Payworld – Empowering people financially

We know how hard it is to start a fresh venture in India. People are so dependent on conventional ways and systems that they become hesitant to change to new ways. I believe that a successful venture is something that makes people rethink their conventional methods. A change that is not forceful, but gradual yet a turn to a brighter future. I became a part of this change, and I will share my experience, later on, to show you how it has changed my life. Since India is giving much importance to making a digitalized country, getting your business online is the future. I understood this notion, and I wanted to be part of this movement. So I started to find the best solution to find the best people to do business with and take my business to further heights.
The first solution that I came up with was to buy a share of the mobile retailers so I could start my recharge and payment solution services. But the drawback was that I had to buy expensive hardware and remit huge upfront fees to agencies just to have a go at starting online services. For a small time businessman like myself, this did not seem a good choice. Doubts began to rush into my mind. So, I decided to go with just starting a simple mobile recharge business to go as my side business. It can easily be maintained in my shop and will generate an extra bit of income without a huge risk factor. But in my mind, I was sure that owning just a mobile recharge service isn’t the future I was looking for, it's an ordinary side business that everyone does.
when I was looking online for new business ideas. I came to know about Payworld.  I came across the basket of services that Payworld offers and the low investment required to start the business, and that is when my life changed. Payworld offers Mobile recharges, DTH recharges, Train/Air/Bus Ticket booking, Money Transfer ,  Hotel Booking and many others services to their partner retailers. Their platform is robust and high tech and their customer support is designed to help retailers all over India to effectively use their services and resolve any problems easily. The retailers can offer all these services to the public, so whenever a customer uses a Payworld service through the retailer, the retailer will earn a percentage of the transaction amount as profit. The best part is that I can give these services to my customers either by using my Smartphone or my computer. The only investment Payworld asked me to do was of  ₹ 1000/-, and now this side business of mine is earning me close to ₹30, 000/- a month. Payworld gave me the keys to my future.
With Payworld, not only do I have access to their basket of services, but I also automatically become a part of every new technology or service they roll out. Now I have also become a Payworld GSP (GST  Suvidha provider ) Kendra. Payworld is one of only 34 approved GSP’s in India! With the new GST tax regime, there are many other businesses who need help filing their GST returns. The word is spreading fast and people are coming to my store asking for help in filing GST return for their own business. This has led to increase in number of walk-ins to my store! Needless to say, several of those walk-ins meant additional business for me.
A partnership with Payworld has proven to be the best business decision I have ever taken. If you also want to change your life, simply fill this form:  and get ready to scale new heights!