The Best Idea to Start a Promising Business within ₹ 8000/-

In the present times, getting your dream idea funded is as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. It is for this very reason that innumerable people have given up on their dream of building their own enterprise and giving wings to their dreams. But, not anymore!

For what it’s worth, a game-changing business is not about the funds it has to begin with, it is more about the potential that the idea has and the work you’re ready to put in to make the most of that potential. Today, we discuss some astounding business ideas for you that do not need any more than a meager sum of Rs. 8,000 and promise you great returns. So, read on to know more about these awe-inspiring prospects.

  1. Mobile and DTH Recharge

Given the traditional structure of the Indian society, even in today’s times of digital advancement, the larger chunk of people prefer getting their Mobile and DTH recharges through the nearest retailer. This has been made extremely easy and profitable by the Payworld Application, which allows a retailer to start offering these services with a trading balance of as less as ₹ 1,000. For all you know, you don’t even have to take the effort of initiating tie-ups with different Telecom providers or DTH services. The Payworld Application comes packed with all of them and offers lucrative commissions in turn.

  1. Insurance

Payworld enables retailers to sell all 3 lines of Insurance policies i.e. Life, Health & General to customers by converting them into Insurance Point of Sale or Insurance POS. All you need is service activation fee of ₹ 500, to begin with, and as you can guess the opportunities are limitless. After all, every member of every family in your vicinity needs all the three types of insurance policies. Don’t they?

  1. Bill Payment

As a retailer, you can conveniently use Payworld Bill Payment services to pay various kinds of utility bills like electricity, water, gas, landline bills and post-paid bills for the customers. Again, you will need ₹ 500 to activate this service considering the amount for the same, it is easily manageable and truly worth your while. Considering every family you cater to needs to pay at least 4 out of these 5 bills every month, your incentive will be more than satisfactory.

  1. E-Shopping

As is known to one and all, a large majority of people in India are not tech-savvy. However, even such people know the benefits of e-shopping and want to explore the same. As a Payworld retailer, you can help such customers to shop on various e-commerce portals. In turn, you stand a chance to earn commissions on the sales. Here, you will need to make an investment of about ₹ ­­­­­­­1250, to activate this service.  Now isn’t that a piece of cake.

  1. Travel Bookings

Payworld retailers can book Air / Train / Bus tickets, Hotel Reservations along with Travel Insurance on behalf of their customers for both, domestic as well as international locations. This can be done with great ease through the Payworld Application. One just needs to activate this incredible travel service with a minimal service activation fee of ₹ 8,000. Trust us, when it comes to earning great returns on your investments, it doesn’t get better than this. Not convinced yet? Let us share a true story with you. Mr, Avinash Singh Yadav, a 30-year-old graduate from Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, invested the small sum and kick-started his small business of travel bookings, from his father’s grocery shop. Within a span of just 1 year, not only was he able to generate a significant income but also rented his own shop in one of the prime locations of the city. Now doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know some truly promising ideas of setting up your business that too on a minimal budget of ₹ 8,000 and less, go ahead and help your dreams take that much-awaited flight in the world of reality. For all you know, you could be India’s next star entrepreneur!

* Service activation charges can be changed anytime without prior information.

* For latest fee/charges, please contact on Payworld Helpline number 011 3315 8888.


A Company That Puts You First, Work When You Want, Make What You Need

Running a successful travel agency is no longer just a dream. Partner with Payworld, a Multi Integrated Platform, dealing with a range of travel services like Air, Train & Bus ticketing, Hotel Reservations and also securing your travel with Travel Insurance. With Payworld you can make more Money with every service you provide to your customers.  Stay on top of technology with our Android App and provide instant bookings, intimations and keep track of all your work from anywhere.

Is Being A Travel Agent Difficult?

Payworld is designed for full-time travel professionals, students, graduates, or anyone looking for a part-time source of income. Test the waters of the travel world and gain knowledge and work experience through our years of expertise in providing services.
Start your journey as a Payworld retailer with a meagre investment and watch in turn into a successful business.

Rail Ticketing

Payworld is an authorized direct IRCTC-principal service provider. Work as an authorized e-ticketing agent through Payworld and offer railway ticketing services to your customers. Book instant tickets, make reservations and make cancellations all in one single portal. Another advantage of being a Payworld Rail e-ticket agent is that you are eligible to book unlimited tickets.

Air Ticketing

Being Payworld retailers receive the best deals and lowest flight fares, coupon fares, GDS fares, corporate fares to offer your customers. Gain clients like nowhere else through the special fares. Book domestic as well as international flight tickets for your customers, through the Android App hassle-free and provide real-time updates to your customers. Enjoy all these benefits with Zero convenience charge from Payworld.

Bus Ticketing

Don’t let your customers wait in the queue for bus tickets. You now have access to major bus companies, and can book tickets for all bus operators without trouble. Make urgent bookings from the comfort of your own office, home, or anywhere on your Android phone.

