How Is MPOS Shaping Our Country’s Payment System?

At present in India, digitisation and cashless payments are becoming popular for making payments. The nation is moving towards becoming an economy based on plastic-money, one that is non-corrupt and totally devoid of black money. However, even this transition is facing some hiccups, the most pertinent one of them being the absence of digital payment methods.

The Problem – Absence of Digital Payment Methods

There are some business owners and shopkeepers who are finding it hard to keep up with the changing trend. The reason is simple. These shop owners still rely on the traditional method of cash-based transactions. This gives way to a two-way issue.

First being, inconvenience to the customer. Given that most customers now receive salaries directly in the bank accounts, they prefer to pay via debit or credit cards, and hence avoid going to the shops where they need to pay in cash. The second issue here is the unsatisfactory experience that customers face. More often than not, when a customer visits a retailer who only accepts cash, the customer is required to face a long queue or worse, a horde of other customers to compete with. In such a situation, it becomes highly likely for the customer to change his decision, and abandon the idea of making a purchase altogether.

The Solution – MPOS

The solution to the above-mentioned problems is both, simple and affordable, and is known as MPOS. A MPOS or a Mobile Point of Sale device is essentially a wireless, portable device that enables all types of cashless transactions. Not only is it much more affordable than a fixed Point of Sale system, but also ensures the utmost convenience to customers. Let us understand the benefits of MPOS in greater detail.

  • Affordable – Thanks to its fairly low price of Rs. 4,500 offered by Payworld and easy availability, even small merchants and retailers can easily have access to this revolutionary device.
  • Handy – Owing to the fact that the MPOS are wireless in nature, it can easily be taken from one place to another. Moreover, its compact size makes it extremely easy to store it in a drawer, or carry it around in a small satchel or backpack.
  •  Card Payments – MPOS devices are equipped with a scanner for the digital strips of debit/credit cards and hence can conveniently accept digital payments.
  • Paperless – The moment a payment is received by the MPOS, customer receives an instant SMS for the transaction made.
  • Doorstep Payments – For customers who indulge in online shopping, but don’t have the know-how of online payments, MPOS has come to act as a boon. Thanks to the portability of these devices, an e-commerce business can now easily accept digital payments while delivering the shopped items to the customers, right at their doorstep.
  • Mini ATMs – For what they’re worth, MPOS devices can act as Mini ATMs and help the customers withdraw money from their bank accounts with the help of ATM/Debit Card. This transaction helps the retailer to earn a commission, hence calling for a complete win-win situation.


The Potential of MPOS in India

For a country which experienced over 865.9 crore (source: wikipedia) digital transactions across all banking platforms, in the year 2016-2017, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the potential for MPOS in India is exemplary. For what it’s worth, MPOS devices are now being considered as the fastest moving trend in retail, after the advent of the internet.

With the Government of India showing utmost seriousness about making India a less-cash economy, it is only just to say that the demand for MPOS will grow exponentially in the coming years.

It is in line with this growing demand for mobile payments, that India’s leading assisted wallet company, Payworld has introduced Payworld MPOS / Mini ATM devices which are readily available for the retailers across the nation. The reasonably low prices of the Payworld MPOS / Mini ATM device and low monthly charges will prove to be a driving force in India’s journey towards digitisation of transactions.

For more details about MPOS / Mini ATM device, please sign up here:


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Increase your sales with these time-tested ways

In this era of increasing competition from big retail stores and large e-commerce companies, it is important for a small business to have strong sales. Failure to do so, the business may stagnate and may end up closing shop. As a business person, you must examine ways to sell your products and services to boost your sales and effectively improve your bottom-line. If you are a small retailer, here are some of the ways in which you can increase sales:

1. Local Advertising and word-of-mouth

Local advertising can be done through the normal channels of TV, radio, and newspapers. You can promote your basket of goods and services through the traditional channels. If cities/towns with good internet connectivity, you can also promote your retail outlet online. You should also try to build a strong word-of-mouth marketing channel, as that channel works the best in smaller towns and cities.

2. Offer Money Transfer and Mini ATM Services

Sometimes the bank may have closed because time has elapsed and the ATM is far off. Still, a client can be able to send money to a loved one through your store if you partner with Payworld through their money transfer system.

You can also have mPoS system that allows a client to withdraw up to Rs. 2,000 .This can greatly increase your sales revenue.

3. Sale of Bus and Rail Tickets

People have to travel, and the most common form of travel is either by bus or rail. By partnering with Payworld, a retailer in a small city can help its customer’s book tickets for bus, train or even an airplane. This added convenience for your customers increases their loyalty and your sales.

4. Offering Mobile Recharge Services

When people come to your store, they should be able to charge their mobile connections for airtime and data packages. This would bring repeat business and foot traffic to your store, and soon you will have more clients than his competitors because of these essential services.

