Payworld – Made Stronger by Our Valued Retailers, Our Payworld Heroes!

    Today, the nation, and the world as a whole is undergoing an unprecedented time filled with fear, difficulty, and uncertainty. The distress of this highly contagious disease is such that everyone wants to stay home and stay safe. While no one is willing to step outside unless it is for their good, our brave retailers are helping people with some of the most required services like cash withdrawals, money transfer, etc. at this crucial time! They are working even in the remotest parts of the nation. We are extremely proud of them. They are our #PayworldHeroes, and they mean the world to us!
    Here’s a sneak peek into their current world -
    1. Offering Essential Banking Services
    During a time when even something as simple as getting access to groceries and some crucial medicines seems like a luxury to most people, Payworld Heroes across the nation are working hard to help as many as 25 million customers to gain access to essential banking services including -
    • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System for Cash Withdrawal as well as Balance Check
    • Money Remittancefor Domestic Money Transfer from one account to another
    These services are being offered across a whopping 630 districts across India, through a staggering 2,50,000 retail points!
    2. Following COVID-19 Guidelines
    What makes the effort by our retailers even more appreciable is the fact that they are taking every possible measure to help maintain a high level of sanitization. Here are some of the measures that they are taking to ensure complete adherence to Government Issued COVID-19 Guidelines –
    • Wearing masks during interactions with customers
    • Ensuring social distancing between two or more customers
    • Maintaining social distance from customers
    • Using hand sanitizers after every customer interaction
    • Sanitising the AEPS thumb impression machine after every transaction
    3. Earning Their Livelihoods
    In a time like this, when most people are facing financial troubles, our Payworld Heroes are still able to earn their livelihoods, in a way that is both prestigious as well as of immense help to millions of customers across every nook and corner of India. After all, what could be possibly more relieving than being able to enjoy an income even during such a difficult situation?
    What is truly uplifting is the fact that our Heroes are doing it all with a smile on their faces and warmth in their hearts. Here’s something that we’d like you to watch, and know for yourself how Payworld Heroes are serving the nation in this time of need --
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    • Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to serve the nation and make life easy for your family members as well as your customers!