Empowering People to Work Independently

    The entire world is now beginning the sixth month of its battle against a pandemic that has urged everyone to take drastic preventive measures to protect themselves. Quarantine brought about a plethora of dilemmas during its inception concerning students, teachers, business owners, and retail workers alike.
    While the entire nation is trying its best to conform itself to settle into the groove of social distancing, a certain degree of normality being maintained is a welcome sight. Retail workers from secluded areas across the country have taken the initiative to maintain normalcy while still practicing social distancing measures.
    Their goal is to be available for the general public in their time of need and offer them emergency services such as money transfers and cash withdrawals too. Payworld believes in their philosophy of "Making Life Simple" and has extended a helping hand to these brave retailers to achieve their purpose.
    A Peek into the Life of a Payworld Retailer
    Since the beginning of the lockdown, several videos both addressing the rising number of issues in the country and videos offering help in taking care of various perspectives, have been uploaded. One such video that stood out among them was that of a retail worker sharing his simple post-lockdown routine.
    Mohammad Aftab is a Payworld retailer working in his quaint shop in Darbhanga, a city in Bihar. He very enthusiastically shares how Payworld helped him continue helping the residents in his community while keeping them safe from infection.
    He stands as a symbol for the rest of the retailers from remote areas around the country whose grievances have been taken into account by Payworld. These generous workers are defined as #PayworldHeroes by the Payworld community and rightly so.
    Mohammad Aftab's video may be one among many, but it certainly shows how Indian retailers have changed their approach in dealing with their customers for both their protection.
    Initiatives Taken by #PayworldHeroes
    Starting with Basic Hygiene
    Payworld Retailers are first and foremost taught to exercise basic sanitation and hygiene consistently during their day. Mohammad Aftab, in his video, advises his fellow retailers to use hand sanitizers regularly and to also keep one separately for their customers.
    He practices wearing masks and also mentions several other measures that are carried out, such as disinfecting the counter and the fingerprint sensor after each customer.
    When it comes to transactions like cash withdrawals, the Payworld retailers use thumb punching machines. These machines are sanitized thoroughly before and after every use. Further, the people depositing or withdrawing cash through this Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) are also made to sanitize their hands before punching their thumbs.
    Besides the AePS enabled transaction, the Payworld retailers support debit card swipe machines to facilitate in transactions.
    The Customers Are Not Forgotten
    While Payworld takes exceptional care of its retailers, they do not skimp out on their customers either. Payworld manages to refund their customers in case of any problem with their transaction and aim to do so within a day.
    Payworld in Times of the COVID-19
    While layoffs have been drastic these days, one sector of the industry that still has hope is the cash transaction domain.
    This clearly shows that there is a huge opportunity for the migrant labourers who have lost their livelihood. Sensing the vital need for cash withdrawal and other basic cash-less transactions these days, Payworld offers to co-opt the migrant workers, who earlier worked at factories and construction sites, into their retailer base. Now, these deprived strata of the denizens can use their knowledge of mobile phones and digital transactions to aid their villagers.
    With as much as an investment of INR 1,000, Payworld retailers can earn more than INR 10,000 per month.
    The Call
    If the lockdown curbed one’s means of earning, they can join the community of Payworld retailers like Mohammad Aftab and start earning right away. While Payworld retailers can extend services even during the lockdown times, it’s also a venture for the jobless to become a retailer to make ends meet.
    All those who are willing to become Payworld retailers can click here, and avail the opportunity to serve the nation while also earning sufficiently.