5. Inside your store

As a business person, you must start looking at every person who enters into your store as a potential buyer. To make this possible you must ask yourself how your store looks like from the inside. Some things that can be done on the inside of the store include:

  • Counter position: Should be in a place where you can be able to greet the customers as they come in.
  • Shop signage: Should be able to guide the customer well.
  • Customer service: Your staff must be warm, kind, trustworthy and have knowledge of the product. They must wow your customer with their information. Be fast to get what the customer needs.
  • The point of Sale: Upselling can be done by partnering with Payworld to offer services such as DTH recharge, paying of insurance premiums, flight reservation, etc. This can significantly increase sales.


6. Offer Sales incentives to your Employees

A time-tested principle to reward employees this can work wonders on your sales you one can able to:

  • Give commissions per product sold.
  • Give rewards to the employee achieving the highest sales such as gifts or promotions.


7. Run a Customer Loyalty Program

You can run a reward program where a customer is rewarded after achieving certain criteria. You can offer this by way of discounts, gifts, coupons etc. This can make bring loyalty of clients hence increasing sales.

By partnering with a company such as Payworld these time-tested tips can help small retailers in cities as well as remote areas to increase their sales hence their profitability. Why don’t you try them and see your business grow and flourish.


Ways to Turn Your Business into an E-Business

Many companies have come to the realization that they cannot do business in the old fashioned way of renting an office, advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers, hoping to get a hold of a lot of customers. Times have changed, and the internet has become the best way to do business. Many business people have realized that there are tremendous benefits in changing from conventional business methods to e-business.

Assisted e-commerce

This is whereby a person is influenced and assisted in doing an online e-commerce transaction. Retailers can partner with a company such as Payworld to assist public to access e-commerce services such as bill payments, bus/ railway/ air ticket purchase, money transfer services and mobile/dth recharges. In this case, a retailer benefits as he gets additional income alongwith his or her existing business.

Some services that can be offered in order to turn your business into an e-business are

1. E-shopping

By partnering with Payworld, a retailer using their application can assist a customer to do their online/ e-shopping. They can view and select the goods they want, and they will be shown the estimated number of days in which the product will be delivered and the available payment modes. When the goods arrive, they will be carted to the customer’s address.

2. Have a Money Transfer system

With the world going cashless, more and more people are embracing the digital way of doing things. Nowadays money is kept electronically and can be transferred to another person. By partnering with Payworld, a retailer can assist their customers for transferring money to another person. In the process, the retailer makes extra money. This method of electronic money transfer has become a boon to the public as now the hassles of going to the bank, standing in long queues and filling out forms are entirely eliminated.

3. Payment of Bills

You will be able to pay for insurance premiums of your customers by using Payworld platform. Moreover, you can use the same platform to recharge DTH services, all of this happens in real-time. Other bills that can also be paid using the system are land line bills, electricity bills and post-paid bills. All these services will invite customers in, and in turn, can greatly improve the retailer revenue stream.

4. Travel Services

A retailer will be able to offer ticket booking services to the customers. With an online travel ticket booking service, a retailer can help customers book train/bus tickets or even airline tickets. The added service could really increase a retailer’s client base as people are fed up with standing in long queues to book their travel tickets. Ticket cancellations can also be done through the retailer.

5. Hotel Booking

Incorporating Payworld’s e-commerce services into your business will also grant you the ability to book hotel rooms online for your customers. Being a retailer, it gives you a huge advantage as you can now expand from your current business ways and step into the online way of helping customers. Booking hotel rooms is always a daunting task for customers and helping them out will surely garner you their loyalty and new business prospects.

6. MPOS/ Mini ATM devices

You can provide facility of Debit / Credit card payments to your customers. By using ATM/Debit card withdrawals upto ₹2,000 can be also made by customers through MPOS  devices which is also known as Mini ATM. Retailers will have the sufficient support to offer such services when they partner with Payworld Company.

For retail businesses especially in the rural areas and semi-urban areas, e-commerce is the way to go. By partnering with a company such as Payworld, they will be able to offer extra services that will greatly help in simplifying the lives of the locals and also create additional income for their businesses. To know more about services of Payworld , visit: or register directly at to start using our services. Invest Less, Earn More !!!



