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    Payworld, in association with IRCTC allows its retailers to become authorized IRCTC e-ticket agents and book train tickets as per IRCTC guidelines. This service is available 24X7 for the customers. Being an IRCTC e-ticket agent, this service can also be utilised to share information on Train Routes, Train Timings, Train Fare and Seat Availability. Currently payworld has over 7,000 IRCTC agents across India. Booking tickets and providing train information is easier for retailers because we provide them with a user friendly and quick interface.

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    1. What is an IRCTC agent?
    IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation and is also referred to as the modern face of train travel in India. A railway booking agent or IRCTC agent is authorised to book online e-tickets for its customers and also enjoys several benefits as compared to a personal user, such as booking unlimited tickets with no restriction whatsoever via the IRCTC interface. In contrast, a regular personal user ID has restrictions and can only book 4 to 6 tickets in a month. IRCTC initiated this model to make the process of booking e-tickets hassle-free, fast and convenient. Once the user completes its online registration process for the IRCTC e-ticketing through Payworld and becomes the authorized IRCTC agent, then the user will be provided with its unique agent login ID to conduct transactions. Surely you must be intrigued by the question of how to become an agent of IRCTC or how to get an IRCTC agent registration form? Do not worry, the IRCTC registration process is fairly easy and the IRCTC agent registration is relatively easy to master. Sign-up to become an IRCTC agent today. IRCTC ticket booking agents earn fairly well compared to personal users. if you want to cash in on this scheme do read on.
    2. What is an IRCTC agent login?
    IRCTC agent login or the Agent login ID is through which retailers become the authorized RSP-retailer service provider to book e-tickets on behalf of IRCTC by becoming an authorized agent. IRCTC agent sign-up is very easy. With IRCTC agent login, retailers are authorized to book unlimited e-tickets for the train. Retailers can commence their travel business after their IRCTC agent registration online and earn a great deal of commission on booking of every train ticket. IRCTC provides this special IRCTC agent login through its appointed principal agents to the registered IRCTC railway booking agents. The IRCTC Internet Ticketing System or IRCTC nget agent login is meant to manage the online ticketing operations and is a working sub-ordinate branch of the Indian Railways.
    3. What are the benefits of becoming an IRCTC Agent?
    Before signing up to become an IRCTC agent, one would want to know about the benefits. As per government reports a railway booking agent with an IRCTC nget agent login earns high commissions on every ticket booked. An IRCTC authorised agent enjoys several benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below, 1) An IRCTC authorised agent with their IRCTC agent login can book an unlimited number of online tickets through Payworld IRCTC portal without any restrictions, unlike the personal IRCTC user who can only make a few bookings per month without any commission. 2) An IRCTC ticket booking agent can book all types of railway tickets in bulk such as tatkal, RAC and waiting list. 3) You can turn your normal shop into a travel booking shoppe without making huge changes or putting in a lot of money. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a printer and you are good to go. 4) An IRCTC booking agent can book travel tickets for its customers as per their convenience and availability from their mobile or computer. This saves time of both the agent as well as the customer. 5) An IRCTC railway booking agent is provided with an authorised certificate for ticket booking. 6) Railway agent details will be printed on the tickets of your customer. 7) An IRCTC booking agent can earn a good amount of commission on booking of every train ticket and other transactions. 8) IRCTC ticket agent is provided with Payworld agent login that can be used to navigate all the services of IRCTC. 9) The cancellation policy is very easy and hassle-free if done through IRCTC nget agent login. 10) It is the most accessible and affordable gateway to enter into the business of online railway ticket booking through the official website of IRCTC. 11) IRCTC agents are also provided with an IRCTC agent license from authorised IRCTC web service provider. 12) Each railway agent is provided with an individual user ID which is used to book all tickets and other travel products from their accounts. 13) IRCTC provides its railway booking agents to make efficient, secure and reliable bookings and hassle-free transactions. Now that you know the benefits of becoming an IRCTC booking agent with Payworld you might want to learn if IRCTC agent registration is free.
    4. What are the requirements for becoming an IRCTC agent with Payworld? Or How to become an agent of IRCTC with Payworld?
    Want to know how to become an agent of IRCTC? You are not alone. An IRCTC authorised agent registration is fairly simple. The common query among people is how to become an IRCTC agent. There is a minimum eligibility criterion for one to become an IRCTC agent with Payworld. The eligibility includes the following, 1) Minimum knowledge of computers is necessary for one to become an IRCTC agent. 2) An IRCTC e-ticketing agent must be a citizen of India. There is no defined educational background or any specific documentation required to become an IRCTC agent with Payworld. Basically, Payworld allows anyone to become a railway agent and start a travel business with a simple IRCTC agent registration online. There is certain documentation required to apply as an IRCTC agent with Payworld. These documentations are, 1) PAN Card 2) Aadhaar card 3) A unique mobile number: This phone number will be used for verification. This phone number should not be registered with IRCTC. 4) Unique Email ID: This Email ID will also be used to do the verification purpose. This ID should not be registered for IRCTC. 5) A passport size photo. 6) Shop address proof Hope the above information solves the query about how to become an agent of IRCTC.
    5. How to become an IRCTC agent with Payworld India?
    Want to initiate IRCTC agent registration online but don't know how? Are you wondering if IRCTC agent registration is free or if the IRCTC agent registration process is lengthy? You might not be sure if IRCTC agent registration fee is charged or not?   With Payworld becoming an IRCTC booking agent is easy. Becoming an IRCTC e-ticketing agent guarantees the extra income and this type of earning has nothing to do with you travelling. You will be surprised to know IRCTC e-ticketing agents earn really well. So read the below step if you want to understand how to apply for an IRCTC agent registration process.  There are a few simple steps you need to follow to register yourself with Payworld India. Here's how to become an IRCTC agent with Payworld India after paying a nominal IRCTC agent registration fee:  1) Visit the official website of Payworld to learn how to get to be IRCTC agent  - www.payworldindia.com 2) Fill the basic information required on the IRCTC agent registration form.  3) You need to upload necessary documents such as email ID, phone number, Aadhaar card details, a photograph, etc.  4) After the submission of these documents and successful completion of the IRCTC agent registration form, you will receive a call from Payworld regarding any other formalities that you need to fill in order to complete the how to get to be IRCTC agent. 5) A dongle will be created by completing the video KYC by the retailer and then all the details of the retailer will be uploaded on the railway portal. 6) After the successful verification of information mentioned in the IRCTC agent registration form with Payworld, you are good to start your business and can sell tickets.  Hope the above stated IRCTC agent registration process is easy to follow. The steps listed above can easily make you an IRCTC e-ticketing agent. The IRCTC agent registration fee is only a one-time payment to become an IRCTC agent.
    6. Why should I become an IRCTC agent with Payworld?

