How Payworld HEROES are Offering Resilience and Support to Fellow Citizens During the Pandemic

    The unprecedented anxiety, uncertainty and challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has managed to create globally have also brought to the fore several instances of bravery, humanity and kindness.
    Payworld’s brave retailers, who we like to call our HEROES, are penning down a similar story of goodwill through their myriad steps in assisting customers and fellow citizens through simple yet fundamental services such as simplified cash withdrawals, instant money transfers, and hassle-free vaccine registrations among others.
    Reaching Out to the Underserved
    In the wake of the spread of the novel coronavirus in India, the government introduced stringent measures in the form of a nationwide lockdown, zonal curfews and containment zones as well as isolation setups.
    Despite the move turning out to be successful in preventing the spread of the illness to a great extent, the drastic measures also led to day-to-day difficulties in the life of the ordinary man. Especially for the remote, disconnected areas where people are not sufficiently tech-savvy to handle smartphones or the internet, the pandemic and subsequent lockdown led to widespread loss of jobs, difficulties in monetary transactions as well as vaccine and medical registrations.
    It is here that Payworld, a reputed financial services portal, stepped forward to support the unserved and the underserved sections of society. With digital banking and transaction services extended to the citizen base through an efficient network of retailers, Payworld is empowering people across 720 Districts in 28 states of the country through its various initiatives.
    Driven by Care, Resting on Simplicity
    Payworld is an all-in-one online portal that provides access to retailers all over the country to various kinds of secure and fast multi-modal payment solutions. From different sizes of transactions to credit and investment facilities, Payworld offers a host of digital solutions to retailers and distributors for their financial needs.
    At the same time, Payworld believes in giving back to society, utilising the strength of its vast network and solid outreach. This is the principle behind our recent community-based initiatives in the field of inclusive financial growth and the promotion of vaccination and healthcare.
    With an aim to boost awareness and registration for COVID-19 vaccination, Payworld launched a special rewards-based scheme for its retailers, encouraging them to help the underserved sections in the remotest corners of the country. Through this initiative, Payworld envisions reaching out to rural residents in the country’s hinterlands, enlisting the support of its store network to help residents register for the COVID-19 vaccine via the COWIN website.
    The company’s stores will receive neither money nor overhead charges from customers for this service – the entire drive will be run for free in rural areas. Payworld’s merchants will assist customers with checking slot availability, scheduling appointments and completing vaccine registrations. Besides helping accelerate the nationwide acceleration program in particular and the fight against COVID-19 in general, this initiative by Payworld will also educate the rural masses about the importance of vaccination and taking a step towards the safety and well-being of their families and themselves.
    Transforming Lives, One Vaccine at a Time
    Payworld has decided to provide rewards and incentives to those merchants, or HEROES, who come forward to help selflessly boost this immunisation drive, as a part of Payworld’s CSR. The firm has already begun with its efforts, intending to register 2 lakh people in the next 10 days.
    Payworld anticipates maximum participation and impact in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where it has a foothold in the deep hinterlands and rural regions. Both these populous states are lagging when it comes to the rate of vaccination against COVID-19. While UP has just around 58,000-59,000 vaccinations done per million people so far, the numbers for Bihar are not much impressive either, at 61,000-62,000 vaccinations per million people.
    Directing its initiative to such underserved regions in these two states and beyond, Payworld is playing its small role in helping step up the country’s vaccination process. Achieving complete immunisation for a country with 1.3 billion people is indeed time-consuming and full of obstacles; however, with companies like Payworld stepping forward to boost the process, we can expect faster results in breaking the COVID-19 chain within the country.