Top 7 Customer Service Tips to Attract and Retain Customers

The customer is the king, no matter which business you are in. This is especially true for retail. Without the customer, retail is nothing. The key to great customer service is to serve with a smile. However, there’s more to what it seems to be. Here are 7 tips that will surely help you to attract and retain your customers:

  1. Treat the customer as a friend

The key to making best connections is to be friendly. If you want the customer to stay, you’d better try to be their friend. As a customer, the person is bound to feel comfortable in a friendly environment. Make short conversations wherever you can. It will make their day. Offer them advice. Tell them about new products/services that will make their lives easier. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

  1. Offer perks

Everyone loves a perk, an upgrade or a discount. Try to fit in great offers and discounts wherever you can that can benefit both you and the customer. For example, if your online portal offers transportation booking, try to throw in an affordable insurance that can cover baggage costs, damage costs, or even mild accident costs. Give them incentives for higher transaction volume. These perks will definitely bring customers back to you more often.

  1. Listen to your customers

If there’s one thing that customers hate, it’s being ignored as a customer. To receive praise, always make sure that you can treat their woes. Your staff must be trained to patiently listen to customers and guide them through uncertainty into the clearing. Also, listen to their needs and demands and cater to those. If the customers are looking for new products, arrange them at your outlet. If they are looking for new ways to pay, get an mPoS from Payworld.

  1. Stop talking. Show them what you have

In today’s world, no one wants to listen to how good you are. It all depends on action and services. Be quick and never try to over-please the customer. You need to think like them. Serve them exactly what they require and nothing more. And most importantly, don’t brag. If you’re good at what you do, then fame is not too far behind. Anticipate your customers’ needs and give them personalized solutions.

  1. Advertise right

Advertising is an art. The point is to somehow make people aware of your service or product without constantly badgering them about it. Make quirky ads, post in the newspapers, make it to internet advertisements, etc. There’s a plethora of options available today thanks to the concept of digital marketing and technology. Build a word-of-mouth channel. All this can help you get more footfall to your store.

  1. Keep up with the times

Times are changing and so are customer needs and behaviour. Similarly, your services need to be up to the requirements. If your product or service caters to the trend, you’re a winner. Listen to your customers’ demands, change your ways, better your products and offers.

  1. Go digital

With the whole world going digital, you can’t afford not to. Customers expect multiple modes of payments, online shopping, train booking and other such conveniences. By partnering with a company such as Payworld, you can offer these and much more with complete ease.

By implementing these tips, you can see results in your business within a few months.

Payworld has been helping retailers grow and be successful through its plethora of services. Join Payworld to scale your small business to the heights you never dreamt of. To register with us, click here: 


5 Smart Ways To Do Business In The New Cashless Economy

With the Indian economy going cashless, there are many opportunities for businesses to do new things and find new business avenues. A cashless economy is an economy which doesn’t use the traditional notes and coins as a means of trade. Instead, it uses cashless means or electronic means. So all the businesses, whether small or big, must prepare or they will not survive in the long run. So here are a few smart methods to do business in the cashless economy-

  1. Set up mPoS system

Debit and credit cards have been used to make payment for both goods and services for more than a decade now and with the economy going cashless, the same cards can be used for withdrawal purpose. So make sure you partner with the correct service provider and get your mPoS ready to accept payments directly into your bank account. Ensure that the mPoS you get accepts all the major credit, debit and prepaid cards around the world. Getting an mPoS from a company like Payworld can help you increase your sales!

  1. Set up a recharge point in your shop!

A recharge/bill payment service is a great way to attract walk-ins to your store. If you enable this service at your shop or retail outlet, you can help customers recharge their Mobiles/DTH and almost all the household bills can be paid online. The major advantage in doing so is to free the public from the inconvenience of long queues. Such services provided by Payworld will enable you to attract more customers into your shop. In no time, your customer base will increase considerably.

  1. Have a money remittance system

We have always thought of banks as the only way to remit or transfer money to a person or an account. The per day money transfer rate has been on the rise. With the economy going towards a cashless system, the number of money transfers through electronic means is expected to rise significantly in the coming years. One of the smart solutions offered by Payworld is to enable small businesses and retailers to incorporate money remittance services into their businesses. With the help of this service, the retailer can help customers /walkins to do money transfers from their shops itself. Having an advanced feature like this in your business will help you grow your business

  1. Provide e-commerce services

You can help your customers order products online and pick up at your outlet. This assisted e-commerce model will not only help you be a part of crores worth of e-commerce market, but will also get you more customers as they see your shop as the place to get anything from anywhere. In addition, you can offer travel services such as e-ticketing for train, bus, air and hotel bookings. You can tie up with a provider like Payworld and extend all these services to your customers.

  1. Train your staff

With the economy going cashless, many people will be forced to use a system they are not comfortable with to survive. Therefore it’s crucial for you and your employees to know how to operate all these payment services  which effectively help and guide your customers to use these services.

