Every retail store owner understands very well the role effective marketing plays in the growth and success of their business. They know and believe that with the high level of competition in the business world, a retailer who fails to create a winning market already starts losing out on consumers. Even though all retailers have acknowledged the fact that marketing can be very challenging stressful, it still occupies the top spot on the priority list for moving any business forward.   Over the years, some retailers have brought a certain level of creativity into marketing and as a result, have taken their retail shops to a dream shop; others have applied psychological knowledge and skills in handling or winning customers. Here, we help you as a retail store owner to understand the top five (5) winning marketing tips for your retail shop.  
TIP 1: Have an Online Customers Community.
The effect of social media on the trend and flow of business cannot be over emphasized. Retail shop owners can take a huge advantage of the social media as it builds an online community for their customers and even for prospective clients. In this online platform, information can be passed at ease, any time of the day, at low cost and to a larger audience. An online community also makes the retailers receive constant feedback from customers about the services rendered and the kind of services they look forward to acquiring. Another important aspect of online customer’s community is that it makes you a brand which is marketable and in turn, encourages your customers to be a part of your marketing team by just adding a family or friend to the community. This online community can be established through Facebook and Twitter accounts, email marketing, WhatsApp groups, etc. To keep these platforms going, you must always endeavor to inform, engage and also interact with your customers, not forgetting to entertain them as well.
TIP 2: Motivation with Urgency is the Key to Action.
A lot of times, customers need some motivation for them to visit your shop to make purchases. This motivation can be low price, discounts, gifts per purchase, etc. While every retailer needs to keep these motivations coming once in a while, it is also important to make them see the need to take action on time. This action can be taken by placing a timeframe for these lures and also providing a limited supply of a particular product on discount. It would help your customers see such discounts as an opportunity which may not come by again.
TIP 3: Be a Reliable Resource.
Customers are always looking for someone they can trust with their purchases. Some clients come to buy gifts for their loved ones and may not have a perfect choice in mind. Helping them make a solid choice is important. That would help them to always come back for more help.
TIP 4: Let inexpensive and accessible products be at the entrance. You can always put customers in a shopping mood each time they come to your shop by putting the products on the door post that are very attractive but inexpensive. By doing this, your customers will always be in the mood to start buying right from the shop's door.
TIP 5: Be Useful Locally. Beyond the product you sell, retailers should learn to be a bit more helpful to the area, community and local families around them. This position will help people understand that you care about their environment.
Conclusion Running a retail shop can be challenging and marketing it even more so! However, following these five tips can substantially aid in winning over the customers a great deal!