Hope at the end of the tunnel: India staying strong during Coronavirus

    It’s time for quarantine and social distancing! The internet is filled with data that promotes you to maintain distance, avoid gatherings and discourage you from stepping out at public places.
    While all of this might seem a little too overwhelming, it is one of the most important and effective steps that you can take to avoid the further spread of the Covid-19 virus.
    Go back in time and think about all those epidemics that affected India in the past (well, obviously a not too good remembrance), but it is only during such instances that we realise that even this too shall pass.
    Right from the smallpox epidemic in the country in 1974 to the 2009 Swine flu pandemic, India has seen it all and has emerged strong.
    India is the world’s second-most populous country. With the rising pandemic of coronavirus, the number of infectious cases has risen, nearing 180 as of March 20th. (Source, India Today). The figures are surely quite unnerving. However, the Government is taking keen steps for the citizens to render support and stop the further spread of the disease.
    Most of the hospitals and healthcare centres across the country are on their toes 24/7 to provide consistent treatments and checkups to those in need. India has conducted nearly 5,000 Covid-19 tests so far, according to the World Health Organisation, which reflects that the country is prompt to respond with urgency as well as transparency.
    As per the experts, enacting strict social distancing, widespread lockdowns and quarantine methods used by Italy, China and other countries is the best option to fight the virus. However, in a country like India with many rural pockets and overcrowded regions, implementation of these could be challenging.
    Lockdown of borders, curbing trains and local buses, advice to cut down or avoid all unnecessary travel plans, widespread awareness raising - all these are Government’s constant efforts to fight the further spread of the virus.
    Conscious steps like washing hands or covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing may seem inconsequential but are effective methods to remain safe and protect yourself and the people you care for.
    Patients in India that have been recovered from Coronvirus so far demonstrate that developing new treatments is only one part of the battle to combat infectious diseases. The greater bit lies in self-isolation and cooperation with the medical staff who have their own battles to fight.
    Quarantine units are set up across the country and provide the patients with facilities to help cope up with the virus as soon as possible. Recently, the Government has also asked private hospitals to reserve beds for isolation of patients to boost preparedness to combat Covid-19.
    With so much effort pouring in, it is not a dark cloud after all. There is surely a silver lining of hope that together we will be able to overcome this challenge.
    In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus, India did take extreme steps to create social distancing. Most patients believe that this is one of the biggest reasons why a country with such a huge population is not taken away by the disease. However, it’s time to reunite in terms of efforts and practice social distancing to fight against this virus once and for all. It is only with understanding and cooperation that it can be possible.
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    It is our firm belief, that by adhering to the Government’s directives, and by taking the advised measures, together we can fight this pandemic, and come out stronger!