Why should you become a Payworld IRCTC Rail E-Ticket Agent?

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation often known as IRCTC have made online booking of railway tickets accessible to all the consumers. Most of the bookings of the railway tickets are usually done through the mobile application or the website. This is really helpful for the people who have the necessary tech knowledge. However, for most of the people in India, who are non-tech savvy and do not know how to operate a Computer or a Smartphone, booking an online ticket becomes cumbersome task for them.
Challenges of booking Rail Tickets
People face numerous challenges and difficulties while booking the rail tickets. The normal people who do not have a lot of knowledge about the technology and e-ticketing services have to face the difficulties like:
  • Long Queues: The very first thing that every person has faced while booking a railway ticket is the long queues. To be successful in getting a railway ticket, the person has to stand in the never-ending queues for hours. The queues for the Tatkal booking are just a different story. Since these tickets are sold on the first come first serve bases, people have to stand for hours even before the counter is open.
  • Time Consuming: Another drawback of standing in a queue to book a railway ticket is that it demands your time. There are a lot of people that want to book a railway ticket and only one or two counters are open for bookings. This lead to a never ending queues at the railway station and hence time consuming.
Even the people who books ticket online faces some difficulties of:
  • Online Payment: As we all know, when it comes to digitization India is still in the growing phase. People are learning to make online payment and have started trusting this mode of transaction. There are times when a person does not have enough balance in his/her bank account to pay for the ticket but has hard cash. In these times he cannot book an e-ticket even after having complete knowledge about it.
  • Internet Connectivity: The slow internet connectivety does not let a person book the ticket or make online payment for the tickets.
How Does Payworld Help? Payworld helps the people who do not want to stand in long queues to book the tickets instantly at retail outlets through their retailers who act as authorized rail e-ticket agents. These agents have been authorized by IRCTC and can book the tickets for you. They take cash as well as a card for payments. This is the best solution for those people who do not know about online bookings and the people who do not like to wait in long queues at the railway stations. Advantages of being an Authorized IRCTC Rail E- Ticket Agent There are lots of benefits of becoming a Rail E-Ticketing Agent with Payworld. Some of them are as follows:
  • Unlimited business opportunity: Being an authorized Payworld IRCTC agent, you can book unlimited rail tickets for your customers and earn good margin on every transaction.
  • Invest Less, Earn More: With nominal investment you can earn good margin and without any huge infrastructure you can have regular source of income.
How to become an Authorized Rail e-Ticket agent with Payworld It is really easy to become an IRCTC E-Ticketing agent with Payworld. All you need to do is, go to Payworld website, fill your basic information, and upload copy of pan & aadhaar card and you will get a call from company regarding the other formalities that you need to fulfill. Become an IRCTC Rail E-ticket agent withPayworld and avail the lucrative business that gives you regular income with less investment.