COVID Is No More a Stress- Health Insurance At Your Fingertips

Novel Coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19, has permeated the country exponentially, causing health upshots and havoc and leaving the citizens in financial distress. Given the meagre extent of health insurances in India's semi-urban and rural areas, the rift for insurance companies racing to bridge the gap has also increased. While the effort to do by companies has been extensive, only a small amount of people understand the benefits of obtaining/adding COVID-19 coverage in health insurance plans.

While shifting to our work-from-home setups and sustaining precautionary measures while running our daily errands, all health-conscious folks are staying dedicated to keeping themselves physically and mentally fit. The one thing that the ongoing pandemic has brought into public view is the importance of family protection and care.

The current situation has also made us all aware of the importance of physical health and financial immunity.

While immunity building is in our hands, the unexpected outbreak of this highly contagious disease can be unanticipated. In cases of medical emergencies, health insurance acts as a safety-net taking care of uncalled for medical expenses and prevents unforeseen forces from driving down our long-term financial savings.

Many different generic and health insurance providers in India have included exclusive COVID-19 Health Insurance policy that takes care of financial expense in the exigency of having exposure and contracting the Coronavirus. Policyholders get coverage for treatment expenses in the review of COVID related symptoms and are protected in the situation of pre and post hospitalisation plus the cost of ambulance transportation. With India now being the third-highest after Brazil and the United States having 15 Lakh+ confirmed cases, the contagious disease has just been subject to a higher number of people, and the cases have increased significantly. With a lack of sure-shot vaccine developments, trials are still underway.

Getting oneself covered under a Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy can be a novel precautionary measure as compared to the ones who still haven't availed health insurance cover to seek protection against COVID-19 disease:

  • The policy covers the expenses for hospitalisation related to Coronavirus disease.
  • The policy also covers the medical expenses incurred during the treatment of the Coronavirus disease.
  • More specifically, all medical expenses incurred during the quarantine period will be compensated for by the insurance company.

Making sure you contact your health insurance provider and avail the COVID-19 specific policy is pertinent irrespective of whether you choose the specific policy or would like coverage under your broader health insurance scheme if you happen to contract the Coronavirus. By doing so, you will be assisted and petitioned with due care by the respective health insurers.

Some circumstances in life come unforeseen and might sway the balance we create even throughout our life. A young age, a high-level income or perfect health conditions might get us thinking otherwise. But building a safety net is one of the most ironclad ways of ensuring that you are left feeling intact at the most challenging phases of your life. Having said that, make sure you plan ahead of time, equip yourselves with the right tools and policies, so you are adequately prepared and shielded against contingencies and mounting medical inflation. You, your family and loved ones are vouching for protection, and health insurance that is best suited for your situation and the given circumstances might just be the life-jacket you need while we all battle a global pandemic collectively.

About Payworld Health Insurance

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