Payworld will soon offer investments to the masses by reducing the entry barriers required for making investments. We want to make it more accessible and encourage investments even if they are small ticket sized. Click on the offering mentioned below to know more about them.

Mutual Funds


Payworld will soon facilitate investment in Mutual Funds through our Digital Wallet as per SEBI guidelines. Payworld will promote small ticket investments amongst its customer base. The investment may be in liquid, equity or hybrid schemes. We want to create a savings habit amongst our clients for the otherwise uninvested money. With the increased awareness about SIP’s we see this as a high potential service.

Payworld platform offers retail customers an opportunity to buy gold in small denominations for as low as ₹ 1 through their retail outlets, which can be stored, traded and delivered home in the form of gold coins. It is the preferred form of investment in India and Payworld is making it easier for semi-urban & rural user to invest in Gold digitally of international quality at marked linked price instantly.

Payworld provides a retail assisted system to its customers to buy and sell gold in a simple, easy and convenient manner. The customer can request for the physical delivery of the gold whenever they want and the gold shall be delivered at the customer’s doorstep. Payworld endeavor to offer the complete flexibility in deciding the amount they want to invest and enable customers to develop the habit of saving regularly in digital gold for long-term wealth creation through their retail touch points.