Payworld – A Service you Can Trust Amidst the Chaotic Lockdown

The recent outbreak of Corona Virus in the nation forced Prime Minister Mr. Modi to announce a 21-day long India-Wide Lockdown. This comes as a welcome measure, as health experts around the world firmly believe that Social Distancing is the only way to contain the spread of and eventually eradicate the Corona Virus. That being said, a large majority of people will now be unable to access various day-to-day facilities like sending money to their loved ones, cash withdrawals even if ATM is not close by, paying their insurance premiums on time, and other such services of importance and urgency. Continued Services at Payworld for Customers
    While the lockdown and its resulting impact have slowed us down, but we at Payworld take immense pleasure in stating that we will still be able to offer a wide range of services like Withdrawal of Cash through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), Domestic Money Remittance (MR), Insurance, Mobile and DTH recharges amongst others to our valued customers across India. After all, we have always been committed to offering the best of services to the society, and in the face of this adversity, our commitment to stand by you has only strengthened.
Continued Services at Payworld for Retailers
    We understand that during these unprecedented times, a lot of things might seem to be confusing for you as a Payworld Retailer. To begin with, if you have not registered yourself as Payworld Retailer then you can do so even now. All Payworld retailers are helping to #ServeTheNation by offering essential banking facilities from their outlet. If your local authorities demand a ‘Certificate to Operate’, you can get the same by following this simple procedure –
  • 1. Go to YBL MR Service
  • 2. Click on the MR Certificate
  • 3. Download the ‘Certificate to Operate’
  • 4. You can then print the certificate or show the copy on your mobile phone to get the permission to operate
You can download ESC card also. Please check in the video how to download it.
    In case you have any other queries that need to be answered, feel free to get in touch with us through phone/email /our chat-bot Mira and via web POS. Our executives will be happy to help you. As a Payworld Retailer, you can rest assured of the fact that we will always be by your side, ready to assist you at every step of the way.
Preventive Measures to Follow
    As per the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, make sure to follow these guidelines when you step out of your homes –
  • • Wash your hands frequently
  • • Wear a surgical mask
  • • Use hand sanitizers after every interaction with a customer or shopkeeper
  • • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from other people
  • • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • • Cover your mouth with your upper arm while coughing or sneezing
How We Are Doing Our Best at Payworld
    At Payworld, we understand the seriousness of the current circumstances and are leaving no stone unturned for the safety of our employees. We have therefore ensured that all our employees are working from home. Owing to the efficiency of our business processes, we are sure that we will be able to continually manage our operations and maintain our services, without any challenges, even during these difficult times.
    While the problem at hand seems way too big to be surmounted, if we all practice social distancing, hygiene and stay at home throughout the lock down period, as directed by the government, we will be able to overcome this pandemic. We understand that this difficult time may lead to stress and anxiety amongst many, but if we all try to keep each other’s spirits high, we can come out of this problem stronger and better than ever before!