Hotel Bookings

You can book hotels and rooms across the globe at an excellent commission from Payworld. You will have access to worldwide hotel bookings and luxury stays. Provide the best stay for your customer at competitive rates. Track all information, confirmations, and receive instant notifications directly to your handheld devices.

Travel Insurance Services

Insurance has become a necessity while travelling to reduce or eliminate the risk of loss of life or property. With travel insurance just a little step away from being mandatory in India like in the western world, handling the process of applying for travel insurance separately, for your customer, becomes tedious.
Provide the ideal travel insurance for your customers as a Payworld Insurance POS and bring a smile on the faces of your customers by providing all travel insurance solutions at one place.
Maintain all the travel arrangements in one place and let your customers leave all worries and enjoy their holidays. Receive high commissions on booking travel insurance as well.

Additional Benefits

By partnering with Payworld, you receive access to the plethora of services and also help to keep abreast with the latest technology like digital wallets, MPOS/Mini ATM devices and much more.

As a Payworld retailer, you will provide a one-stop shop for Travel Booking, Insurance, Domestic Money Remittance, Mobile or DTH recharge, E-Shopping, GST Return filing and Bill Payments to your clients.

Be the best travel agent you can be with Payworld.




Starting a new retail business can be a complicated situation to many as the task comes with excitements, challenges, adventures, and the feeling of accomplishment whenever you achieve something. One of the most regular challenges that individuals face when they decide to start a new retail business is how to start (the process) and where (the location) to start. The comforting fact is that no matter how the challenge of starting up the business may arise for you, there are sure ways to handle and overcome them. In this article, you will find an ultimate checklist to help you in successfully starting any retail store of your own. The content of the list will go a long way in helping you overcome the various challenges associated with new retail businesses.


  1. Get a good business idea for yourself

The saying that ideas rule the world is both familiar and right. It applies to the business community as well. The primary step in starting any business (both retail and otherwise) is to sit down, observe and come up with a business idea which may be an unfulfilled need around your location and suits your target market at the same time. With a good business idea in place, other things would fall into place.


  1. Ideas can be tested. Test yours

Despite the fact that coming up with ideas is wonderful, it should also be noted that ideas can fail if not tested and proven. Starting a new retail business is a huge commitment, and something you should be sure is going to work. So once the idea comes, check if it’s feasible or not, identify the competitors, the market response towards the idea and see if you have enough skills, knowledge and the right materials to carry it out.


  1. Have a business name

It may not sound like a serious point to note but believe it! Naming your new retail business is something worth taking time to decide. This requirement is because the name of your company immediately becomes its identity and brand. In coming up with a name for your business, consider the peculiarities you have and also ensure you don’t choose a name already in use by another service provider, especially around the locality.


  1. What are the Cost Implications?

Any new business needs capital (either big or small). This next step is about sitting down to figure out the cost of starting the business. It may be small enough to handle, or it may be enormous that you may need to get helpwith. Whichever way, do find out the financial implications of the business.


  1. Come up with a Business Plan.

This is just referred to as the outline for your new retail business. In a business plan, you need to write down your ideas, the strategies for marketing, and the capital needed. The next step is to prepare reports for the next 2-3 years. This plan can either be made by you or a contracted expert you have hired.


  1. Register and get a License.

Having done the things listed above, you are about to start your business. All that you need to do is register your business. This procedure secures your business with a license and permission from both the state and the local agencies to run your business without interference.

With the above list, you can successfully start a retail business of your choice. However, once the business has started, there is still work to do to keep it growing and for acquiring new customers. Hence, relenting is not an option. Always be willing to do more!


Increase your sales with these time-tested ways

In this era of increasing competition from big retail stores and large e-commerce companies, it is important for a small business to have strong sales. Failure to do so, the business may stagnate and may end up closing shop. As a business person, you must examine ways to sell your products and services to boost your sales and effectively improve your bottom-line. If you are a small retailer, here are some of the ways in which you can increase sales:

1. Local Advertising and word-of-mouth

Local advertising can be done through the normal channels of TV, radio, and newspapers. You can promote your basket of goods and services through the traditional channels. If cities/towns with good internet connectivity, you can also promote your retail outlet online. You should also try to build a strong word-of-mouth marketing channel, as that channel works the best in smaller towns and cities.

2. Offer Money Transfer and Mini ATM Services

Sometimes the bank may have closed because time has elapsed and the ATM is far off. Still, a client can be able to send money to a loved one through your store if you partner with Payworld through their money transfer system.

You can also have mPoS system that allows a client to withdraw up to Rs. 2,000 .This can greatly increase your sales revenue.

3. Sale of Bus and Rail Tickets

People have to travel, and the most common form of travel is either by bus or rail. By partnering with Payworld, a retailer in a small city can help its customer’s book tickets for bus, train or even an airplane. This added convenience for your customers increases their loyalty and your sales.

