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Payworld allows its retailers in Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 cities to shop online using Payworld Amazon shopping portal. On every purchase of the customer, retailers earn high commissions directly from Amazon. This facility helps bridge the digital gap in remote areas through Payworld touch points.






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1. What is Amazon Easy?
Amazon Easy is an easy to use shopping option that allows customers to walk into an Amazon Easy Store and easily place their orders on Amazon marketplace through Amazon retailers. It is a very convenient form of shopping which allows the potential customers to visit stores that are equipped and enabled with demo products of various brands and services, and thus can buy different goods and services through Amazon retail business.
2. What is Amazon Easy Store?
Amazon Easy Stores are committed to providing the best quality services to all the customers and clients. The owners offer assistance and help to different customers in browsing their preferences, identifying products and also creating their Amazon accounts. After this, the placement of orders takes place with the final step of checking out the cart to buy the desired product. Amazon has come up with a more advanced format of “Amazon Easy Store” that offers the service of touch and feel the product experience through physical showcasing of products that are available on the e-commerce site of Amazon. It has also upgraded the benefits of store owners with a programme called “I Have Space” to let them deliver packages to customers along with providing them with various pickups. Amazon Easy Stores are also a way to ease out the shopping process for customers where they have the facility to place orders on the online marketplaces with the guidance of Amazon agents and staff. For customers, the facility of picking up orders directly from the store or letting the products get delivered to their doorsteps is also available to them. A massive variety of different brands and companies are also made available for the customers, among which they can choose the best suitable items. The association is also expanded to several entrepreneurs and business units like Kirana stores, stationery stores, medical shops, etc., to bring the customers closer to the online marketplace.
3. What is the working model of Amazon Easy Stores?

The working model of Amazon retail business is divided into two types of stores:

  • Exclusive – These types of stores are our flagship franchisee stores that provide services that are available only on Amazon Easy Stores. They realise one’s entrepreneurial potential and facilitates in building an exclusive store network. Other benefits include last-mile delivery options, assisted shopping with the help of Amazon seller agents or Amazon online retailers.
  • Shared – Under this head, Amazon ties-up with other large networks and companies and thus, adds various Amazon Easy services to their portfolios. This way, it accelerates your overall earnings and leverages your existing store network with other brands. The additional costs are also minimal in a shared network where each footfall is monetised with different Amazon offerings through Amazon retailers.

The main two features of Amazon Easy business model are:

  1. There is a payout for every Amazon product or service that is sold through the store by Amazon online retailer 
  2. Real-time sales reports are made available to every buyer through an online platform
4. How to start your Amazon journey with Payworld?

If put into much simpler words, the question means how to become an Amazon agent with Payworld? The answer is also straightforward, and by following just three simple steps, you can achieve the title of an Amazon retailer/Amazon online retailer.  1) Purchase an Amazon service first to begin your journey as an Amazon seller agent 2) Second step is to enter your registered Amazon E-mail Id 3) You are all set to start shopping for your customers as an Amazon retailer Hence, the answer to your question of how to become an Amazon agent is pretty simple and convenient. Be an Amazon seller agent today and earn attractive margins now.

5. What is the eligibility criteria for Amazon Easy Store?

The eligibility criteria include the following pointers. 1) Age should be 20 to 45 years 2) Minimum education qualification should be 10+2 pass 3) Should be well-versed with marketing activities 4) Should know how to operate a computer 5) Should have purchased products online before 6) Store size must not exceed 200 sq.ft. and should be on the ground floor and centrally located


6. What are the benefits of using Amazon Easy Stores?

The various benefits of Amazon Easy Stores for different sections of people are written below:

  • For Customers
  • Greater accessibility to thousands and crores of products at attractive prices
  • Assistance for shopping on Amazon by a trusted retailer
  • Quick information and updates on great deals and sales
  • For Store Owners
  • A higher amount of earnings
  • More significant business transactions with clients
  • The benefit of additional walks-in due to the Amazon Easy service
  • For Partners
  • Strengthen the partnership by adding Amazon services to portfolios
  • Low investment model so that additional income can be gained through existing networks as well.
  • Easy sign-up process and training for stores
7. What are the benefits of Amazon Easy Store from a store owner point of view?

Several benefits from a store owner’s point of view include: 1) Assisted and guided shopping to customers so that shopping becomes easy. 2) The enablement of Amazon stores with different third party-branded companies that have demo products to offer 3) Services including delivery as well as pick up activities  4) Another prominent benefit is the low stock management

8. What are the benefits offered at Payworld?

The service benefits that Payworld offers are as follows. 1) No limit on e-shopping services 2) You can at anytime track your earnings on the Payworld portal which makes it very convenient and quick to keep records 3) You can earn massive and attractive margins on every transaction you make for your client 4) The facility of customer care service and support from 9 AM – 9 PM 5) Extra margin benefit on every new customer registration for Amazon 6) Recruitment of premium quality stores  7) Have a Centre level control over various stores for data collection purposes 8) Refresher training sessions in each outlet regularly 9) Ongoing and persistent communication with stores to achieve the key metrics 10) Regular performance updates of stores 11) Ensuring active marketing of stores in catchment areas and also marketing collateral deployment in all stores 12) Availability of best offers for store owners frequently

9. Why should you join the Amazon store network?
Three fundamental reasons as to why one should engage with an Amazon network are: 1) A large growing community of entrepreneurs – Amazon easy stores offers a massive community to local entrepreneurs that can set up their stores and businesses 2) The apt business – It provides the facility of one-time investment in growing e-commerce trade and business 3) Massive and Attractive Earnings – One can earn hefty support margins and commissions on every sale and transaction he makes, along with the benefit of regular incentives and additional earnings.
10. What are the various earning potentials of an Amazon Easy Store?
The store earnings of Amazon Easy stores are divided into two major categories that include Fixed Commission and Incentives. Under the Fixed Commission heading, one can earn massive commissions on every product sale they make along with the facility of new customer bonuses frequently.  Whereas, Incentives mainly include Sale Time Incentives and Regular Time Rewards that are provided to retailers intermittently.
11. Tell me more about Payworld India.
Payworld is one of the most trusted Fintech companies that is known for providing assisted financial services to the citizens of India. Payworld started its operation in 2006, and as of now, it has a network of over 250,000 retailers in 630 districts located all across India. According to the recent reports, over 200,000 transactions are carried out daily with the help of this platform. With the help of Payworld, users can provide services like AEPS, Money Remittances, Mobile and DTH recharges, BBPS Bill Payments, Loans, Insurances, Mutual Funds, and many other benefits. At Payworld, we are currently working extremely hard to accelerate financial inclusion in India further. And to a great extent, we have been successful in achieving that aim. This is why we would like to thank the Government of India for including BC agents as organisations who are allowed to help the citizens all across the country through essential financial services in such difficult times. As of now, we have over 50,000 BC agents who assist us in providing financial services to over 25 million people. We also only wish to continue providing uninterrupted and unaffected services to all our customers, even in such turbulent times. We at Payworld are going through great lengths to stand together with the people of this incredible country in these difficult times. This is why we only want to assure all our customers that we will continue to provide smooth and efficient services. As our final words, we hope that everybody is in their homes, safe, and completely healthy.