There are many businesses which will benefit from our tax facilitation services because it is an essential part of compliance. Click on the offerings mentioned below to know more about them.

GST Filing


PAN Card creation

Payworld platform offers GST return filing. Through our GST software, Payworld retailers can help other small businesses with GST compliance and tax filing, in addition to maintaining their individual business ledgers and other value-added services around the same. Our portal gives you a direct interface with government’s portal and all the GST related compliance can be done directly through our software. This allows Payworld retailers not only to earn additional revenues but also increase walk-ins to their retail outlet.

Payworld is planning to launch Retail POS device, which is a complete GST Ready Solution designed for all store owners, transforming their stores into virtual supermarket helping the user in better connection with the customers, brands, distributors, and wholesalers.

Features of GST ready POS are:

  • Billing: Provide itemised bill
  • Inventory management: Keep track of the inventory through digital records
  • Accounting : A complete GST enabled accounting application
  • User friendly application.
  • Switch between customer carts, reducing their waiting time.
  • GST Filing
  • Centralized Purchase management
  • Value Added Services
  • Expiry/Damage returns to supplier
  • AEPS services

Payworld platform allows our retailers to apply Pan Card for their customers. Payworld is one of those few players who are authorized by UTIITSL to accept & process Pan Card applications. By providing necessary information & fees to the Retailer, customer can apply for Pan Card from Payworld outlet.