    Payworld India is a well-known Principal-Agent of IRCTC throughout the country, and it also provides its IRCTC authorised agents to book online Railway E-Tickets. Payworld also offers its agent to earn a significant amount of commission on booking of every ticket.  Payworld India has committed and trusted business partners all over the country. Therefore, it presents an outstanding opportunity for all those people keen to commence their own business from the comfort of their city or even their home town without making a lot of investments.   Some other service benefits provided by Payworld to its agents are as follows,  1) Unlimited booking of train tickets.  2) IRCTC ticket booking agent  can book tatkal booking   3) The availability of doing paperless instant on-boarding  4) IRCTC agent can apply and get easy cancellation policy with instant refund 5) The customer support for IRCTC booking agent is available from 9 AM to 9 PM every day.  6) Payworld offers the best margins to their IRCTC ticket booking agent as per the industrial standards  7) Agents are provided with an IRCTC authorised ticket booking agent status.  8) IRCTC ticket booking agents have the option to check all the available train options from hundreds of trains.  9) Payworld doesn't need any particular education requirement, and therefore, it provides an opportunity for anybody to start a business as an IRCTC authorised agent.  10) Payworld support and training system will provide a basic program to their IRCTC ticket agent that helps them to get on board and understand the technical part of the job.

    7. Tell me more about Payworld India.
    Started off with an objective to provide a protected and user-friendly platform for the countless users that comprise the Semi-Urban India, Payworld is a pioneering financial service platform. Having started its operations back in 2006, the Fintech organization has established its position with an impressive network of over 250,000 retailers. Covering 630 of the 739 zones in India, the Payworld network is unparalleled in the country. As imposing as the network may seem, the bouquet of services available by Payworld is all the more fantastic. From Mobile phone & DTH Recharge to Insurance, Loans & Mutual Funds; from BBPS Bill payments to AEPS and domestic money remittances; it addresses the entire gamut of financial services a semi-urban Indian may require. One other feather in the cap of the company is the fact that their network system of more than 50,000 BC agents, treated as essential service providers in these tough times, are always keeping the financial requirements of the individuals of India accomplished. Providing a staggering 25 million consumers in such trying times in an uninterrupted way is a huge achievement in itself. Having pride in offering their countrymen, the team is fully devoted to delivering services wherever required.