Our retail network can leverage their existing market presence to offer B2B and B2C loans. The focus is to offer small ticket sized loans since the retailer can service their customers. Click on the offering mentioned below to know more about them.

B2B Loan

B2C Loan

Payworld has developed an intelligent loan platform by implementing Artificial Intelligence where merchants can apply for loans with the click of a button. Payworld uses fully integrated Aadhar & India Stack capabilities to achieve paperless disbursement. For this Payworld has made many strategic tie-ups with various NBFCs & technological companies in order to process seamless loan through our platform.

Payworld plans to offers Nano / Personal loans to end consumers through Artificial Intelligence where consumers can avail loan based on their Investment & Transaction history. We are currently working on a model of Dashboard Analytics for deeper insights into the consumer’s records, market history & investments in order to disburse loans to the consumers.