These tips will help you grow your business in this era of fast technological advancements. Join hands with Payworld to offer new-age services in a fast and efficient manner to your customers. Payworld has been helping retailers nation-wide to grow and earn more income. To join the revolution, sign up here: 


Become Payworld Retailer and Go Cashless

The recent demonetization move taken by the honorable PM of India to curb black money has left people perplexed because of a sudden shortage of enough notes. The daily life of common man has gone haywire because- even in this age of digitalization, we rely just too much on currency notes. Both for the store owners as well as the customers the time is proving to be a difficult one because no one was really prepared for something like this. So, do you think our PM is to be blamed for this inconvenience we are going through? Is him expecting a digital India like asking for too much? No. Going cashless is not just the call of the day but it is really convenient too. You do not need to worry about the cash being stolen or lost or spoiled etc.

If you run a shop or store and are facing this issue on a day-to-day basis for almost a month now, there are many other alternates you can rely on. You might have come across people trying to hand you their old 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes in exchange of the products and services they have availed from you. You might have come across people coming in to buy a small thing so you could give them the change in return. But none of this is actually working these days. So what to do, you ask? Go cashless and start accepting payments from debit/ credit cards majority people own these days.

Payworld brings to you its platform using which you can become a part of ‘digitalization’ and ‘going cashless’ move. Their MPOS machine helps you become a Payworld Retailer, with the help of which you can enjoy the cashless benefits. This leaves you with no worries about the cash being stolen from your shop. With machine payments, you need not run here and there managing the change for customer too. Just swipe as much the amount mentioned in the bill and you are done. Visa, RuPay, MasterCard- Payworld MPOS Machine accepts debits and credit cards of all major banks- thus helping make a transparent and corruption-free India!


Cash Point aka Mini ATM

After the advent of ATM cards, people have started roaming around with light pockets, with just a couple of ATM cards in their wallet which provide them the opportunity to withdraw cash as and when they require. While urban cities and towns have ATMs of various banks within walking distance, villages are deprived of this privilege. People dwelling in the outskirts do not get to live with such freedom and thus are always under threat of theft. Another pain-area is while we are travelling to the outskirts. Now taking a lot of cash while travelling is not a good idea but money-need can arise anytime, anywhere. In areas where ATM’s are a scarcity and one cannot live or travel with a lot of cash with them, it becomes a huge problem.

At a place where you know no one and you do not have enough cash, Payworld is no less than a silver lining on the cloud. Payworld offers a wide range of services which ensures you always have helping hand. If you are at a place where there is no hint of an ATM at a wide stretch, Payworld Cash Point  is at your service. You can just step in, at a Kirana, Stationery or Chemist store who has tied-up with Payworld and get up to Rs. 2000 instant in cash. As a traveller, this becomes really easy for one to withdraw the minimal amount of cash required and travel without worrying about any excess cash. For the village dwellers, this concept of Mini-ATM is nothing less than a blessing in disguise.

While urban towns have a lot of platforms and services which help make their life easier and worry-free, rural India is still living in a state of oblivion. By offering a plethora of services, Payworld is bringing villages close to the urban towns and cities having access to all modern amenities.


Payworld Cash Point

Cash Points, basically, are another term for an Automated Teller Machine, more popularly known as ATMs. For a metropolitan city, ATMs are an everyday sight. But what about the rural man who has to walk endless kilometres just to withdraw some cash? Payworld recognized this need and acted upon it.

In 2015, Intelligent Electronic Transaction Processing platform Payworld, announced that it has launched Payworld Cash Point, a service that lets consumers obtain cash at retail points in areas where ATMs are not available or accessible. Payworld in association with State Bank of India is operating this scheme. “This would also be helpful to the millions of people in rural and semi-urban areas that have opened bank accounts under the Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana and have debit cards but no access to an ATM machine in their neighbourhood,” Payworld said in a statement.

To provide this service, a retailer will use the Payworld app installed on a smartphone equipped with a card reader machine. Payworld provides both the app and the card reader. “All he has to do is to swipe the walk in customer’s debit card, and on authorization by the bank, pay out the cash,” Payworld said. Account holders with a debit card can request a maximum of ₹. 2,000 in cash from this cash-out facility of Payworld.

The company’s target is Tier III and Tier IV cities and rural areas where bank branches and ATMs are scattered. “Our initial plan is to launch the scheme with 500 retailers and gradually scale it up to over 5,000 by December 2016,” said Praveen Dhabhai, COO of Payworld.


Payworld Cash Points

Money is a critical resource needed by all individuals for their daily functioning. In many instances, we have sufficient funds in our bank account but often run out of liquidity in our wallet. Further, accessing this money can be quite difficult at times like when one is travelling. Many times it happens that while on vacation we are on the look-out for an ATM to withdraw cash, which can be quite difficult in the under developed areas of the country. A lot of residents living in rural areas in India with legitimate bank accounts are unable to access their money in times of need due to lack of ATM machines and bank branches in their locality. Continue reading “Payworld Cash Points”