Electronic Voucher Distribution System

PayWorld boasts of a comprehensive Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) Software Application and Services that offers end to end comprehensive online connectivity from the cellular operators to the point of sale.

PayWorld Electronic Voucher Distribution System is an in-built application software program that manages the online process of distribution of electronic vouchers. Though it presently covers Mobile top-up, TV recharges, Calling cards, Reservations and bill collection, many more value-added customer-centric services are to be included in the near future.

PayWorld EVDS supports various kinds of connectivity (such as Virtual Private Network, IP connectivity through Firewall, Lease line) with the service providers. With PayWorld EVDS, the process of Prepaid Recharge is a hassle-free and a convenient process both for the service provider as well as the end-consumer. PayWorld EVDS with its manifold functionalities improves operator efficiency, generates additional revenue, and provides well-organized services to the subscriber. Consumers too enjoy a secure, convenient means of purchasing prepaid services at point-of-sale terminals and self-service kiosks connected to a central PayWorld server.
The manifold advantages of PayWorld EVDS can be enumerated as below:
Reduced logistics like printing, dispatching, stocking
Fully customizable and scalable
Successful technological and business advantages exemplified by India Operations of PayWorld
Developed in-house
Increased availability and convenience of varied denominations of top-up options
No hassles of maintaining stocks
Lesser chances of fraud and theft
Centralized control of information
Real time reports
Increase in cash flow for the service providers

PayWorld EVDS supports extensive range of Retail POS hardware (PC, Mobile and EFT-PoS) and connectivity with various retailer locations. The PayWorld EVD software installed at the server manages the selling of mobile tops up and recharges to different wireless handheld POS terminals placed at various retailer locations.

The world is moving towards a convenient way of living and PayWorld is the ideal name in bringing convenience to customers’ doorstep. Enjoying the status of a leader in the domain of Electronic Voucher Distribution Software Application and Services in India, PayWorld invites entrepreneurs from distant parts of the world to venture into the domain of EVDS.

PayWorld offers professional services in implementing a profitable business model in any part of the world that will be powered by an invincible Electronic Voucher Distribution Software. The solution eliminates the need for traditional plastic cards and voucher systems and increases the productivity and revenue generation to a manifold.

Be an innovator by providing convenience to your customers in your country. PayWorld will glad to help you to be a techno-creative entrepreneur of your country.

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