4. Offering Mobile Recharge Services

When people come to your store, they should be able to charge their mobile connections for airtime and data packages. This would bring repeat business and foot traffic to your store, and soon you will have more clients than his competitors because of these essential services.

5. Inside your store

As a business person, you must start looking at every person who enters into your store as a potential buyer. To make this possible you must ask yourself how your store looks like from the inside. Some things that can be done on the inside of the store include:

  • Counter position: Should be in a place where you can be able to greet the customers as they come in.
  • Shop signage: Should be able to guide the customer well.
  • Customer service: Your staff must be warm, kind, trustworthy and have knowledge of the product. They must wow your customer with their information. Be fast to get what the customer needs.
  • The point of Sale: Upselling can be done by partnering with Payworld to offer services such as DTH recharge, paying of insurance premiums, flight reservation, etc. This can significantly increase sales.


6. Offer Sales incentives to your Employees

A time-tested principle to reward employees this can work wonders on your sales you one can able to:

  • Give commissions per product sold.
  • Give rewards to the employee achieving the highest sales such as gifts or promotions.


7. Run a Customer Loyalty Program

You can run a reward program where a customer is rewarded after achieving certain criteria. You can offer this by way of discounts, gifts, coupons etc. This can make bring loyalty of clients hence increasing sales.

By partnering with a company such as Payworld these time-tested tips can help small retailers in cities as well as remote areas to increase their sales hence their profitability. Why don’t you try them and see your business grow and flourish.


Ways to Turn Your Business into an E-Business

Many companies have come to the realization that they cannot do business in the old fashioned way of renting an office, advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers, hoping to get a hold of a lot of customers. Times have changed, and the internet has become the best way to do business. Many business people have realized that there are tremendous benefits in changing from conventional business methods to e-business.

Assisted e-commerce

This is whereby a person is influenced and assisted in doing an online e-commerce transaction. Retailers can partner with a company such as Payworld to assist public to access e-commerce services such as bill payments, bus/ railway/ air ticket purchase, money transfer services and mobile/dth recharges. In this case, a retailer benefits as he gets additional income alongwith his or her existing business.

Some services that can be offered in order to turn your business into an e-business are

1. E-shopping

By partnering with Payworld, a retailer using their application can assist a customer to do their online/ e-shopping. They can view and select the goods they want, and they will be shown the estimated number of days in which the product will be delivered and the available payment modes. When the goods arrive, they will be carted to the customer’s address.

2. Have a Money Transfer system

With the world going cashless, more and more people are embracing the digital way of doing things. Nowadays money is kept electronically and can be transferred to another person. By partnering with Payworld, a retailer can assist their customers for transferring money to another person. In the process, the retailer makes extra money. This method of electronic money transfer has become a boon to the public as now the hassles of going to the bank, standing in long queues and filling out forms are entirely eliminated.

3. Payment of Bills

You will be able to pay for insurance premiums of your customers by using Payworld platform. Moreover, you can use the same platform to recharge DTH services, all of this happens in real-time. Other bills that can also be paid using the system are land line bills, electricity bills and post-paid bills. All these services will invite customers in, and in turn, can greatly improve the retailer revenue stream.

4. Travel Services

A retailer will be able to offer ticket booking services to the customers. With an online travel ticket booking service, a retailer can help customers book train/bus tickets or even airline tickets. The added service could really increase a retailer’s client base as people are fed up with standing in long queues to book their travel tickets. Ticket cancellations can also be done through the retailer.

5. Hotel Booking

Incorporating Payworld’s e-commerce services into your business will also grant you the ability to book hotel rooms online for your customers. Being a retailer, it gives you a huge advantage as you can now expand from your current business ways and step into the online way of helping customers. Booking hotel rooms is always a daunting task for customers and helping them out will surely garner you their loyalty and new business prospects.

6. MPOS/ Mini ATM devices

You can provide facility of Debit / Credit card payments to your customers. By using ATM/Debit card withdrawals upto ₹2,000 can be also made by customers through MPOS  devices which is also known as Mini ATM. Retailers will have the sufficient support to offer such services when they partner with Payworld Company.

For retail businesses especially in the rural areas and semi-urban areas, e-commerce is the way to go. By partnering with a company such as Payworld, they will be able to offer extra services that will greatly help in simplifying the lives of the locals and also create additional income for their businesses. To know more about services of Payworld , visit: or register directly at to start using our services. Invest Less, Earn More !!!



The world of Payworld

With the advent of internet in India, the monetary payment structures have been revolutionized within the nation. We have reached a point where you as a consumer or a producer are able to conduct monetary transactions without stepping out of their house. Even private players are entering the market, offering more user friendly services. Newly formed companies like Payworld have now grown over the years to offer multiple solutions across various platforms for maximum efficacy. But what has been the secret of this rapid growth, one might wonder. Let us embark on a journey to find out how, exploring the jungles through the lens of Payworld. Continue reading “The world of Payworld”