Start a Business with Zero Investment – Courtesy PayWorld

    With a pandemic covering the face of the earth, the world has been left in shackles. While the working ecosystem shifted to remote, it wasn't an optimistic scenario for everyone out there. With regular wage workers being left without jobs and migrant workers heading back home, society's semi-urban and rural sectors are undergoing a massive financial shift.
    On the flip side, many individuals are experimenting and finding their pathways to give entrepreneurship a chance. However, new ventures require financial backing and funding. To minimise the gaps between the state of investment and entrepreneurship in our country, a solution requires to be charted. A plan without execution is aimless. And execution without resources is vague.
    At Payworld, we recognise this state of distress. So, we put our thinking caps on and started devising ways of branching out and meeting those in need and for the ones who exhibit entrepreneurial capability. With novel digital and financial solutions up our sleeves, we are proud to declare that Payworld is creating a minimum investment, maximum result opportunities for all.
    Finally, a chance for locals, Kirana store owners, housewives, graduates, job seekers and rural workers to mine their gold. Here's introducing the world of Payworld Retail.
    Under this zero-investment entrepreneurship support programme, locals are presented with the opportunities to start their own business without any investment and earn good income. With sustainable retailing options to choose from, they create various revenue streams to earn profits for themselves and further diversify services.
    With a well-defined commission structure in place for all its services, Payworld enables retailers to encompass different services under the zero-investment programme opportunity.
    The following services are offered to Payworld Retailers to explore:
    Bill Payment and Mobile Recharge
    With little to no investment required, this is one of the simplest ways of supporting entrepreneurial endeavours as a Payworld retailer. With a margin of Rs. 4 on every utility bill transaction, retailers can offer bill payment services for electricity, gas, light, water bills etc. Apart from utility bills, mobile recharges also attract a significant commission.
    DTH Recharge
    Retailers can now offer DTH recharges apart from the usual transaction-related and financial products.
    Cash Management System
    One can partner with Payworld and extend cash collection services. Since the retailers work even beyond the non-banking hours, it makes a perfect NBFC partner for cash collection services.
    This initiative is in line with the broader vision of strengthening India as a digital economy and reaching out to the nation's nook and corners.
    With the watchwords of this program being "Empowerment" and "Self-Reliance," Payworld aims to build the bedrock of entrepreneurial efforts at the same time adding a layer of convenience.
    Calling all aspiring businessmen and businesswomen to be part of this stellar initiative and join hands to create an integrated rural digital system. Interested in pursuing your entrepreneurship endeavors and supporting your dreams independently, join us as a Payworld Retailer! For more details, click here.